PS3 Netflix: List of Problems so Far

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2010

Yesterday we asked you for your brief user reviews after trying out the new PS3 Netflix application without the need for a disc, but now we have a new report for you to read, one which lists all of the current problems so far.

As reported from Engadget, there seems to be a fairly big issue for PS3 users trying to use Netflix with an imported system. As things stand, the new Netflix only works with a North American PS3, so those who are trying to access it with a different region PS3 are getting locked out.

Luckily, Netflix is already on the case and have stated that an update will be on the way to fix this problem – but it still doesn’t solve the immediate problem of no netflix on different PS3 consoles.

Engadget also highlight other issues with the service, including problems when Netflix requires you to have a new PSN user ID, and the fact that some users are seeing a completely different UI to others – bizarre.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important to some, is that there seems to be some concern over video quality, and if Netflix movies play in 1080i or 1080p.

Engadget has provided video and screenshot proof of the problems listed above, and they have already found some solutions to some of them. Let us know if you have been experiencing any of the problems, and if it is affecting your service or not.

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  • beyond

    is usa Netflix down after the update seems like it wount load the selections

  • vidar

    I bought my Ps3 in Norway and cant find any netflix-application when iam logging into my ps3.
    Were can i find netflix and download it?
    Pleas help!!


  • Stac

    We’ve been having the same problem with our PS3 since the no-disc update this month.  I managed to fix the screen resolution problem, but sometimes it stops in the middle of a movie and starts flashing between the movie, static and the login screen.  When it does this, I have to turn off the system instead of quitting through the menu; not really good for it.  It also seems to take forever to load and then it has to buffer multiple times part way through the movie.  Like some of you, it works fine on my laptop.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I am really re-thinking the decision to keep Netflix.

  • Orlando

    Signed in to my PS3 and played a game. My daughter then wanted to watch a movie, so i clicked on my Netflix. The screen prompted me to install the latest update, so i did. After install was compete, it asked if i wanted to start, i clicked yes. It started loading, then message appeared…”Unable to connect to Netflix. Please try again or ” …That was 8 hrs ago and still same thing. Going to the website did nothing. I know things happen but “c’mon man” not on a Friday night!

    • Rapture4420

      I keep getting that too.. Where you able to figure out what happened?

  • sheri23

    the new upgrade sucks for PS3 my menu screen is way to big for TV, and then when i play a movie it stops every min or so then just stops completely.

  • I re-entered my credit card information for netfilx on the PS3.

    It would keep looping.
    “Finish sign up” I  click it and all my information is saved from the 1st time I put it in.
    “Start Membership” (even though I’ve been a member for the past few years now)”Get Started” then it’d take me back to “finish sign up”

  • Ron

    Not only did Netflix block me out and still charges me monthly, but my PlayStation 3 network and console no longer work. I paid over $300 for the console and I get nothing on the TV screen. I did no answer back from either Netflix or Sony PlayStation. What do I do with a broken PS 3 with 250 Gegabyte hard drive?

  • Jack

    Is anyone having trouble during the movie's retrieval on PS3 (it works fine on my laptop)? I live in Canada and for the past few days, every time I select a Netflix movie, it starts to retrieve it and then halfway through the retrieval process, the movie starts playing and I can hear the audio, but the bar is still retrieving. Then for most titles, the movie cuts in and out frequently, similar to when you have a scratched dvd movie, or it starts retrieving again. I've called both Netflix and Sony Playstation support, but Netflix blames Sony and Sony blames my connection (but I can get browse the internet via PS3). Anyone having the same problem and does anyone have any solutions? So frustrated.

  • Jim

    After palying a movie or stopping a movie and returning to the Netflix home screen, the navigation controls lock-up. Have to press the PS3 button, quit Netflix and reload it again to play another movie. PS3 updates are current.

  • Greg

    I cant log out of Netflix on my PS3

  • Misty C

    I'm having trouble with the netflix on my ps3. It tells me that it's connected, but when i go on, it will show for a bit then it freezes and says it cannot connect to the internet. Everything is connected right and i just don't understand what's going on. Please if anyone is having the same problems and has a solution, let me know, Thanks

    • rebecca

      im having the same problem with my ps3. when we first got it over the holidays i used a family member's acct. to check out netflix. they no longer have it so i got my own acct. but am not finding a way to go back to the original page and put in my info.. were you able to solve the problem?

  • Riley J

    When I search for movies I get a list of available movies on the right side. I can not find a way to select a movie to make it play. I have no problem playing movies that I added to my instant queue while I am online with by computer.

    • Katelyn

      This happened to me and I had to update Playstation Home.

  • jimmy

    My problem is it keeps stoping to retrevie all the time. Dnt do that till after update. How can I fix

  • Crissa

    Actually, the interface is completely different on two PS3s, one looking like the demo (awesome) and the other looking… Well, terrible. The PS3s are identical, so I don't understand why it's different.

    The most obvious thing is that three to four rows of five movies show on one, and on the other one row of four or two rows of infinite. The latter is terrible, even though it offers more direct access to categories.

    Does anyone know why?

  • frank

    I just started using netflix and every single thing I try to watch sudenly gos blank and a red bar at the bottom of the screen states "retreiving" It's not even worth trying to watch anything anymore.

  • johnny

    Netfilx will not upgrade… it got to 6% and stalls out saying it can't connect. Yet, my laptop connects just fine. Netflix, get your well, or I'll stop using you.

  • Jill

    I have had trouble with constant "Retrieving" issues. Some days, it works just fine. Other days.. its just can't buffer correctly. And it seems that those days are getting to be more of the norm. I want to have Netflix and cancel my cable– but if it doesn't work right– then I will have to cancel Netflix.

  • chris

    my issue is all the subcategories will not pop up under my main category..for example under main category "documentary" it will only show me the subcategories "new arrivals" and "faith and spiritual" used to have a longer list which included more subcategories such as "social", "political", "nature" etc..I have contacted netflix, power cycled the ps3, used the contra code to deactivate and reactivate netflix, and even deleted and reinstalled the netflix still the same result with missing subcategories..does anyone know how to fix this? Or is netflix limiting your usage and what you watch?

  • Jam

    This is a weird one. After installing a PS3 update last week, the Netflix application always ask me to log-in as if I haven't logged in previously. The worst part is nothing happens when I click on the boxes for the username and password. Can't input my username and password to even log in. Other PS3 applications work and I can input my login with no issue.

    Called Netflix and after 15 minutes of troubleshooting the suggested me to contact Sony, the said PS3 creates the software. Contacted Sony and after 30 minutes of troubleshooting, the said to contact Netflix again because Netflix creates the applilcation, Sony just makes it compatible with PS3.

    Anybody had this issue before?

    • half gnome

      Contact Sony for their port numbers for port forwarding. I had to adjust mine.

  • Micahel

    My problem is that when I open up the nextflix app on the ps3 and try to play a movie, it only plays about 3 miniutes or so.. then it stops and buffers, then plays another 3 minutes. How do I get Netflix to stream all the way through the movie without haveing to stop and buffer every three minutes? Please Help

    • Daniel

      I have this same problem! I contacted netflix and they told me it was my internet speed! I don't see how this is possible since I can stream on PC and iPhone with no problems at all (i've even tried doing it at the same time and the PS3 will rebuffer where nothing else will)

  • lol

    This new upgrade sicks the disc was better

  • John

    Netflix via PS3 was working fine for a while until 2 days ago. I started having the same problems ("Failed to connect"). The time was off by 1hr, updated the time and it still did not work. Restarted the router (I connect wirelessly) and then voia it started working. I am not sure how long it will last though.

    The inteface that I see seems old though, it is not the latest interface that I was using before the problem started.

  • phil burton

    I have a first gen 60 gb and a ps3 slim, works flawless on the ps3 slim but doesent work at all on the first gen ps3. Locks up after executing the program. The screen flickers like it is trying to change resolutions (normal) and you just have a black screen to stare at……. yipee! What a piece of junk, that is the first gen ps3 I mean.

    • Crissa

      I have a first gen 60gb, and it turns the fancy five across version. So… Dunno. My other one, however, does not. Machines are identical, though.

  • Guy

    Just installed on the ps3, and it won't connect. Error 100, 200, 201. Sucks…

  • CAR

    Larry and triggaz, I am having the same problems tonight. I checked my xbox and it was doing it too, so I'm assuming its a Netflix problem.

    • tony

      It is a damn Netflix prob. Works this morning!!

  • triggaz

    Larry I'm having the exact same issues you are having It started tonight for me as well. if you find a solution can u post it back here.

  • Larry

    All of a sudden my netflix quit logging in on my psp3. It worked great with the disk and had been working fine till tonight. Everything I have tried just doesnt work. I reset the modem, router and uninstalled the app and reistalled it. I love my netlfix but hate this bs going on now. Get the stuff fixed. Keep getting codes 400, 200, 100 and cant find what they mean anywhere.

    • triggaz

      larry I'm having the same probs you are email me at if you find a fix

  • Beth

    I'm getting the "can't connect to Netflix" message. Tried a few things suggested in PS3 forums like resetting date/time (found that my time setting was off by about 40 minutes) and updating software (already have updated software). Netflix deducted monthly payment from my VISA account recently, so that's not the problem. My internet connection is fine. Never had a problem with the Netflix disk. Maybe switching from the disk to a Playstation Network membership will raise sales at the Playstation Store now that streaming is disrupted.

  • JOHN A.

    I JUST WANT TO WATCHA F******** MOVIE!!!!!

  • alex

    I have various problems with netflix and customer service blames my ISP and sony.
    I have a high speed DSL connection and the only lock ups on my PS3 happen only
    when using netflix.
    Here are the problems:
    Lockups during movie viewing.
    Error messages claiming that the movie is unavailable try again later only to have it work fine after selecting it again.
    Incorrect movie titles and information when a movie is selected.
    Numerous "Retrieving" interruptions and lockups during the "Retrieving" state.
    Poor interface and missing categories on the PS3.
    I'll be testing netflix on the WII soon.

  • I can log in fine to my netflix account. My queue comes up as it should. When I go to play a video, it tells me that streaming has been deactivated on my device. The only option is reactivate. When I select reactivate, it boots me all the way back to the login screen. Nowhere in the program do I see any options for account information, activation codes or anything of the like. The only thing I can look through while logged in is my queue.

  • rachel

    Our problem is our friend signed into his netflix with the disc and was the last account up before the change to the downloadable application. Now his queue is up and there doesn't seem to be any way to log out of his account and put ours up! I can't find anything on about it either. 🙁

    • Jeffrey Ross DeVries

      There is two ways to log out of Netflix on the ps3. Way ONE: on the ps3 open netflix app. As soon as you see the loading screen for netflix pass and hold the "select" and "start". You must do this AS SOON AS YOU SEE the loading screen, or it will not work. If it does not work restart the app and try again. WAY TWO: log out using Log in to the account, on the website go to "your account" then "Manage Netflix ready devices and computers" then "Deactivate" the ps3.

  • nicole

    We have an 1st generation ps3 and had never updated. the netflix upgrade required us to do a system update, and now every time we try to play a game, it requires up to do the update again, which takes 30 minutes. so essentially, it now takes 30 minutes to turn on the system to play a game.

  • jonathan

    Everything mostly worked fine for us. We have a North American PS3 and downloaded the NetFlix app last night (previously we used the disc).

    The problem we are having is that there are these random loud pops with a white flash. It reminds me of a short circuit somewhere in my system – but I know it's not becuase these loud snaps and pops and white flashes don't happen with any other PS3 game or on our usual cable TV connection. Perhaps it's because I'm streaming NetFllix over the WiFi? A buffering issue? The movie we watched played smoothly, no lag or buffer issues, just these loud pops and snaps and white flashes occasionally.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  • moronig

    A list of movies with 5.1 audio would be very beneficial. It should be incorporated into the instant queue.

  • nathan

    My ps3 only shows a black screen and doesnt show anything. I left it on for about an hour and nothing

    • same here. i've tried it on a SD tv as well as an HD tv. it's worked a few times for me. has it for you?

      • having the same problem as you did… How did you go about fixing it???

    • ftw

      same here, first it shows netflix loading then cuts to a black screen

  • Mark

    I am also having connection issues. Netflix will sometimes open and sometimes not. It says that it cannot connect to Netflix but everything else on my network is fine including downloading things from the playstation store. What’s the point of having Netflix if I can’t connect to it half the time? The other problem that I had was voice syncing. I was watching a TV series and only since downloading the application were there voice syncing problems with a few of the episodes.

  • Scott

    Randomly won't connect, have reset modem, router, PS3, uninstalled and reinstalled the app on the PS3.. nothing works. I have full internet connection on the PS3 but Netflix just wont work. Tried unsuccessfully to connect my Wii yesterday… would that have anything to do with it?

  • BigBilly

    I installed neflix and it worked yesterday but not very well lot's of stopping to rebuffer i guess sucked! today all i get is unable to conect try again later seems very buggy

  • Natalie

    Netflix seems to have fallen in the same hole as every other big business. They care more about the bottom line than they do about actually making sure their system is working. When you call them, they try to blame the problem on you. Blaming customers is NOT the way to go about this, you corporate dickweeds! It's YOUR problem, and if I continue to have these issues with Netflix, I would be more than happy to give my business back to Redbox. You should have AT LEAST given customers the option to use the disc/old interface while you worked out the kinks!

  • TheLuscombe

    I too am having connection issues. I installed the application on both my PS3 & Wii yesterday. At the time they both worked fine. I haven't check my Wii yet, but the PS3 keeps telling me "cannot connect to netflix go back to the xmb and try again". I believe it is a Netflix issue, When I login to their website today, it is really slow and times-out often. All other websites are as fast as usual. I hope they get this fixed soon.

    Slick_ar maybe you were just lucky enough not to get those messages while you had the disc, but I did get them with the disc, you need to follow the suggestion that dudedude gave you to get rid of that problem.

  • Carol

    I cannot connect to Netflix. I put my username, password and it logs in but opens only two option butons: to see the details for my netflix account or to RESTART. When i go to "Restart" it shows the same thing over and over…

  • Abom

    Since I installed, i can't use netflix. it says cannot connect and try again later. error is 100, 400

  • slick_ar

    While watching movies the "friends box" in the upper left corner of the screen keeps informing me of who is signing in or out. This is fine during game play but I don't wish to see it during movies it is very annoying.

    • dudedude

      u can turn off friends/message notifications under display settings on the ps3 i believe,it might not be display but i know you can shut them off,i have mine turned off

  • netfucs

    I am having problems with the aspect ratio. Any of the older shows or movies I watch are not in widescreen anymore. When I had the disc this was not a problem

    • VGY

      This is because it is now being displayed at the right aspect ratio.

  • Michale

    Is the NetFlix service ONLY in 1080p?? My TV can do 1080i, but when I start the NetFlix App, my video resets and I just get a black/blank screen

    • i get the same thing. i don't think its a SD problem because i've tried it on my HD tv as well and it does the same thing. i click on Netflix then the screen goes black and freezes. is that what happens to yours? its worked successfully several times but inconsistently.

  • PS3wannaBe

    I didn't like the video quality of some shows, mostly my daughters shows like "Dora" but my shows seem great.

    Also I love the in screen preview of the show you are about to see. And there were a few movies I couldn't watch before (always said it was unplayable) but now I can watch them.

    Over all I am happy with this upgrade and I like the fact that the laser/disk don't have to be reading or spinning while I watch. Less ware and tear on the console.

    Not that it matters. PS3 is a very dependable piece of hardware.

  • netfucs

    I am having problems with the aspect ratio. Any of the older shows or movies I watch are not in widescreen anymore. When I had the disc this was not a problem, everything looked good and was presented in 16:9… Kinda freaking out on what to do

    • Jason

      I'm having the same problem…..I find this is a bigger issue than anything they talked about in the article

      • VGY

        This is because the aspect ratio is now being displayed correctly. With the disc, a 4×3 video would be displayed at 16×9 causing the video to be be stretched out. Now without the disc, a 4×3 video is being displayed at 4×3. In my opinion, video looks a lot better when it is being displayed at the proper aspect ratio.

        • Anthony

          Actually the real problem here is that Netflix is forcing 1080i or 1080p output on content that isn't in 1080i. I know exactly what the above person is talking about and pretty much all 4:3 content is 480i or 480p. By locking the output to to 1080i or 1080p this will in turn force the TV (in a lot of cases) to NOT allow for aspect ratio changes so it can't be stretched "wide" or whatever. On newer LED TV's this isn't much of an issue, but for older TV's like my Pioneer plasma, it's a problem if I watch too much content like that.

          Netflix should be sending ANY 480i or 480p content through WITHOUT upconverting it UNLESS they are going to do an aspect ratio change on it like I mentioned above. I'd rather I control it, though, because TV does a fantastic job at it.

          But I can't seem to find an e-mail address to send to netflix to explain this to them, so it will probably never be corrected.

        • J M

          The PS3 can output only one resolution/aspect ratio per session……
          Currently, you have to quit the Netflix app first, then change your output from 1080 to 480 for your TV monitor to receive a 480 input.
          If you were to port a 480 vid through a 1080 session, your video will appear half size without the upconversion.
          Netflix is not to blame, neither is Sony.
          Of course, running your PS3 in 480 will severely reduce HD video quality.
          Adding scaling controls to the Netflix App sounds good for an advanced user, though it cannot work on the current PS3 Firmware (well, not the way you are desiring), nor will the average user have any use for the Proc-hogging complication.

  • thedarkbackward

    I'm not getting any Dolby 5.1 through HDMI – no-one but me seems to be having this issue…

    • PS Tech

      It would depend on which model of system you have. If you have a fat (older) system it doesn’t decode the audio like a bluray player does. With a bluray player it will display the correct audio on you receivers display. With the PS3 older models all you see is liner PCM or just a standard audio form. If you have one of the newly redesigned systems (slim) PS3 and you have this problem then it’s the way you have your receiver set up.

  • pfreak

    I've had nothing but a great experience with it and I use it everyday. The disk was a pain and I went through a few of them as they just stopped working. With the upgrade I just downloaded the app and there everything was, new UI, my queue. It's fantastic. And not a single problem with it and that's on both of my 2 PS3's.

    • Irritated

      I had a good experience for about 4 months until late February 2011 and now all of a sudden if I back out of a movie or short cartoon/program it freezes. This isn't cool when your 4 year old wants to watch a certain program and it completely freezes, as they can't comprehend why Dad/Mom can't fix something out their control. I received no notification that anything was changing and we don't have any problems on the Sony network, with the exception of Netflix now. I'm considering dropping it and going back to cable tv movies-on-demand.

  • Trey

    I'm having random connection issues, never had that problem with the disc, nothing on my network has changed, sometimes it'll connect other times it won't if it does connect shows won't play if it doesn't connect it either makes my system freeze our says "cannot connect to netflix go back to the xmb and try again" or ask if I'm a netflix member then freezes, its just tribble.the UI from the disc was a lot better.and now my disc won't even connect

    • same problems here, i talked to them and they said to talk to the PS3 people so i just cancelled my subscription with netflix. this sucks, the disc worked great!

    • Connor

      i have a similar problem… my ps3 will be logged in, then i go onto netflix to watch a movie and it works for a while. Then a message pops up saying that "an error has occured and you have been signed out of the ps3 network". So then i have to restart my ps3 and it signs in again… it will happen like 2-3 times a movie. It is quite frustrating.

      • CrimeDogg357

        Same problem here still looking for a solution, plays for like 15 – 20 min then craps out….

    • macbook

      Same problem here. Approximately a month ago it's started, I will start see a movie in Netflix and it will stop after few minutes with error "can't connect to Netflix etc". Sometime the only way to recover is to reboot PS3. Sometime it will recover by itself.

      Anyhow – know how to resolve this issue. Very frustrating!

  • dave

    the content varies, but my TV "info" shows the PS3 is now providing 1080p through netflix. Better off Ted looks awesome.

  • Russ

    The issue I have with the PS3/Netflix UI is the same as a lot of others out there; the UI changed just a couple of hours after it was installed. At first, it looked just like the demo videos seen on the internet. The layout and design was fantastic with menu options to the left of the screen, movie selections on the right. You could see if the movie/show was DD 5.1, HD…etc. All of that is gone now; its just a clunky bundle of junk…like someone just put this together in a matter of minutes?? Who can e talk to about this Netflix, P3N?

    • Ken

      I have the same problem, looks like alot is missing from when i originally ordered netflix for the PS3. Even sub-categories are gone and my "watch it again list". New format totally sucks.

      • Allie

        Same with my PS3, I was able to fix it before by deleting netflix and then re-installing it but now that doesn't even work! So frustrating.

    • it sucks soo badd before the categories and then the sub categories looked soo great now its all jus one category no options left at all!! they need to fix this asap

      • Adam

        I am having the same problem as above. This sucks!!!!!!!!!!

        • Larry

          This problem sucks. Any ideas on how to fix. I tried the reinstall and it didn't help

    • guest

      ghaa! And I was hoping i'd be able to find a fix for this but if all you guys are having the same issue… >< I probably wont be able to. It's driving me up the wall. It was so nice when I first got it… and I want to go back to shows I watched before and I CANT! ><

  • Lucas

    My problem isn't listed above. My problem is since the upgrade to use Netflix without a disc, it asks for a email or sign in ID and a password and neither works. It didn't require password identification before so why now without the damn disc in?! I need help because this issue is going to run up my bill and I haven't been able to use it since this ill-advertised upgrade.

    • mar

      im having the same problem , did you get yours fixed?

      • DKSF

        I'm having the same problem, too, and still can't find any answers! Seems so stupid.

        • Ssa

          Same issue here. Cancelled my netflix after lot of frustation

    • spencer

      Having the same problems too

    • Paul

      Same here. In fact, I decided to follow instructions given through the PS3 network icon and it appears as if I needed to sign in with the PS3 log in password. Unfortunately, it wouldn't let me log in using that either. I then replied to prompts asking for my birthday in case I was typing in the wrong password, but it didn't recognize my birthday or my wife's.