Ugly Meter iPhone App: Controversial Celebrity Ratings

By Peter Chubb - Oct 20, 2010

How many times did your mother tell you as a child that you were beautiful? Well now it is time to find out for certain, thanks to the Ugly Meter App for the Apple iPhone and fourth-generation iPod Touch. I have not tried the app for myself, as I fear that I will not like the results and will be on the phone to mother asking why she lied to me all those years ago?

How horrible is it that you see all these celebrities on TV looking glamorous most of the time? Well now ugly meter app from Dapper Gentlemen well tell you just how ugly they really are. The scoring system is simple, the uglier the face the higher the marks.

The Daily Mail thought that they would have some fun with it and see how good looking or ugly these celebs actually are, and some of the results were shocking.

Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue, the two X-Factor judges scored 4.2 and 9.8 out of 10 respectively. I was shocked, as I think that Dannii is a very good-looking lady. Now many people believe that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are good-looking people, they scored 2 and 8 out of ten respectively. I would have to agree with the Brad Pitt score, he seems to be losing his looks, as he gets older – unlike George Clooney, as my wife tells me he gets better with age.

Download the Ugly Meter app now from iTunes and let us know what your score was?

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  • tmmam

    Brad Pitt is so ugly he is only better looking than 99 pct of the
    public. Lets face it if the app rates Jolie or Pitt anything
    above a one it is totally inaccurate.