Verizon iPhone Release Three Years Too Late

By Peter Chubb - Oct 21, 2010

We do not care how Steve Jobs puts it; only having the iPhone on one carrier in the U.S. is playing right into Google’s handset. Yes sales have been very good for the iPhone, but not offering it to Verizon customers could begin to have a negative effect on sales.

There are hopes that a Verizon iPhone will be released in January 2011, but some experts have wondered if it will be too late by then? Had Apple launched a Big Red version of the iPhone a year ago the device would have been snapped up, but the whole antenna issue and reports of the glass cracking will not help the legendary image that Apple once had.

Wilson Rothman from MSNBC is just one skeptic, and believes that this lingering exclusivity deal that Apple and AT&T has in place will be costing the iPhone maker millions in revenue.

Rothman certainly made me think when he said that the success of Android was Apple’s own doing, as they showed the U.S. how great a touchscreen phone was, but did not allow a huge percentage of the country to have it.

Having said that, sales of the iPhone 4 have reached record numbers – just wonder how much better it would have been with a Verizon version?

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  • Bob

    Too late, will be more of the same that we already went through with pc/mac.
    Android is the future

  • primo

    It is never too late for a Verizon-iphone as the Android phones are garbage! Absouletly TERRIBLE! E-mail problems since day one which is a know problem with android (even GMAIL is SHIT! unreliable! i dont get my emails! I get false email notifications constantly!) Android OS has many known issues latent with the Froyo 2.2 update. My motorola DROID is a horrble and constantly freezes, locks up, restarts. Anyone considering a Motorola Droid consider this a warning not to buy one!

  • Hahahaa

    i see as a great idea that steve had for at&t. you got to remember that this was offered to the other company and was rejected. Now they are kicking themselves for a bad choice, and now wineing about it. Dont forget they made fun of the device calling it " A useless toy." If i was steve Jobs why would i offer something to you now after you reject me and then kick dirt into your face hmmm makes you wonder. Now thier begging and pleading to sell his products, this make your company look foolish and insulting to customers after you tell them that the "A" is not as good as "droid". His sales are doing great here state side and as well around the world. You hear alot of negativity about things, the simply reeasons is, we are creatures of habbits, we cant have a certain way we get mad and the end rults are to find a way to get back. I see and hear grown adults acting more like children, more and more than ever. You make a bad choice our dicision, live with it/learn from it; dont try too put someone else down because you need to basicaly make yourselves feel better.