Red Dead Redemption: Multiplayer Zombie Mode Video

By Jamie Pert - Oct 21, 2010

Rockstar are pumping up the excitement for the latest Red Dead Redemption DLC called Undead Nightmare with a new multiplayer zombie video called “Undead Overrun” that should be enough to keep the blood pumping until October 26.

Zombie’s definitely seem to be flavour of the month, or year depending on what way you look at it. Any appearance of Zombie’s in computer games usually leads to a very highly entertaining game, and now it seems as though Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption will be focusing on the undead aspect to give us something a little diverse.

The video below gives us a glimpse in to what to expect for the Halloween DLC, where you and multiple others use your wits, teamwork and new zombie killin’ weapons to fight off waves of zombies, a Vincent Price-like announcer and plenty of blood and violence.

What do you think of Undead Overrun?

Source: Rockstar Games

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