Angry Birds Halloween: iOS Not Android

By Peter Chubb - Oct 21, 2010

October 31st is fast approaching and Rovio has got into the spirit of things by releasing Angry Birds Halloween for the iPhone and iPod Touch, along with a HD version for the iPad. Those of you with an Android handset can forget it; this download is for iOS only.

Both version of the game offer 45 levels of Angry Birds taking their revenge out on the pigs that stole their eggs; you even get the chance to smash a few pumpkins up as well. You will see from the moment that you start the new app that things have been given a Halloween theme, with orange and black being the color of choice.

Smashing those pumpkins will not help you finish the level, but Rik Henderson from Pocket-lint tells us that you will be awarded a few extra points at the end of the level.

There is no denying how popular Angry Birds is, but after playing it for so long can get a little boring – not certain if changing the color scheme and adding a few pumpkins in will be enough to convince me to waste a few more hours of my life?

Visit iTunes now on your preferred Apple device and let us know how you get on.

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  • Shehryar Asghar

    go to the android market and type in Angy Birds seasons and you'll get the haloween angry birds AND a special christmas

  • Erik

    I got the android free version and i have beaten all levels, total destruction, and all golden eggs with stars. I need the Halloween version!

    • Steve

      Me too, except for that Golden Egg #17 what's up with that one??

      • The OJB

        I think it's a glitch. I'm pretty sure the equivalent egg on the iPhone has a background of pigs to "turn on" before sliding the red bird left and right to beat the golden egg level.

  • Vinz

    Most of Android users are still playing with hundreds of levels from the free angry birds, I don't think they will bother so much by Halloween version. I think it's fair to the users that pay for the apps to get something extra..

  • PuckPubk

    given how many tweets Roviomobile does, it would be hard to follow…

    now when you go to, they say right there in plain view, that Angry Birds Haloween is exclusive to iOS….

    maybe the Rovio tweeter is out of touch with the rest of Rovio? maybe you read wrong? Maybe your Android twitter client is sending your personal details to china?

  • Deezy

    Let me get this straight…the original version on iPhone has hundreds of levels and costs 99 cents. This version is actually more expensive for iPhone at $1.29 and only has 40 levels. Yet the game is completely free on Android. Don't complain about piracy when you pull that kind of crap and give one half the same game for free that you're charging the other half for.

  • Just awesome!

  • nathan

    Does the author follow Roviomobile on twitter. Rovio said they are making this for Android so those not on iOS don't have to "forget it"