HP webOS 2.0 Review: On Par with iOS

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2010

Following on from the official announcement and unveiling of the HP / Palm Pre 2 handset, we now have one of the first reviews for you to read, of webOS 2.0, the brand new operating system which will be running on the device.

That review comes to you courtesy of Engadget, who have given webOS 2.0 a glowing report. This may surprise one or two of you, but they have actually said that webOS is ‘probably neck and neck with iOS 4’, in terms of polishness and ease of use.

They have also stated that the OS from a general point of view is ‘incredibly fast’, adding that the performance of webOS 2.0 when switching between apps is very impressive.

The only big disadvantage they mention is that the Palm Pre hardware itself is not up to scratch, as they say its a shame that webOS 2.0 doesn’t have any high-level hardware to make use of.

Read the full review over at Engadget and let us know your thoughts on it. Are you considering buying a Palm Pre 2?

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  • TattoozNTech

    “polishness” ??!!? how about “level of polish” ya, let’s go with that…

  • pissed :)

    there are biger batterys avail…. maybe that hellps. you dan … apps its not quantity but quality people…. and sorry to heer about the lack of book marks transition … but if there is a better system out there im for it and why not make one that is freandly for drivers.. 🙂

  • Dan

    I've had a Pre since it first came out. Even though I love the usability of WebOS, there are three things that lessen the experience:
    1) The WebOS base applications seem to be lacking in much of the usability its PalmOS equivalents had. There are a lot of things that I could do on my Treo with email (autodelete), tasks (ease of entering and repeated tasks), web browsing (bookmartks) that never made the transition.
    2) The Pre itself. Even though I love the form factor, I feel like I have to play with it with kid gloves for fear a simple drop might break it. But the killer is the lack of battery life. With standard features turned on, good luck getting more than 15 hours of battery life. I now charge it twice a day especially given that at work where roam is the only option, you can see the batteries literally draining. I can't get through an 8 hour shift without a recharge.
    3) The app catalog is at best a joke. I look at most of the gee-whiz apps that are now available for the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry and they are at best a dream on WebOS. It seems as if none of the major app developers are even touching WebOS. If that doesn't change and in a hurry, WebOS will be a footnote in a year!

  • pissed :)

    love palm pre….. don’t no what u are all talking about…… I’m guessing a propaganda campaign from the morally corrupt corporations who wryly don’t like competition…. if I’m not mistaken a while back HONDA had competition by the name of Kawasaki and Kawasaki closed its doors…. guess what Honda did bought the company and put it on its feet and let it goo as a separate entity YOU now why because quality is what decides what is good and what is bad not this horrendous bickering online wow u should be ashamed of yourselves……… and make a product that sales itself…………..what hell have u created now corporate america

  • Ratnok

    To bad it doesn’t match Android in functionality or features. If it had, it might have stood a chance. But as it is, it will be a also- ran to Android just like the original was on Sprint and Verizon and the Blackberry torch is today.

  • The pre 2 will not be a HUGE sale, and hp doesn't need it to be.. They just need to move a few units, and keep developers on the platform until they launch their later products.

  • Evan Z

    This is their one chance for a comeback. If it fails, it's over. I doubt it'll happen. I had a Pre and it was just a horrific experience. It was more than a sputtering processor; nothing worked well and everything felt half-baked. The apps were horrible, and don't look any improved on the webOS screenshots that I saw. I still give Palm a few months before they sink into irrelevancy, assuming that they announce the Pre2 in one month's time. Yes, release, not announce, because (a) I honestly don't think people are interested enough to care a month after the announcement to buy it and (b) by that time, another Android phone will emerge and eclipse it, attracting away potential consumers.