MacBook Air Review: Battery Performance and Connectivity

By Peter Chubb - Oct 21, 2010

Steve Jobs did his best to convince us that we need a new MacBook Air device, and that we now have a choice between a refresh of the 13.3-inch model and a new 11.6-inch version. During his keynote, Jobs discussed a couple of key features on the devices, battery performance and connectivity.

So let us review these new features and see what Apple has done behind the scenes. The current MacBook Air will last up to 5 hours at a push, but I have never managed to achieve that. The new 11-inch model is expected to offer 5 hours and 7 hours on the 13-inch model.

Both sizes are said to last up to 30 days when in standby – now this is something that would be worth upgrading for. Steve Jobs said that these new Air’s are very green – meaning that power consumption is kept to a minimum.

Connectivity wise things have been improved, but let us take a look at the 13.3-inch version, as this is the one that we already have some experience with. The current version has one USB port, Mini DisplayPort, Headphone Socket and a MagSafe. The new model has all of the above but offers an extra USB port and the much-needed addition of an SD Card reader.

Just those two extra features alone would make things a whole lot easier, as I would not have to carry an external card reader or my camera lead around with me. Are these or the other new features enough to make you purchase the new MacBook Air? For more details visit the Apple website.

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  • I like the new product from apple – mac book air. And i wish Apple can have some different color of macbook air, not a bumper.

  • JTS

    I believe Steve Jobs said it best when the ipad came out. "PC users have the option of now buying these, netbooks… which really, aren't very good at anything! They are slow, small, cumbersome, and outdated before they hit the retail market."

    The MacBook Air is far from a netbook by any means. I am not even a fan or the MBA, because i like powerful computers like my MBP 17 Core i5, but to compare it to a netbook is like comparing my iPhone 4 to a LG Voyager. They just aren't on the same platform.

    Plus what Todd said above.

  • Todd

    Is your HP this slim and sleek? Does it have an LED backlit display with the best viewing angle on the market? The best multi-touch trackpad on the market? Does it run OSX? Best aluminum chassis on the market?

    This one does. Some people are willing to pay for these things.

    Why hate?

  • Lol @DB30. That is a crazy price but CRAZY battery life.. that's amazing! Whatever netbook you get though, it's important to get 4G internet on it so you can surf wherever you want without looking for a hotspot. Get a Rover Puck and take your hotspot with you. It's prepaid and pretty much looks awesome. Do you use it with your netbook and other devices?

    Jamala at

  • DB30

    $1000 entry price for a Netbook that lacks the features and capacity of my present HP model? Sure Steve, sign me up.

    • Apc

      I have the 11.6 model and it won't even compare to a net book in terms of performance. But if you're looking for cheap this Air is not for you.

      Why is it that people who has never owned an Apple product always have to put it down?
      No one is asking you to go out and buy one.

      I use both macs and pc's. I actually own a 15 inch Dell latitude and a 15 inch MacBook Pro.