Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11 Download Fixes 12 Bugs

By Jamie Pert - Oct 21, 2010

Mozilla have recently updated and patched 12 separate vulnerabilities within their Firefox internet browser, including one that was addressed last year within Windows called “binary planting”.

Amongst the fixes in Firefox 3.6.11, two thirds of them were labelled as critcal, two as high and two which received the moderate and low labels.

The “binary planting” vulnerability also known as “DLL load hijacking” is a flaw that exists in the Windows environment. It works in the way that some Windows applications do not call the DLL’s by using the full path name, and just rely’s on calling the filename alone.

By doing this, hackers could potentially replace the called file with one of their own, which could mean that the program could be exploited by attackers who want to infiltrate your system.

For more information about the vulnerabilities Firefox corrected, check out the source below. You can also download the latest Firefox version via their website.

Source: Computer World

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