• nancy


  • onejazyyl8dy

    love the logo of Dizzy by Google. will it be for sale as a lithograph? love to have it.

  • Fenix

    beautiful art to pay tribute to a the maker of beautiful music. Incredible!

  • Bill

    Memories of Dizzy? – A library could not hold all that could be written about his musical contributions. But what I remember is simply his wonderful sense of humor and joy for life.

  • Lisa

    Saw him in concert years ago and man can he play! What a magical night.

  • kmartin

    I saw Dizzy play at the Mayport Jazz Festival which is now the Jacksonville Jazz Festival…to see those cheeks blow and here the awesome music as a child will be with me forever!!!!

  • Carla Thomas

    Thanks so much for paying tribute to my God Father, Dizzy Gillespie! I just love GOOGLE!


    Salt peanuts! Thanks for the salute to the genius of Diz,

  • Jstlookn

    Nice graphics and I am also pleased that you honored this wonderful musician.

  • Dewan Tarek

    Bebop is a one of a kind music, more of it would be nice in today's music climate!

  • GEC

    Dizzy was one of a kind. Thank you for recognizing his contribution to music.

  • Daniel Elhay

    A pleasant surprise that you’d pay tribute to Dizzy

    • mcm

      beedop beedop beedop salt peanuts!!!