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Angry Birds Halloween: iOS Not Android

October 31st is fast approaching and Rovio has got into the spirit of things by releasing Angry Birds Halloween for the iPhone and iPod Touch, along with a HD version for the iPad. Those of you with an Android handset can forget it; this download is for iOS only.

Both version of the game offer 45 levels of Angry Birds taking their revenge out on the pigs that stole their eggs; you even get the chance to smash a few pumpkins up as well. You will see from the moment that you start the new app that things have been given a Halloween theme, with orange and black being the color of choice.

Smashing those pumpkins will not help you finish the level, but Rik Henderson from Pocket-lint tells us that you will be awarded a few extra points at the end of the level.

There is no denying how popular Angry Birds is, but after playing it for so long can get a little boring – not certain if changing the color scheme and adding a few pumpkins in will be enough to convince me to waste a few more hours of my life?

Visit iTunes now on your preferred Apple device and let us know how you get on.



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