Vanquish Better Than Fallout New Vegas: Reasons

By Peter Chubb - Oct 21, 2010

Fallout New Vegas promised so much before its release, but has since had a number of problems that has spoiled users experience with it. The game itself is good – you just have to hope that yours does not crash and freeze on you. There is an alternative for those who have been put off the latest Bethesda game, and that is Vanquish.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that the game is shorter than New Vegas – so that is reflected in its price. Gavin Mackenzie from PLAY Magazine says that if you have the budget then you will want to buy both, but if you had to choose then it would have to be Vanquish.

Mackenzie has a few good reasons for his choice, which can be read in his full review of the game. He has split it into 6 areas, and explains his reasons behind each of his findings. The comparisons were made on Graphics, Sound, Longevity, Hardcore-ness, Story, and Humour.

Fallout New Vegas and Vanquish scored three-out-of-three, but Mackenzie believes that Vanquish has the edge, as it seems polished compared to New Vegas.

Having never played either game I am in no position to choose, but you are – what game would you rather play?

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  • Josh

    I was gonna get Vanquish till i heard its only 4hrs long and no multiplayer.. I'am gonna get New Vegas instead now, hopeing that a patch will come for it soon.. If i don't here anything bout a patch i might jus get the p/c version which i know got a patch not too long ago.

    Vanquish ill rent.

  • Chirs ;)

    Both, but moreso New Vegas. Sorry, diehard fan here, and not always looking for something 'unique', just fun. I guess I don't get bored that easily. 😛

  • Chirs ;)

    'Unique'? No contest. Seems like two different arguments. Let me know when Vanquish isn't so 'unique' anymore, okay? Everyone grows old, but not everyone is a whiny bitch.

  • Jaocb

    Vanquish, by a long shot. It's only the most unique shooter I've ever played… not the fourth in a long running installment.

  • new vegas.