Winamp for Android: Does It Whip The Llama’s Ass?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 21, 2010

I remember a time, a long long time ago when media players were hard to come by, and all we had were Microsoft’s sound recorder and CD Player. MP3’s were just becoming famous, little did we know that it would shape the future of our music library’s.

We have a come a long way since then, media players are very easy to come by. We have Windows Media Player, VLC Player, GOM Player, Zoom but none of them started “way back when”, like Winamp.

Winamp have had another revolutionary bite in to the future by releasing the player for Android phones from version 2.1 and upwards.

Now you might think that there is no place for a media player on a smartphone, with all the self-branded ones about these days, but Winamp loyalists will want to snap this up in a flash, especially since that it comes with the ability to sync and manage your library via USB or your WiFi connection. It also comes with integration.

So where do I get this app you may ask? All you have to do is check out the Android Market where you can download Winamp by using the search function.

The question is, does it still whip the llama’s ass?

Source: Engadget

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