T-Mobile G2 (HTC Vision): 1.4GHz Overclocking Possible

By Peter Chubb - Oct 20, 2010

For those of you who own a T-mobile G2 (HTC Vision), then you would have been happy with an OTA of Android 2.2 Froyo. However, with the extra bump in software performance it was time for a hardware bump. It seems that it is possible for the processor to go from 800MHz to 1.42GHz.

We would never recommend overclocking your cell phone, but this is a huge increase of just over 80 percent. However, I am not certain how long I would want to run my smartphone at that speed? Do not expect to get the best out of the battery though, that would drain faster than a Bugatti Veyron goes through its gasoline while doing over 250mph.

While watching the video below you will see how the mod begins by increasing the CPU to 1GHz. Things seemed to go smoothly, so it was a continuous push until the magic 1.42GHz was reached. I wonder if the G2 will run as hot as an old Xbox 360?

For those who thought that an 80% speed increase was good, then you will be shocked to know that there is room for even more speed – just do not try it on your phone.

Would you ever try to overclock your cell phone?

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  • Anthony

    So how did you run SetCPU without superuser permissions? Or were you just using the temporary root?

  • JohnB

    Actually some people went way beyond this – up to 1.5GHz now. Look at the results!

  • lawrence

    hell yeaa….why???becuz its 2010