Fallout New Vegas: PC Patched, Xbox 360 and PS3 Still Waiting

By Jamie Pert - Oct 21, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas has had a torrid time in the past 48-hours. Good reviews, bad reviews, crashes, freezes and patches have been taking the spotlight. The good news is that Bethesda are working on a fix for these issues and problems and have already released the PC patch. The bad news is that PS3 and Xbox 360 players are still waiting.

Straight from the mouth of Bethesda, they say that the PC patch fixes “quest and scripting issues.” In general, this means that not all issues raised have yet been addressed. But don’t fret as Bethesda also says that they are “working hard to make this update available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game as soon as possible.”

I suppose one plus that PS3 owners can take from this is the pre-order bonus issue. You should now be able to re-enter the codes to download their specific bonuses, but if you still recieve the ‘80023156’ error, you should try again 24 hours later.

If you feel like taking part in the discussion and identifying all the errors, crashes, lag issues, audio problems, and game saving annoyances, GeekMontage have summed up everything you need to know about the projected problems as well as a list of potential fixes that may help you.

We still have no ETA on when the PS3 and Xbox fixes will be released, but as soon as they do we will let you know right away. In the meantime, check out our previous article if you want to see what our readers are saying about their problems.

Source: PC World

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  • Delta Klata

    to fix long loads clear your cache (xbox users) go to memory and hit the Y button to clear cache and load times will go back down. As for glitches, in my game, there are people missing, people in places they shouldn't be, 3-5 broken quests, and both of my companions have disappeared (ED-E and Boone), they're still my companions….they just aren't there next to me and have no returned to the lucky 38 or their hometown areas. I also cannot complete the game, 60 hours of playtime, and I'm on the last battle and no matter what I do, it freezes halfway through it every single time, so my game is broken for good and I won't be pre ordering Skyrim (elder scrolls 5) because of this crap they pulled with new vegas, I won't pay a dime til it works next time, lesson learned.

  • Ben

    I just bought my copy about a week ago and no problems until I finished "I've Fought the Law." Everytime I try to enter a building, it blackscreens after the loading screen is done loading. Is this permenant? If not, is there anything I can do about this issue without deleting all progress and starting from scratch?

  • anthony

    wat is a code for The beginning at game (please enter the product code you wish to activate .this can be found on the dvd jewel case, manual cover , disc insert or inside the case under the disc )


    wat is a code for The beginning at game (please enter the product code you wish to activate .this can be found on the dvd jewel case, manual cover , disc insert or inside the case under the disc )

    product code : ?????-?????-?????-??????-?????

  • Johan Hermansson

    I'm from Sweden so pardon my spelling.
    I was really looking forward to New Vegas. And I do like the game. I bought the new xbox 360 with the 250GB HD. And the game freezes A Lot. I don't know if it's my system but the game freezes at least twice every time I have played for any length of time. Every time it does my blood pressure sky rockets. I have the new patch and I have also downloaded dead money. Played yesterday and it froze twice. I'm off to the doctor to get some blood pressure medicine.

  • ben

    I didnt really have any problems until i was trying to get back into the strip to go kill house. it loads and then the music starts to play in the background but nothing else ever pops up just a black screen and music… which just makes me think wtf cuz its not really frozen if the music's still playing but why isnt anything else loading?

  • Ben

    i get the same problem, i haven't really had any other problems with it. other than randomly not being able to get out of v.a.t.s with no ap points and o button not working. now it freezes when i go into strip, it loads then i hear the background music but nothing ever appears

  • deni

    cant play anymore
    it freezes and I can't even come back because loading doeant work

  • rytron

    this started happening to me last night, 40+ hours into the game….

  • Max

    On my 360, I'm stuck in vault 11, doing the brotherhood of steel quest. Every time I try to leave the vault, the game freezes on the auto save. never had a bug before this. usually I'd just fast travel, but now I can't.

  • littlelegs

    had half a dozen crashes in the first 20 mins of playing fallout NV, removed earlier fallout 3 stored on hd and have not had any craches since,could be conflicting with old saved game data?

  • mx4life284

    i just bought this game and it keeps freezing when im trying to enter the north vegas strip, how do i fix it?

  • Brandon

    So fallout new vegas is a piece of work. Ive had one major freeze on the 360. It wouldnt let me into the strip although Ive been there many times. And I tried loading my save again. Still wouldnt let me get in there without freezing my xbox. started a new game. There goes 15 hours of my life. And I lost the receipt. Fml.

  • vash_241987

    Played it for almost 76hrs on my xbox 360 and already at Lvl 30. Had a hang up were my character could not move after talking to lorenzio through ED-E so now I can't do that quest or have ED-E as a companion anymore. Now today I tried to load my game through "continue" and it freezes as the loading screen, so I tried to go through the "load" menu and now it say that "This games relies on DLC that is not available anymore etc… continue?" So I say yes, and now it says it can't find my save on my HD….pisses my off now…prob going to go back and play some Halo reach now…

    Some people say they got the update, but I'm still waiting for it….. WTF bethesda

  • GraveYardPark

    this is great ps3 waiting over a week for the first update and it has only made things worse still stutters every twelve steps, DLC still wont show up even tho i had it downloaded over which seems to be 2 weeks ago now. and thnx to your dumb patch my game saves are f%cked, and glitch everytime i try and load them. also since the patch m,y game slows down to max payne bullet time mode all to often and my game freezes about 3 times an hour. i sent emails to these guys prolly 1st and 2nd day out with no responce. every other game on launch days immediately has an update before you can even start the game when buying it on launch day? but they took like a week and a half before bring the first one to the ps3? all the while my buddy playing for the xbox had 2 updates before i even had one? so tell me why you ruined it even worse after the update? 80% of the time i cant use vats, and everytime i kill someone i have to wait like 5/6 seconds before i can loot their body? you guys have officially failed and thats what i keep telling everybody and my school so they know not to buy a 60 dollar headache.
    FIX THE DLC that i have had for over 2 weeks that doesnt even show up
    FIX YOUR QUEST IN GENARAL – if you pick up evidence before you start a quest that requires it, it pretends like it doesnt EXIST
    IM sure there is more to fix but im done wasting more time on this BOTCHED ABORTION you call a game

  • Finhati

    Well i guess i'm one of the lucky ones? I have ps3 slim 120gt with newiest os update and fallout nv without any bugs that crashes the game.. Few smaller but annoying glitches like if i drop something in bos safehouse it just vanish and i lost companions sometimes when i chance area (freeside-strip for example)..

  • mitch

    I have the ps3 version, love the game but all the freezing is starting to get a little old. I played for about 4 hours last night and it froze probably 5 times. Where I had to shut my playstation off at the console because the ps3 button didnt work…now are they going to fix my playstation if it breaks. Whats taking so long to fix the problem. All the money they are making and they cant fix this problem. Hope they dont ever come out with a new one..because my bet nobody will buy the next one.

  • Patchy McPatcherson

    When is this blasted PS3 patch coming out?

    Mine is basically unplayable due to the constant laggyness/freezing.

    Such a shame as I was really looking forward to this, I didn't for one second think it would be plagued by gamebreaking glitches!

  • Alpha_Wolfgang

    i am completely stuck in gamorrah casino, i have reloaded, cleared cache, redid the auto save, and no matter what i cannot exit gamorrah without it crashing, tried it 10+ times today. completely game ending, im 40 hours in and i am NOT going to restart only to have it happen again down the road. did they even beta test this game? im pretty sure they completely bypassed the beta testing just to compete with fable 3. which is a total flop, when you let competitive ideas get in the way of quality that just shows that you're desperate or something. i am a fan of bethesdas previous releases, and i have many hours in fallout 3, but right now im pretty ticked off.

  • Ralphy

    My game plays perfectly fine until i try to get back into the strip (then it freezes when i enter the gate). I've already been there countless times and now i can't get back in to do quests and go to my house. I hope that isn't 30+ hours of my life thrown out the window

    • Richard

      I just started having the same issue, every time, I try to enter the strip the game freezes up.

    • Joe

      same thing has been happening 2 me they really should fix that

      • mx4life284

        samething is happening to me what do you have to do to fix it?

    • rem


  • Mikey R

    I bought the game on Friday, played on Xbox for a few hours, froze once yesterday. Today it froze and wiped my game profile off. All the other games gone!!!! Thanks Bethesda!
    I'm off to the pub!

  • J-Ron

    When my brother plays the game it freezes completely everytime he presses the RB button on the Xbox. I notice when he plays, the game is so choppy and I guess the RB button, which is suppose to zoom into the target and choose which body part to shoot, just overloads the already slow and choppy game.

  • biz

    i have it on ps3, yesterday it froze 4 or 5 times within an hour, i shut off my radio and it hasn't frozen since then, still a little glitchy though….also i don't know if this has anything to do with it but most of my traveling has been done at night, now that i think about it every time it froze was during the day i'm pretty sure

  • Josh

    Wow.. I was gonna pick this game up, but… Wow… F' that.. I'am scared shitless of grabbing it now thanks to all these bugs report.. I don't think a SINGLE poster in this thread said they were able to play it just fine.. That scares me big time.. Especially with all the lame return policys on video games, "Once you open it, you're stuck with it!"

    How does that make sense? We don't know if a video game is gonna work or not till we pop it in and try to play it.. This same thing happened to me with FF13 and i got stuck with an unplayable disc on the ps3.

  • Des

    This is totally unacceptable. I'm off to demand my money back. It cannot be legal to sell a product with this many glitches. A few bugs could be forgiven (although shouldn't happen), but Bethesda and co. are treating fans like fools. They sell us this sh!te and hope we don't complain?! Totally put me off.

  • IlliterateGenius

    Developers don't care much about the kind of crap they push out. They just want to make as much $$$ as possible, and pushing out an incomplete game ahead of schedule means more and more $$$.

    You would think with all the hype, gamers would learn and wait a while after a new game comes out till they actually buy it. Its not like this is the first game that has come out and needed countless patches to fix problems.

    It would be nice if companies would learn from their mistakes.. and have more beta testing phases prior to launch (like MMORPGs), but then they risk idiots posting things up on torrent sites.

    What can we do as gamers? Stop pre-ordering games and wait till developers make games more stable before we buy them.. there is always an option to "rent" before you buy. Gamefly, Blockbuster, Family Video, etc.. rent the game before you buy it.

  • jaw69

    I've got the 360 version,and today there was a patch. Problem is—it's worse now—then before?!?!!?
    What if anything besides the dollar sign,were those developers thinking???


    I bought this game yesterday and played it all day without a problem. Today I started it up and every 2 – 3 minutes it would freeze up, and would instantly freeze up if I tried to enter V.A.T.S. I was really looking forward to this game. Now I am doing everything I can to not throw it out the window like a frisbee!

  • zach

    bought the game yesterday before reading all the damn problems everyone is having with it. as soon as i signed in to xbox live, it poped up with an "update". didnt start freezing untill i got to nipton. if i tried to head towards novac, it freezes as soon as i cross the traintracks, and if i head towards mojave outpost it freezes when i try to maky my way up the highway. AND when i try to get into vats……as soon as i hit the damn button….nothing just stays frozen. tried to sit there hoping it would pass but it didnt. this game was a waste of time and money.

  • lee beardsore

    Freezes every time i use the VATS sytem. I downloaded via steam and they don't offer refunds whatsoever on downloads £30 down the drain. No crashes on the original, gutted.

  • deadahead

    This is ridiculous. I have this on PS3 and it has frozen a couple times. I just tried to play a few seconds ago and after multiple crashes and freezes and loadings, I have come to realize I can't even play the F*&^ing game that's not even a week old. GET ON IT BETHESDA!!!!!!

  • Bmissile

    I have the game installed on my xbox, played for 2 days with no problems, this morning patch gets installed, now i crash everytime i go into vats, or just 2 min of playing.
    The damn "patch" ruined my game.

  • bling

    12 hard freezes on my pc yestrday my system can easily run this on ultra ugh

  • Mark

    anyone else have the issue of Sunny Smiles 'dying', which makes a certain quest with her, un-do-able! The quest when you have to ask her to help fight off the enemy with that guy hiding out in the village gas station (sorry, cant remember names) 🙁


  • Beans McBacon

    So… patch is out or not? PS3 version owner here. I've seen nothing by way of downloads for New Vegas. I've had about four or five issues–mostly freezing up–and one where the loading screen stays up forever. Even so, I guess I should count myself lucky so far… a software glitch so bad that it physically damages the game disc? Such crap… though I'm hardly surprised given the horrible problems many of the DLCs had with FO3. Were this any other game, I'd have promptly returned it and warn anyone I could to hold off until it's out of "retail beta", as I not-so-affectionately call for this growing trend in recent years. I'll reserve judgment after I see what this forthcoming patch fixes…. or breaks.

    Ah yes, almost forgot. The free "classic" bundle serial code cannot be redeemed either. Way to go, guys. These guys have to know that they'll make money on the game sight unseen no matter what the issues are. Typical laziness.

  • Travis

    I just logged onto my xbox and it asked if I wanted to install an update for FNV. I’m assuming this is the patch. Anyhow, I installed FNV on my HDD day 1 and have experienced only 2 complete freezes in near 20 hours of game time, and a small number of glitches. Nothing near game breaking. I recommend installing on your HDD. I’m enjoying the hell out of FNV it reminds me of why I fell in love with FO3 in the first place. Hope they continue to support with patches and updates, but as for me…writing this has been difficult as I’m itching to get back to wandering the strip.

  • zeppelin76

    first 7 hours no crash or freeze. now freezes everytime i press the right bumper to enter v.a.t.s. fucked up !

    • lee beardsmore

      Thats my problem too!

  • Olaf III

    I want my damn money back. The first two days I had no problems. Now, the “save every five minutes” won’t even work. My damn 360 freezes up within two minutes after loading. EVERy F@&$ing TiME! As I longtime an of the series I’m very dissapointed. Played fallout 3 until my disk cracked, so I wonder why this one has so many problems?

    • houlihan

      ya happened to just install the game to your 360 runs way smoother even though is still freeze and get a black screen every time i try to get into the vegas strip

  • Dissapointed

    Game arrived today.
    Installed it.
    Can not even get past the training with Sunny Days.
    Crashes constantly.
    PC Version.

  • ZoinksYo

    I don't believe he said the game should be bug free. The point I got from his rant, was that the game should be able to be played by ALL at launch. Ken is one of the lucky ones who only crashed twice. Obviously that is not the case for everyone. Yes, there will be bugs, but to find the bugs that have crippled the ability to play the game at all? Unacceptable. It is not as though people are doing crazy things to trigger the spinning head on the Doc. or crashing to desktop while walking. So again, I am fine with there being bugs, little things that might be annoying at times, especially from Fallout due to the story. But to wonder if I am going to get to play today without a crash is B.S. To wonder if when I do crash, after playing, luckily, for more than hour, where will the save be. "Just do manual save every five minutes and the problem is solved". That is a response I have seen too many times. It's crap. I get caught up in the game, lose track of time and BAM, crash to desktop and lose all progress made. I am done getting upset about it, or complaining, I am just going to not play until it is ready to be played the way it should have been released. That is my 2 cents that nobody asked for.

  • Alex

    If you think you can make a bug-free, million+ branched story tree FPSRPG then by all means go ahead

  • Ken

    Pretty amazing… all this hype. I bought the game from Steam and just got to the end with only two crashes and nothing game debilitating. The two times it did crash I had to load my previous save and continued on.

    • i think the main problems were with the trasfer from PC to console, so mainly the X box and the PS3 will have the crashes, its a shame too, the ps3 and xbox will have more customers, (cos not many people have the money to make a proper gameing PC),
      so if they dont get these crashes and glitches sorted out soon, they may loose a lot of their customers,
      but this is all just a guess, im gunna wait it out a bit, no more than a mounth, after 4 weeks im gunna start complaining to Obsidian who i belive are the developers for this one…..

  • james

    well said

  • Nick

    just got new vegas
    massive amount of bugs followed by a crash that left the game disk unusable
    pretty pathetic that today its impossible to find a new game that doesn't have game ending bugs in it.
    older games for the previous gens had their issues, but at least they could function without 80 parches after launch
    and don't start that "new gens are more complex and it's easier to make mistakes" bullshit
    game makers have had plenty of time to learn enough about the consoles to at least make a functional game, unless they just suck at their jobs
    for god's sake game makers, put out a brick of gold on launch instead of a pile of shit that you have to polish for months with patches, and make your customers (who paid a fuckload for a sadly incomplete product) happy for once

    • dae5555

      I was on level 24 and the SOB crashed and corrupted my save file .I had to start all over again .I like the game but these constant freeze up's and crashes are a pain in the ass.When it happened last night I was in a state of shock arrrrrrrrrrrr .I stall can't believe I have to start all over again.I think I'll wait until the patch comes out before wasting my time again.

    • rc3

      from RC3// i know what you are talking about in new vages i can not finish the story mode because the game glitched and know the game will not load the strip were i have to meet this person every time i try to go inside the strip the game freezs.

    • Fill

      shush. fallout is such a complex and expansive world to create, and theres only so much testing that can be done. If bethesda had delayed the relases of both new fallout games, all the little fanboys out there would have started tearing their hair out (gran turismo 5 much?).

      And now they are working to correct those errors. I guess either way, someone is going to bitch and moan. So go for your life

      • GREED

        Really?? It was released during the holiday season to keep the fans happy? I think the bottom line and all the money they would make played into the equation much stronger…. "Testing is almost complete" "Ship it! We'll just release a patch or 10 later"