Samsung Developing Smartphone and TV Platform: Android or Bada?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 20, 2010

Earlier this year Samsung released the Samsung Wave, this smartphone was pretty unique as it ran their bada operating system, now we are hearing that Samsung are working on a new platform for both mobile phones and TVs.

As you would expect details are scarce, there are some people suggesting that it could be bada based, whilst others think that it may be Android-based so that it can tie in the devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Samsung Galaxy S and also tie in with Google TV.

Personally I would much prefer if Samsung developed a platform which allowed you to seamlessly link your Android-based device with your TV, imagine just being able to click a button on your remote to watch video recordings, view photos and even listen to audio from your tablet/smartphone.

The content sharing could work both ways, we could perhaps link your Google TV with your smartphone so that content could be watched from your TV on your tablet/smartphone wirelessly.

Now that TVs are becoming so advanced I really do feel that they need an intelligent OS to handle the wide-range of multimedia and connectivity options they offer, surely a version of bada/Android would be the perfect candidate?

Would you like Samsung’s new smartphone and TV platform to be based on bada or Android? We would love to hear your opinions.

Source: IntoMobile

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