Verizon Wireless: $15 Data Plan – Full Price Details

By Jamie Pert - Oct 20, 2010

According to a recent WallStreetJournal article Verizon Wireless will soon unveil a new data plan, this will cost just $15 a month, which is half the price of their cheapest current data plan ($30).

This $15 data plan allows you to use up to 150MB of data per moth, this is not a lot and equates to roughly 900 webpages, if you exceed this limit you will be charged at 10 cents per megabyte.

I really think Verizon are putting this plan out so that they can make money from users who exceed their 150MB limit, let’s face it if you check social networking frequently and download apps 150MB won’t go far.

This new data plan will go live on October 28th, however does require you to agree a two-year contract, existing customers will be able to have the option of downgrading to this cheaper price-plan.

Will you take advantage of this new $15 Verizon data plan?

Source: WSJ

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  • carynr

    Actually, Verizon's *unlimited* $29.99 data plan for smartphones is truly unlimited. It is their $59.99/monthly charge for a wireless internet card that is capped at 5GB (which is pretty much the norm in the industry).

    At least they are still (as of now) allowing customers to choose the $29.99 unlimited data plan for smartphones. When AT&T launched their $15 data plan, they eliminated their unlimited data plans for smartphones for new customers altogether.

  • allstar

    they should atleast do rollover lol

  • Kevo

    it's called marketing…and besides how can you have half of unlimited???…..

    • Jamal

      Verizon's *unlimited* plan is capped at 5GB

      • Nicole

        No its not! I use almost triple that every month and never get charged extra!

  • that's shitty 150mb? for 15$? that's a rip off, the 30$ plan is infinite compared to 150mb smh. a total waste, it should be equal to half of the 30$ data plan.