Fallout: New Vegas – Second PC Patch Fixes More Problems

By Jamie Pert - Oct 22, 2010

Bethesda has recently revealed that another patch for the PC version of Fallout: New Vegas has been released, also it has been revealed that the first patch fixed over 200 issues.

According to Bethesda the second patch should fix autosave and quicksave issues, apparently this problem was not noticed prior to release because it was such a difficult thing to replicate during beta testing.

To fix these problems Bethesda has been forced to turn off the Steam Cloud functionality, from what we can see it will not be turned back on until developers are confident that it won’t cause any more problems.

If you have not yet received the second patch you need to restart your Steam client, if you would like to find out more about the second PC patch check out the source link below.

Have you installed this second patch? If so, has it fixed all autosave and quicksave issues?

Source: BethSoft

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  • keith

    Where did you get the damn patch. i have been to countless websites and i can’t find the freakin’ thing.

  • jonny guitar

    um you still have to complete the quest by


    blowing them up to get arcade to give you the quest

  • LostData

    when is the xbox 360 save corruption going to be fixed? Are they also going to try and fix the lock ups that force to restart the 360? I haven't heard anything about a second update for the 360….how long must i keep risking playing with the fear of losing all my saved data..i already started the game twice because of it.

    • Chris

      Yes, I hope they fix that, it's so retarded

      • Dave

        more like total bs, i cannot finish the quest "still in the dark" from the brotherhood because of a glitch in the valut which makes my saves corrupt and require dlc content? wtf? so still no power armor and i cannot completle the game the way i want too…

        • Jak

          Dave, if you desperately want power armor, Arcade Gannon in the Old mormon fort over at freeside gives you a quest from which you can gain one of multiple very good power armor suits, (Google for more info on how to get which version) as well as power armor training.

  • Aardy

    Also on Steam and Quicksave is working just fine now.

  • bpf

    I just tested with the Steam release, which supposedly has the patch, and quicksave still doesn't work.