Medal Of Honor: New PC Patch Update – Change Log and Release ETA

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2010

We have some good news for those of you with the PC version of Medal of Honor, as EA has confirmed that a new patch is on the way which will fix up further problems which are currently present in the game.

As reported from VG247, the update is said to be imminent, as the full patch notes are already available to view on the official Medal of Honor blog.

Changes include a fix to a bug when joining password protected servers, changes to the amount of recoil and speed and an added aim spot has also been included for the binoculars in hardcore mode.

To view the full list of changes and weapon tweaks, head to VG247 above, there are quite a significant amount of changes for you to read through – ones which PC gamers should appreciate.

If you have spotted a problem with the game which isn’t mentioned in the latest patch notes, let us know. Don’t forget about the free DLC titled Clean Sweep which we told you about yesterday.

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  • Abs

    I've no text on the menu. I can cycle along the options but see no text on them!

  • IRIboy

    Hello ther

    Unfortunately i'm not able to dl the latest patch MOH2010 for PC so
    can somebody share or upload the new patches with me please ?

    If somebody decide to help, upload in rapidshare or mediafire please ?


  • install nvidia physx driver

  • Jamie

    i cant update the game via the MOH updater. It says game data files are corrupt. Reinstal and try again. I have reinstalled and still says same thing, help please?

  • paolo celeste

    there is a problem with the right analog sensitivity when using xbox 360 controller with pc, this cannot be fixed by adjusting in-game sensitivity. this annoying problem renders the controllers useless