Galaxy Tab Price: Will you pay $600 on Verizon?

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2010

Now that you have had a good few hours to gather your thoughts on the official price and launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Verizon, we want to know what you’re planning to do. Is $600 reasonable for you, or do you think it’s slightly too much.

We think that the general consensus is that the price is fair, considering the extras features you’ll get on the Galaxy Tab compared to the Apple iPad.

As we told you earlier, it means that the Galaxy Tab will launch on Verizon, just $30 cheaper than the 16GB 3G iPad, but don’t forget that Verizon will also be stocking the iPad as well, so customers really have a decision to make.

The deciding factor may come down to whether you’d prefer a camera on your tablet or not, as we all know that the Tab supports front and back cameras, whereas the iPad has none. Then it’s a straight up choice between Android and iOS, which you won’t need us to go into detail too much.

As a customer on Verizon, or a customer planning to join Verizon, are you willing to pay $600 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or do you think the price is unreasonable for you? Don’t forget to check out a full list of official accessories here.

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  • John

    Of course, this all depends on what the customer is really looking for. I would definitely pay around $500-$600 for a standalone computing device in the 4" to 5" inch range. Pocketable enough to take anywhere. 7" just seems like it doesn't fit anywhere – too large to take everywhere, too small for a lot of tasks (including reading PDF files without tons of scrolling).

    What I'm really waiting for, however, is something in the 12" range for about the same price. Right now the ExoPC (running Win7 and available, hopefully soon) looks extremely good. First time I've been excited by the tablet form-factor.

  • David Gunter

    Why pay $600 for this when 1) Samsung has already stated it will not be able to run Android 3 and 2) Android 3 tablets will be available first or second quarter of 2011 since several manufacturers have already sent testing units into Google.

    • m3r

      I'd like to see your source on the tab being able to run android 3.

  • podpalacz

    I guess it would depend on what kind of commitment you have to make… is data plan optional like the iPad's or is it 2-year contract and month to month bill.

  • Paul

    New to the language?

    • Alan Ng

      Write your as the possessive form of you, referring to something that a person has, something that belongs to the person in question or, the person you are talking to.