HP Slate 500 Specs: Windows 7 not WebOS

By Jamie Pert - Oct 22, 2010

Yesterday we revealed the HP Slate 500 price and target market, now we thought that we would see what consumers thought about the choice of operating system.

The HP Slate 500 runs Windows 7 Professional, whilst this is great for people who are used to Windows it isn’t really what experts regard as a mobile operating system, some people say that it would have been much better of running Palm webOS.

In July HP acquired Palm, some people believed that webOS was the main attraction and could perhaps be used on a future iPad competitor, however the release of the HP Slate 500 suggests that this may not be HP’s long-term plan.

It could well be that HP think that Windows 7 Professional is better for an enterprise tablet, whilst webOS is more suited to the consumer market, perhaps we will see a HP tablet release running webOS in the near future.

A webOS-based tablet in my opinion would be more intuitive and have lower hardware requirements than a Windows 7-based tablet, great performance from lower spec hardware also means that battery life would be great, do you think a webOS-based tablet would be a far better overall product?

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  • Gazbin

    HP has become stupid again… How can these large IT companies be so low tech?