Windows 7: Celebrates First Birthday With 240million Sales

By Jamie Pert - Oct 21, 2010

Microsoft will be celebrating the anniversary of its greatest selling operating system to date on Friday when Windows 7 turns one year old, having sold 240million licences.

Yes, you heard right. Windows 7 is only one year old. It feels like I have been using it forever as I try and put Windows Vista to the back of my mind.

Come to think about it, using Windows 7 now has come second nature. The only other operating system I felt at home with was Windows XP. It had such a long life, and still exists on quite a few computers today.

With 240million sales, Windows 7 now holds a 17% global operating system market share which means that it holds a fair percentage of PC’s under it’s wing. Especially as there are 1.2billion Windows PC’s out there somewhere.

According to Microsoft, 90% of companies have upgraded or “started their move” to Windows 7. Are you one of the companies yet to upgrade?

Source: Engadget

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