Fallout: New Vegas – Xbox 360 & PS3 Patch Being Tested

By Jamie Pert - Oct 22, 2010

Yesterday we posted an article suggesting that Bethesda‘s developers were working on a patch for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Fallout: New Vegas, well now it seems as if things are almost ready for release as an update is being tested.

The PC version has now received two patches, the first contained 200 fixes, whilst the second concentrated more on autosave and quicksave functionality, these two pacthes are great for PC users, however frustrating for console gamers as they are still left with a less than perfect game.

A recent article posted on BethSoft said that the updates for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are in their final stages of testing, they also went on to say they hope these patches are live very soon.

It is nice to hear this from Bethesda to show that they are aware of the problems and are doing their utmost to fix them, let’s just hope the patches arrive pretty soon.

As we hear more on the situation we will keep you posted, what is the most annoying problem you have come across so far?

Source: BethSoft

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  • Charles

    I finished my game and started a new one but it wouldn't let me get passed level one no matter how much EX i had. I finally started a game that would let me after many many tries and fails but this one when i walk out of a door and end my game when i start I can't look in different directions till i kill a few people and that's only sometimes that it works again. I know it's not my controller because it works before I start the game. This was a let down, the map is small and there are a lot of bugs and freezing. There better be a LOT of good LONG DLC's for New Vegas.

  • Razor

    Is it possible to download the new patch to memory stick and install. I don't have connection to connect to xbox live? Please tell me someone. Razor