Toyota Recall 2010: Check Your VIN

By Peter Chubb - Oct 21, 2010

If we were to say automaker and recall the brand that you would think of first will be Toyota, and for good reason. They have already recalled over 10 million vehicles, now add another 1.5 million to that list. For those of you who fear that their vehicle is affected by this recall, then a simple visit to the official Toyota website and their “Check Your VIN” tool could help to alleviate your worries.

The recall, which Alan Ng discussed in a recent post is yet another issue with the brakes on a range of Toyota and Lexus vehicles – we have to wonder when the problems will stop for the Japanese car manufacturer?

Toyota has been trying hard to make the recall process of vehicles that much simpler, and this Vehicle Identification Number checker certainly helps. All you need to do is locate your VIN number – more details on where to find that here – and then enter the 17-digit ID number in the search box. (Check your VIN here)

Once you have done this then you just need to hit the submit button and the tool will determine if your vehicle is covered by this latest recall. Are you slowly losing confidence with Toyota?

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