Galaxy Tab Price: Samsung’s iPad 3G Equivalent

By Peter Chubb - Oct 21, 2010

During Apple’s Q4 earnings announcement yesterday Steve Jobs made it perfectly clear that they were not going to produce a 7-inch iPad. The CEO decided to single out the Samsung Galaxy Tab device, as this will be the first rival tablet to launch.

There has been much speculation as to the price of the Galaxy Tab, but the price on both sides of the Atlantic have now been announced and many of you were a bit shocked. The price has been set at $600 on Verizon, putting it in direct competition with the 64GB 16GB Wi-Fi / 3G version.

At first glance you will think that Samsung has gone made, but Paul Miller from Engadget believes that the “price makes sense.” Ok, so we know that the iPad has three inches on its rival, but to some the Tab has so much more to offer.

Apple is certain that the 7-inch tablet will not take off, but only time will tell. We just wonder how they could know such a thing if there is not a 7-inch tablet device on the market? Two advantages that Miller points out with Samsung’s entry to the tablet market is Android and turn-by-turn directions.

There is no denying the fact that the iPad is a good piece of kit, but will it be able to withstand the onslaught of Android based tablets? I cannot see any reason why not, you only have to look at the iPhone 4 and how that has managed to hold its own against an influx of Android smartphones.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy Tab has what it takes to compete with he iPad?

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  • Karl

    I have the iPad, but bought my wife the new Galaxy tab for Xmas @ Verizon. It's faster, easier to use, and doesn't require a 2 year contract to use the 3G that comes with it. (Try to buy a 3G-32G iPad for $600) . Additionally, it has MANY more free apps than the iPad. Also, I dislike having to maintain an iTunes account to manage my i Pad. As for size, I believe 7 inches is more convenient to carry and use in cramped areas. Specifically, it easily fits in my wife's purse replacing her sony ebook reader and smartphone used to scan prices while shopping.

  • Paul

    I have an iPad with 16,000 photos on it. I would much prefer to carry a 7" device. Has anyone tried putting many thousands of photos on a Galaxy Tab?

  • sss

    Who the hell is going to put a 7" tablet to their face to talk? Not likely. Imagine the hassles to get a call on your Galaxy Tab only to have this monster next to your face as you talk. You would have to get an ear piece no matter what to use the Galaxy Tab as a phone device.

  • JerseyT

    I guess I will wait for 6 months release before I decide to buy it. Maybe price might go down by then. But I have iphone and galaxy tab will go will with it instead of ipad.

  • Mike

    IPad or Galaxy Tab is not really the choice here.
    The choice is: An iPad AND an iPhone (or other mobile phone device) or a Galaxy Tab?
    The Galaxy Tab is a two in one device, which is masively cheaper than having both an iPad aswell as another mobile device!!
    Obviously this doesn't apply in the States, as I understand the Tab will not fucntion as a phone over there.

  • keiley

    Very disappointing…I would have been first in line for the 7 inch IPAD.

  • TechieHead

    This debate is quite simple! A tablet device is designed to give the user an enhanced multimedia experience over a smartphone. Naturally this experience is better on a bigger screen??? Why in the world would an avid eBook/eMag reader, mobile gamer, mobile video viewer etc choose a smaller screened device, especially when pricing is similar. I think all 7" tablets are really bringing a knife to the 10"/9.6" gunfight!

    • Simple: A 7" device is much easier to carry and use than a 10" device. Bigger is not always better. And a 7" display is more than enough for reading books. eg: eBook readers with 6" screens.

  • XiroMisho

    The only reason the Apple iPad took off at all was because of the app store, otherwise the device itself is wholly useless, as this device, and any other tablet is… even the iPad lacks conventional uses and only makes use of itself.

    These tablets are novelties, they're cute wastes of cash you can splurge on and get a tech-gasm but there's not actual fundamental use I can find in the lil' buggers.

    I COULD type up a word document or send an e-mail… however if you've ever used a computer before and are used to this odd interface known as a keyboard you can get the job done ten times faster if not more typing on a real keyboard. (this assumes you don't "hunt and peck" while typing and actually use the home keys, those things with the little raised mark on them so you can fine F and J without having to look at the keyboard.)

    I COULD send an e-mail from one of these devices… but I have a smart phone for that, that fits in my pocket, and can be held in one hand without causing radiating pain in my wrist. Also I don't need to hunt for a wifi hotspot with the smart phone (and if you're getting the 3g version there's this miracle called "tethering" – it'll save you 599 and probably costs the same as the data plan for the net-tablet!) so I've got the connectivity with unlimited data (oh wait, AT&T got rid of unlimited data!) on VZ.

    All and all everything a Tablet can do a smartphone or laptop can do better… thus their continued existence and/or usefulness continues to confuse me… I'm hoping they are a fad and are going away soon so that these companies can start making my smartphone faster – 1ghz isn't enough guys, come on! put down the cheap-o to engineer tablets (because there's no real difficulty in making something small (PDA) bigger)

    Palm pilots aren't around anymore because of smart phones… and yet here I am looking at a Palm Pilot from apple/samsung that is 2-3x bigger… wondering… "why?"

    • Nozza

      A perfect retort and you've just saved me $600 – thanks

  • Paul Stewart

    Jobs is not going to say static with the inside of the ipad. He will make sure the insides are equal to or better than the competition. If you can have a 9 inch screen for the same price as a 7 inch screen, there is no contest. The larger one wins. It is the right size for the intended purpose. Its a book, a game toy, a research vehicle, a map and gps all in one. It is also a tool for a thousand things through apps that are particular to what people do or are interested in.

  • Apple may be certain that a 7-inch will not take off because of their own research into the ideal tablet form. People talk a lot about 'marketing' as the main cause of the iPad (and iPhone, and iPod)'s success, but marketing includes the initial market research which helps you develop a product which the market wants to buy. Neither Samsung nor anyone else has had the time to research Pad-style tablets in the way that Apple did, simply because none of them believed that the iPad would be as successful as it is.
    In terms of Android and turn-by-turn instructions: first, most of the people I know who use Android either don't know they have it ('I bought the this phone, it's like an iPhone but cheaper'), or were willing to accept Android for other reasons (available on their carrier, cheaper, etc). Aside from techies and the anti-Apple brigade, I've not come across anyone in real life who bought a phone because it was Android. It's just if you want to buy a smartphone, then the choice is either an iPhone, a Blackberry, or another — and most of the another is Android, whether you know it or not. So, no, I don't think Android will be a big selling point. As far as turn-by-turn instructions is concerned — who exactly is this feature aimed at? It's great on an iPhone-sized device, but do you really want to be walking down the street holding up a tablet? And will it really fit in a holder on your dashboard?

  • jay

    How they know is that Steve Jobs said it. For what ever reason, that man knows what is going to work and what is not, and people just need to accept that. I think he is correct. When the consumer compares the two side-to-side, the iPad is gonna win, hands down. That 7" screen is just not gonna cut it with the majority of people. Too big to put in your pocket, to small to be really useful in any other situation.

  • David Gaspar

    Two words… Abode Flash!

    • I've been using my Galaxy S for browsing for 6 months now. (which has Android 2.1) And i've never missed flash. Actually, it has got rid of flash ads.