Verizon: Release Dates for Droid Pro, Pre 2, Citrus and Droid 2 Global

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2010

Verizon customers are really getting spoilt nowadays. With the HTC Merge also on the horizon, we have some excellent news for Big Red customers now, as a potential release date for four more smartphones has just been detailed.

According to this report from Droid-Life, they have been informed by one their sources, that Thursday 11th November will be the magical date when Verizon kick-off their holiday smartphone lineup.

The lineup is pretty strong too, as it features the likes of the Motorola Droid 2 Global / World Edition, the Droid Pro, the Motorola Citrus and also the recently announced HP / Palm Pre 2.

Furthermore, their report also states that the HTC Merge / Lexikon mentioned above could also be landing on the 11th – talk about spoilt for choice! Are you starting to regret committing to that long-term Verizon contract?

Let us know your thoughts on this.

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