Xbox 360: The Official Launch of Microsoft Kinect

By Jamie Pert - Oct 21, 2010

Microsoft have just announced that the official launch of Microsoft Kinect will take place at Toys”R”Us, in Times Square, New York where you will get to play exclusive games before their release date, free-prizes and exclusive performances.

Some of you may have thought that Oprah giving away free Kinect’s to her audience was a little weird, mainly due to the people actually in attendance, but it is all part of the marketing by Microsoft who told us that Kinect would be the biggest sales launch ever — even bigger than the Xbox 360 itself.

On November 4, you will all get the chance to see Kinect for yourselves, plus if you are lucky enough to be one of the first 400 people (over 18) to purchase a Kinect via Toys”R”Us, you will also get the chance to get yourself a special ticket to an after party boasting “surprise appearences.”

A lot to get excited about then. So if you’re in the area (or even if you’re not), check out the Kinect launch at Times Square and see what Kinect is all about for yourself.

For more information regarding this event, check out the Facebook page here. Are you attending?

Source: Facebook / Microsoft

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  • Ryan

    The tactics they're employing are pretty disgusting.

    First 400 people get to see a celebrity! ooooh! Instant queue of at least 400 people, instant media coverage, tricks stupid people into thinking they HAVE TO BUY IT NOW!!

    The worst part is, it's gonna work.

  • gameboy

    There's a better product under development for PCs, called O3Di.

    • blabi

      real funny

  • Jasen