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Nokia MeeGo (N9): CES 2011 Announcement?

A couple of months back we reported the news that Nokia were working on the N9 MeeGo handset. Since then things have been a little quiet, but we have word that an announcement is coming in early 2011 – maybe they smartphone will be at CES 2011?

Not certain where this will leave Symbian, but we know that things have not been going well for the OS for some time now? The current version of the mobile OS seems to be doing well on the new Nokia N8, but it is certainly no match for Android 2.2 or iOS 4.

If Nokia does unveil MeeGo and the N9 during CES 2011, then it could not come at a better time. However, we have to wonder if the mobile OS market will be out of reach for them by the time that comes – yes it is only three months away but a lot can happen in that time? More details on this can be found on Engadget.

If you had to choose from the current crop of operating systems on smartphones, what one would you choose? I’m almost certain that it will not be Symbian.



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