Honda Recall October 2010: List of Models Affected

By Alan Ng - Oct 23, 2010

The dust hasn’t even settled on Toyota’s latest global recall, but now Honda has gotten in on the fact too, by announcing a new recall with problems identical to the ones stated by Toyota this past week.

As reported from NYT, Honda has announced that 470,000 vehicles are due to be recalled over the same brake fluid issue which was the main problem behind the Toyota recall which we reported on Thursday.

Toyota and Honda both use the same Advics Company supplier, but Honda’s list of affected models are far fewer than Toyota, as they only include the Acura RL and Honda Odyssey vehicles produced between 2005 and 2007.

There has been no reports of injuries yet, while Toyota advise worried customers to contact them if they notice a warning light on their brake fluid lights.

Are you affected by this recall? – Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • surendra k verma

    think toyota is known for frequent it because of the vendors supplying parts to both or just a lapse in quality control wing but anyways looser is the end user.what about the apprehensions on the future performance of the vehicle? will the warranty still hold good after the LOST MOTION SPRING IN VALVE TRAIN IS REPLACED.don't the HONDA management think of the switching of the perspective buyers to other Brands who are not known for causing such type of inconveniences and harrasment when it comes to buy comforts with money so hard earned.

  • Gwen

    They need to recall 1999 Honda Accord Ex models as well. I am not happy about how my car let me down this year, also the people that serviced it

    • Joe B

      its 1999 dont service it junk it

  • Lee

    Oh, no–say it ain't so? Not Honda? Having driven domestic models for 32, I bought a Honda CRV in 2006. I have never been so impressed by any auto but this one. Glad my Honda's not on the list.