Call of Duty: Black Ops Crawling Zombies

By Peter Chubb - Oct 21, 2010

We do not have long to go until the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and with it the much hyped Zombie Mode. One would presume that everything has been discussed about the new mode, but you are wrong, as we now have proof that there are crawling zombies.

Call of Duty FAQ has a few images to show you these new creatures, which to me look very scary. When I first heard about these new crawling zombies I first thought that a mistake was made and they were just dogs – how wrong was I?

Having looked closely at the three images from the source as well as looking at the GKNOVA6 website, you can clearly see a few new creatures. What makes these ones so different is how fast they move, so you will have to have your Red Bull before each game.

Watching the website you can see that things have been updated, you really need to go and have a look for yourself. It is hard to work out what these creatures are, maybe you could let us know what you think they are?

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  • JJJttt7

    Dead ops is not what we are talking about the monkeys in dead ops are space monkeys, astronouts but I think that the cralwers are monkeys because in the campain reberth island they have monkeys in cages inside the labrotory and in that same mission the used nova six to try to kill you and your team so they have to be monkeys or jews
    p.s: i am not a rasist thats wats so insane about his

  • Lefty5794

    they are probably monkeys because they do look like them but im not sure whether that achievement / trophy is for killing them because it says kill 10 monkeys in dead ops and i thought i heard that dead ops is different to the zombie mode.
    if i am wrong please correct me.

    • SpudtheSpartan

      wow you are the coolest person i have ever seen and you are right about everything, you might as well be Jesus.

    • John117

      Im your biggest fan, you are so cool

  • The Kinected Gamer

    They are zombie monkeys, check the achievement list.

    Check Me Out At:

  • arnas

    and if they add more monsters we could call this mode (RESIDENT EVIL)!

  • arnas

    i do not care what zombies or monsters there going to be i just whant play that mode because i got to kill some one!!!

  • tyler

    Ive seen the video their NOT the legless zombies….

    they are some sort of big mouthed (like venom) 4 legged crawling/spiderlike/human

    deff scary as sh**

  • Zeee uNiT

    zombies is going to be so tight

  • johnsy112

    They are monkeys. Theres a trophy in black ops for killing a certain amount in 10 seconds

  • Jokersavage

    What are you talking about, did you play zombies on WAW. There was crawling zombies in that version. Granted you had to blow there legs off first but they was there. Looking at the images you can’t see any legs so this is most likely just the same thing.

    • black ops guy

      are you kidding me. go watch the video yourself. if you look at all the screens you can clearly see a bunch of zombies running at you and in the crowd you see these guys who are running on all fours and the are freakin fast!

      • treyarch owns

        Wow dude you must suck at call of duty or something wanna 1 v 1? oh yeah ill win retard.

    • guess who

      tut tut tut? savage savage savage?

  • Charlie

    @Jokersavage You are wrong, these zombies are actually crawling ones, with 4 legs. They are probably primates (e.g. monkeys / apes) that have been experimented on or are a freak of nature.

    • Ally

      I think they are supposed to represent the Jews? They are naked, skinny, and explode with this gas that "hurts" you. It's a reasonable explanation. The Jews had to be stripped of there clothing, starved to skin and bones and then gased in a gas chamber. It's a logical explanation.

  • luis

    this video does'nt play