Medal Of Honor DLC: Clean Sweep is Free – Trailer and Details

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who are getting slightly bored with Medal of Honor, as EA has just announced details for the first DLC map pack, titled Clean Sweep. You’ll be pleased to know that it will be free to download too!

As reported from VG247, Clean Sweep will be releasing on November 2nd, presumably for all platforms of the game. The pack will consist of four new maps, two of which are completely brand new, and the other two have been redesigned – aka BFBC2 VIP pack style.

Interestingly, Clean Sweep won’t just operate on a simple Team Deathmatch playlist. Instead games will consist of four minutes of play with two teams and no respawning. The winning team is decided when they win the best out of the three rounds.

The two free maps are titled Bagram Hangar and Khyber Cave. Check out a promo trailer for the new pack below. Let us know your thoughts on this free content. Win win situation, right?

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  • vlad1997

    where to download clean sweep?

  • jedijoey

    if u log onto multiplayer then go to store you will see everything listed that you are looking for, simples:)


    So i go to download Clean Sweep this morning only to find thats its not available, only Hot Zone is downloadable right now. WTF so you say your going to release a free downloadable map and game mode but dont do it, and only release one you have to pay for . THIS IS B.S. AT ITS CORE.

  • sean

    how do you access the clean sweap dlc on xbox cos a cant seem to find it

  • Fletch

    would be great if i could get the multiplayer to connect, havent been able to get on once since i got game and tried every fix i could find. Always says "connection interrupted- ea servers may be temporarily down" EVERY TIME!


    since it's free i can't just complain about two more maps… and a new game mode… i can't either say that these were ready before the release of the game then.. all i can say… keep up the good work ea…

  • daFink

    Has this been announced for the pc as yet?

  • Sounds a lot like "Search and Destroy" in MW2, which is a good thing and one of my favorite modes in MW2. With snipers already having a huge advantage in the multiplayer modes, I hope it won't lead to a camping competition to see who can pick off the other team's campers first.

  • paul

    why do gamers (myself included) put up with new games coming out & then what seems like two minutes later dlc becomes available!!? what a scam i can understand content coming out 8-9 months after the game but almost straight away come on!! the content was obviously ready but held back to make more money ! come on why not actually give us value for money for a change

    • reaper

      incase you dumb head didnt realise, it is FREE you moron. so stop your bitching….

    • anal

      are you a retard, it's fucking free

    • it is free so why complain?

      • cory

        only one part is free hot zone is not clean sweep is

      • Byremo

        Clean sweep is free yes we know, but Hot Zone is not, and it was released just as fast as the Clean sweep DLC was. his point is, They make DLC's like Hot Zone and make us pay for it even tho it have been ready all the time.

        another example is the DLC for Mw2, when some people buy the DLC the regular game itself becomes empty and in order to play online with other players you will have to pay for the same DLC.

    • james

      Only if they have the access code that cake with th limited edition one.

    • Cory

      They did it so quick to compete with COD black ops

  • Alan Malik

    After ignoring game critics l finally decided to pick up a copy of MOH and boy was l surprised – this game is brilliant. EA have really taken the initiative by introducing a multiplayer game type as part of the DLC, also if they keep pumping out new maps every so often they will definately gain support of the FPS community. Two thumps up EA – Totally take back what l said in a previous blog