Fallout: New Vegas PC – Crashing Caused By Drivers?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 24, 2010

The PC version of Fallout: New Vegas has already received two patches, however people are still experiencing performance issues, freezing and frequent crashes, recently Bethesda hinted that some of these issues could be driver related.

A recent blog post on BethSoft says that Bethesda are working directly with video card manufacturers to improve performance, which could perhaps mean that new drivers could fix all of the stability problems.

It is hard to say whether video card drivers are the real cause of the problems, therefore we thought we would get some feedback from our readers to see if there is a pattern, therefore if your PC is crashing whilst playing New Vegas please answer the following questions in the comments section below.

What Windows version are you running? What video card do you have? What driver version do you have installed?

This link may help you find out your video card driver version.

Source: BethSoft

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  • Renegade

    Windows Vista 64. GeForce 8800GT v.

    game runs relatively smooth at max specs but constantly crashes.

    Oh and you all need to stop giving Bethesda so much shit. Fallout 3 was amazing and it never had any problems when i played it, way better story.. Obsidian made Fallout NV, Bethesda just published it. I think Bethesda should go and make Fallout 4. that would be amazing.

  • Rish

    Well I have had crashing and sound looping with vanilla Fallout 3 and New Vegas. The crashing in Fallout 3 started with the usual looping and such. Not happy with my creative sound card and its lousy drivers I removed the sound card and used my onboard Realtek ALC 889 which worked like a charm; there were some occasional minor lagg like the caching issues mentioned earlier but no complete crashes . Then I installed New Vegas and it worked great too. Everything changed when I installed my new Xonar D1 sound card. The same looping problems I had earlier were back in NV and this time total crashing. This is the only game that crashes and I like the improvement in audio across the board with the Zonar so I will axe the game before the card if I have to. Specs: Intel Q6600, Geforce 260GTX, Win 7 64bit. Xonar D1

  • Alex

    I fixed my crashing problems via user-created bug-fixers. There are a few websites/forums that deal with mods etc for Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Solved my problems. My advice to anyone having problems is to look for some user-made mods. My game was crashing whenever I entered Freeside so I downloaded a mod that changed the interior of freeside and it fixed the crashing problem. Often, the mods will mesh better with doors and transitions better than the original vanilla cells.

    Do I need to say how ridiculous it is that game users have managed to come up with better updates than the game producers? No, I don't. But I did, because it is. Ridiculous, I mean.

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post links here but if you want directions to mods and user-updates email me here: youbettwice@hotmail.com

  • Easy

    Windows Vista 64 bit, duo core 3.0 ghz, 8 gb ram, 8800 gts 512 video card. Crashes each and every time i go into vats mode, cleaned registry, clean booted, defraged, uninstalled, reinstalled, have done everything short of formating and reinstalling and still crashes every time i go into vats mode. sometimes will crash going into pipboy, going thru doors, exiting purchasings. Really, really, REALLY frustrating!!!!!!!!

  • friendlyhost

    i cant load my files without it crashing
    then my game crashes when it starts up
    complete waste of $50, do not buy this for pc

  • Alvarda

    Windows 7 Pro 64 bits – Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT

    The game makes my laptop SHUT DOWN every 10 or 15 minutes, and i have the latest drivers o_O live is hard…

  • Alex

    Also, I call LAME on Bethesda for trying to make the suckiness of their game seem like it's MY fault. Because it's not. Take responsibility and fix it.

  • Alex

    Windows 7 professional
    GeForce GTX 580
    Driver Version

    I don't care if you're Bethesda or Jesus, there's no excuse for producing a game this unplayable – not if you're going to charge people actual money.

    Maybe if they'd demanded payment in monopoly money. That would have been alright.

    And I hate Steam and their automatic updates. How about I tell you when I want to update stuff? Get out of my life you communists.

  • guest

    win 7 64 bit.. i am at the end, like, the very end, and i can't finish it because it crashes everytime someone bad comes out to fight!!!! super frustrating!!!! it only crashed the odd time here and there before, a few strange glitches, but nearing the end it has been really bad and now I don't know if i can get any further…we need patches Bethesda!!!

  • jimmy dean

    20 minutes max, and it crashes, and not to desktop, to blackscreen. In primm, I can go into the sheriffs house, walk to the bed, turn around to leave……crash almost everytime. Weird thing is…..when I first started playing the game I didn't have these issues. Sure, it crashed to desktop a few times, but that is to be expected because it's windows, but now…as long as your character is running around in the free-roam world, set your clocks, because that puppy is going to crash in about 20 minutes. Based on people's comments here, hardware ranging from real work-horses to lightweight grafix cards, ppl seem to be having same issue. Just patch the crashes, and we will be just fine.

  • RDS

    GeForce 330 M, Windows 7 – crashes within 1-2 minutes of game play, and instantly if there is any combat. Already tried rebooting, reinstalling, cleaning/defragging registry, running in xp mode, updating video drivers, changing the 0 to a 1 for bUseThreaded… I'm kinda at the end of what I can try.

  • Garry

    ran just fine up till about 50 hours game play then just crashes after 1-2 minutes in game. just crashes to desktop but can no longer play the game, each time I restart it, it crashes after about 2 minutes, or whenever I try to do anything other than walk.
    please fix

  • horhe

    Win 7 64bit, Mobility Radeon HD 5740 version 8.68-091118a-092462C. Done playing nearly 40 hours, then started to crash always when in vats or shooting/in battle. Very frustrating, can't see my self starting the game all over again.. 2nd and most likely the last bethesda game which I'm buying 🙁

  • craguilar

    Fallout NV crashes every 30-40 minutes of gameplay.

    Windows 7 Home 64-bit
    ATi Radeon HD 5770
    Driver version 8.791.0.0

  • Jason

    Windows 7 64-bit, GeForce 8800GT, Driver version

    I've dorked around with several settings. With everything tuned down it crashes less often, but it still crashes way to much to make the game enjoyable. Manually setting the iFPSClamp=50 in the fallout configuration files seems to help stability.

    I am however very disappointed in the game and will likely not purchase any more games made by Bethesda software. I played Fallout 3, and it crashed a lot less than New Vegas.

  • DougTheMudman

    – Windows 7
    – 9800 GTX+
    – Driver Version:

  • Donovan

    Ok, I'm pissed. I have a Geforce 9800 gts, 2.6 procesor, 4 gigs of ram. The game crashes my whole computer after 5 mins in. I have put 2 hours in the game with like 25 crashes. WTF. It crashed my pc and I had to run Windows start up repair. I have tried every fix with no success. The game seems really fun but having to restart my computer all the time makes me not want to even start it anymore. Bought the game 3 days ago

  • Kyle

    Windows 7 64bit GF 9800 GT

    It played pretty good for me for a day or two but then it turned into a crash monster …. and it’s getting worse. It’s doing the same thing the first one did. I should have known after the first Fallout completely killed a computer I had … I’m done with this company …. I’ll NEVER buy another game from them!!!!

  • Arielle

    running a 260 GTX with 260.99 drivers as well on win7 64 bit edition. When the game crashes, which it does a lot, there will always be a dialog box in the bottom corner of my window stating the graphics drivers crashed. Not sure if the graphics drivers are at fault, or the game. There are certain places in the game I can't even approach, like the Thorn, or else it will crash. I can't get into west side either. It played smoothly and perfectly before the patches. I patched and now it's trash.

    Though, when I use NVSE, the game lasts longer before it crashes. The only mods I have installed are a few reskins too.

  • SilansNox

    For anyone having the sound problem the silent hill fix worked for me but still have random crashes

  • CHU


  • CHU

    hey, i've still got the XP windows, (works fine for me) and an NVIDIA 9400 gt video card of 1gb and i've just installed the latest driver and the freaking game still freezes….. pleaseeee somebody help me….

  • Noah

    does anyone else have Windows XP and experience really frequent crashes? i crash most often when entering a building, going into vats, or opening the inventory of something (dead guy, box, ect.). everyone here seems to have 7. is there anything really wrong with my pc itself? ill check what video card i have.

    • CHU

      hey Noah, i do have Windows XP and everytime i go into VATS the game crashes, everytime, eventhough i got a good video card to play and the FNV is the only game thats causing me problems, in fact GAME SAYS it SHOULD WORK FINE WITH XP SO, anythoughts????

  • tester

    XP 32bit, GF 9600 GT, forceware 258.96

    Game will always crash after about 30 minutes into it, it simply drops to desktop without any error or anything. After that, I can restart the game but it will crash (with error now) after max 1-2 minutes so I need to restart PC.

    I'm fairly sure this is graphic related, namely to textures. I've noticed by accident that few textures were really low res (as when rendered at long distance) and then they flickered, updated and the game closed split second later. This is further supported by the fact, that lowering GFX settings reduces crash frequency.

    I suggest everyone with similar crashing situation reduces all texture settings to minimum (talking about AA, texture resolution, blending, objects distance LOD etc.) and try again. If it stays stable longer, you should probably report it to Bethesda right away so they can fix it and let us enjoy the game finally.

    There are other, less common types of crashes that must be of different nature, however this one is the source of general instability people write about.

  • Richard

    win7 64bit gtx470
    fnv crashes after about a hour of play to desktop or shuts down system cold.

  • rex

    win XP 32, Radeon HD 5700, driver 10.10

  • Mike

    I got to test drive Brink (new Bethesda title), and guess what! SAME THING!!!! Running two GTX470s with custom drivers (work around for bad HDR and AA code in all their games) and it’s unplayable. The issues are identical in both Brink and New Vegas. My ATI power house pukes, too, but not as often. I’m done with Bethesda. I have a little background in the industry and know for a fact that it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • kristoffer

    Hi guys, having the same problem, but to me its suddenly stops and i get blue screen after about 20 seconds! they better fix it. cause i'm getting angry as hell!

  • Marcus

    Can't play 5 minutes before I crash or get bluescreen.



  • Krishane143

    I get the same problem with Steve, FNV just drops like dead to my desktop with no whatsoever. Same with FO3.

    Powercolor HD4770 512mb DDR5

    Running on default(packaged with GPU) drivers:

    Driver Packaging Version8.60-090316a1-078298C
    ProviderATI Technologies Inc.
    2D Driver Version6.14.10.6936
    2D Driver File PathSystem/CurrentControlSet/Control/Video/{87AF151D-E054-45FC-BCC3-9E703D4F0690}/0000
    Direct3D Version6.14.10.0655
    OpenGL Version6.14.10.8577
    Catalyst™ Control Center Version2009.0317.2131.36802

  • Gorst

    Running XP with 9800 GT 512 mb with driver version No problems with any other games but New Vegas. Constant CTD's and BSOD's every 5 -30 minutes. This is not a game – it's a malicious piece of code. Do not buy!

  • wabbithunta

    Pt2 following on from Pt1

    Not playing this until they have solved the sodding problem(s)
    A waste of money… Stable doors and horses spring to mind now as well…

    I've tried all manner of "fixes" too. Reloaded the game. tried it from new.. restarted ingame and also with/without mods/cheats etc. Graphics set to all manner of settings. Nvidea control panel settings altered to suit the game. Latest drivers added. PC updated and run the game.. and guess what.. it still still the same.. crashes to desktop within a few minutes of playing.

    "mutters to self as I walk out the room"….. "fekk" "arse" "drink" "girls"

  • wabbithunta

    Pile of S.H.1.T.E. … this is a total waste of money.. this worked for me prior to patching.
    done via steam! and not through choice either!
    The problem is more than likely to be the fekking game engine! They have exactly the same trouble with Fallout 3!
    Steam is a pile of pony too. I've never EVER had these problems prior to playing games "online". They should test these games thoroughly before putting them out to the wider public. This is like Windows.. patched to death to solve problems. (I'm running Vista Home Premium).. Pile of pooh that is too! (M/soft "works"… My A**e!)
    Pt2 to follow

    • guest

      I7 Quad win 7 64 With GTX-260 stops responding after a few min of play. Changed all settings relating to video but no fix. seems to get worse the farther you get in the game. very sorry I wasted 50 bucks and the hours of trouble shooting.

  • Vista,Graphic, ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series, Driver Packaging Version8.782-100930m-106233C-ATI
    I think I have the worst of the crashes because New Vegas crashes my PC for an hour.

  • Ashley

    Windows 7 – ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 – Driver version 8.683.0.0

    At first I didn't have any problems with crashing, but at about 50 hours in that all changed. I can't make any progress in the game because it won't stop crashing. Most quests are impossible to complete now because I can't make it 2 minutes in certain areas without crashing. The rest of the world so far is slightly more stable, allowing me about 10-20 minutes of play time before crashing. At this point I'm considering this game a wasted $60 as it is essentially unplayable. I'm extremely disappointed and can't believe they released a game with this many problems.

    • wabbithunta

      lucky you. you got to 50hours.. I am stuck at 4hours!

    • Sean

      My experience with this game is identical: made it to about 50 hours or so of play with only rare crashes, then started to have constant crashes every 2 to 15 minutes, including in areas that were fine before. Freeside in particular is horrendous. The game is essentially unplayable at this point and I am waiting to read a synopsis of the various ending scenarios so I can consider this game done.

      One thing that I did find if that the Combat Armor Mark 2 I was carrying was borked–with several sets I had purchased adding to my weight but not showing in my inventory. Droppingall sets of this armor on the ground eliminated crashing and jerky framerates at Caesar's fort, so my feeling is that some of the crashing may be due to corruption in save games or inventory items.

      • RDS

        Same exact problem for me – I am using the Mark 2 armor also, and I am in Freeside at about 50 hours of game play. I'll try it without the armor…

  • Dave

    Windows 7 Pro 64
    Nvidia 9800 GT v (running dual monitor)

    I've had some experience programming and it seems to me to be something wrong with caching in the game. I know I'm about to crash when I go to loot a box/npc/other or buy/sell stuff and it will litterially take about 20-30 seconds for it to load the contents. At this point I find a safe place and save/exit. I have CPU and memory monitors running all the time but it never seem to just up any higher then expected. Anyone else getting that as well?

  • Onionbumhurts

    win7 home 64 -Q6600 @ stock – Gtx460 1GB – 260. drivers – zonar D1

    I get about 20 mins game play then it crashes with sound loop and I have to restart pc.
    No noticable artifacts, it just crashes.

  • Leatherface

    Win xp 32bit, Ati hd5670, driver 8.78-100910a-106911C-ATI

  • Thrender

    Windows 7 64 pro
    n260gtx twin frozen

    I play for about two min, it crashs and my system tells me program stopped responding or it kicks me to desk top with fnv still running in background but cant get back into game

  • Preetham

    What Windows version are you running? What video card do you have? What driver version do you have installed?

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, ATi HD4850, ATi Catalyst 10.10

  • Aladin

    Fallout: New Vegas should have been released after the bug/crash/freeze problems were eliminated ! I say WTF I have the game and I cant even play it because of the damn random crashes even with the patches, updated drivers and even some mods that improve the game a little bit IT STILL CRASHES ! Its an incomplete game just like Fallout 3 was !
    Im sorry but this time i say F##K YOU Bethesda and your patches !!!

    *throws the game in the trash*

  • Brian

    I now have a paperweight, the system crash, drivers won't work, I am writing this on my laptop since my home PC will not work. Now my Xbox 360 is losing it's hard drive because I bought the Xbox version, and tried that.. what a piece of crap…

  • Teabag

    Win7 64
    GTX 260 (v. 260.99)
    i7q740 6gbRAM

    using the d3d9.dll because its unplayable otherwise. Had no crashes playing straight out of the box and with the first patch. But after patch 2, I'm lucking if i get 20 minutes in.

  • Steve

    Approaching 100 hours game-time. Using NVidia GeForce GT 240.

    Game is crashing frequently. At first, I thought it was because I’d boosted the STRENGTH mod (yes, I cheated) by a couple of points. When I loaded a save prior to the change, and continued playing, still crashes – and I mean it just drops the game screen completely & returns to desktop.

  • Zach

    Windows 7 64bit and 32bit (after a reload of OS, still crashes)
    NVidia GeForce 9800 v. 260.99

  • WTF New Vegas?

    lol do i need to comment it seems like everyone is having the same problems as i am having right now

    • Windows 7 64bit, nVidia GTX 470, BRAND NEW drivers… crashes every 15 minutes. This is REALLY pissing me off. I didn't have this problem with FNV before Dead Money… god DAMN this pisses me off.

  • derek

    PC: Lenovo Y550P laptop
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit
    Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 240M
    Driver: 260.99

    I just installed the game and it has now crashed 3 times, by crash I actually mean it shuts my laptop down…

  • Kev

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit. The processor is an i7-930. I have 2 graphics in xFire mode, they are ATI HD 5870's. There is 6GB of Tri-Channel RAM. An X25 SSD and a 7,200RPM HDD.

    Bethesda, it is your place to make sure this game works with my hardware and that other of the others posting. Don't put your mistakes on "drivers". It is your shit, you clean it! Now! We paid good money for your title!

    • ddd

      i agree. im running a similar setup and this game should not have been released without the bugs being fixed.

  • Oliver

    OS: Windows XP 32-bit
    Card: Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT
    Driver: 260.99

    I still have enormous problems with crashes and freezes. I can play for about 2-5 minutes before it crashes or hangs, and if i try to enter a new area it goes black screen with the sound repeating in the background.
    As it stands, I can't progress in the game. 🙁

    • Dustin

      I have the same exact hardware and os as you. I have the settings almost as low as possible, no vsync and no screen effects. If you do this you may be able to play for longer than a couple of minutes without crashing, but it still crashes every 20-30 mins.

  • Chris

    Win 7 64 Bit
    Cards: Nvidia 275(sli)
    Driver: 260.99
    Runs better w/ all draw dist. turned down. But when I get around NPC's my FPS goes to shi….
    Hope we dont have to wait for this like we've been waiting for Elder Scrolls V. lol

  • Guyl

    unstable, random crashes and bugs, also i have sound issues if i play it ANY other mode Than "Windowed with V-Sync" (timing with dialogs , weapons sounds etc. is wrong. also the shortcuts 1 2 3 4 etc. work like 1 time on 20)

    Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon X1650 PRO
    Driver Version:
    Catalyst Version: 10.2

  • flora

    Windows 7 64 Bit, NVIDIA GTX295, Driver version v260.89. Driver crashed 6 times in 8 hours on first day. I rolled my driver back to one released back in April 2010 and now it crashes maybe once in a day.

    NVIDIA released 260.99 two days ago, but I am afraid to upgrade since I seemed to have pretty good stability with this one.

  • senya

    Windows 7 pro, 64 bit, Radeon 5770. The only time it went 10 min without crashing is when i left it to go have a nice scream in the basement. STALKER CS was a nice game though. Falout 3 was pretty good too. This one i can't finish – too bored and frustrated at the same time. Previous Bethesda games all had some codecs issues with similar symptoms. Suck it, those who should

  • tupera

    Windows 7 pro, 64 bit, NVidia 8800 GTX v260.89.

    Many many crashes! I'm starting to compare it to STALKER Clear Skies!

  • ThEGr33k

    Windows 7 64bit, 9800GTX Driver version; 260.99 (was running older drivers, but upgraded to see if that fixed running issue).

    General stuttering and jerky frame rate and pretty frequent crash. Probably 8 in 6 hours of game play. Though most were at the start, I lowered the settings to the lowest they go and it seems to be stable, but still not running well.

    Hope they can fix it!

    Loving the game otherwise.

  • Me2

    Vista – GeForce 9800 GT – Driver version

  • yut0811

    I haven't had any issues with my game and I've had it since day 1. Only troubles I've had with it is a little lag but that's just been due to my computer running disk cleanups and virus scans.