Xbox 360 Kinect: Oprah and the Free Giveaway

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2010

You can’t make this stuff up. We’ve just watched a video of Oprah telling her audience that they’ll be receiving a free Xbox 360 console along with the Kinect motion camera system as well.

Kinect is not due out until November 4th, but apparently Oprah nor her audience care. The audience reaction is pretty funny, and somewhat strange considering the audience, largely made of up middle-aged women are getting excited about a computer game system.

It was probably the fact that it was FREE that did it – they’d do the same over a fitness DVD we’d expect. You would think that Microsoft had a hand in this, but it does seem a bit bizarre that these women will be playing it before any of the gaming press.

Will we see Kinect prices rocket on Ebay after this? Probably. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on this. Deep down, you’re a bit jealous, as we are.

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  • TwoReplies

    Really? I'd think a product review site would have noted that the vast majority of kinnect games are targeted at exactly that group (or the kids they have).

    • veronica castro

      when r people on line be able to win prizes

  • Randall

    They have to give it away to get anyone to care.

    • Jasen

      …I wonder if anyone turned it down?!

      "Thanks…but no thanks…"

  • Good

    Er what !, she didn't announce the Xbox and Kinect out of thin air there was a feature beforehand, the audience were impressed and like anyone would be they were delighted that they will be getting on for free.