World’s Smallest Car: 21 Peel P50 / Trident’s Left

A few months ago Peel Engineering decided to bring back the P50, which to this day is the world’s smallest car. The carmaker decided to offer up two models, the Peel P50 and the Peel Trident – we can now tell you that there are just 21 vehicles left.

If you would like to become the owner of a record holding car, then you had better be quick. We know that there is still just under half the amount left, but this will be the moment when buyers will snap them up to try and resell them for a profit.

To purchase one of these Peel cars just place your £499 deposit, the full price is an astonishing £12,499, and that’s without shipping costs. Once you pay the deposit your name will then be added to the waiting list; more details here.

Peel Engineering now has a range of merchandise to complement their small production vehicles – we just hope that they will design a few more of these little cars with today’s technology in them.

Would you consider driving one of these to work?


  • steve thompson

    looks like something a golf cart cart could sqaush


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