Fallout New Vegas: Patch Update Release ETA – Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2010

We have some good news to report now, as Bethesda has just confirmed that a patch update will be on the way for Fallout: New Vegas to address the horrible technical bugs that are present in the game.

If you haven’t heard already, the game is suffering from some serious problems, mainly crashes which end up freezing PCs and also the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.

However, you can’t fault Bethesda’s quick response to the problems, and they issued the following statement to Kotaku:

“We are currently working on releasing patches/updates as quickly as possible for Fallout: New Vegas, for all platforms. Announcements regarding the patches are forthcoming.”

This should please the hundreds of you who are currently mulling on whether to return the game or not, as we expect the patch update to go live within the next few weeks.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you pleased that an update is on the way, or are you still not happy with game after release?

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  • Sirtrolley

    i cant enter new vegas it says i have an unreadable disc and  ihave tried all three ways to enter and it still doesnt work so the sooner these patches geet out the bettter

  • Sirtrolley

    i cant enter new vegas it says i have an unreadable disc and  ihave tried all three ways to enter and it still doesnt work so the sooner these patches geet out the bettter

  • reza

    hi pleaze new patch 7100usb eta

  • cptflint

    guess WHAT…
    this update RUINED my save for the 360 and I'm pissed. keeps telling me my save relies on dlc and I have never downloaded anything for fallout new vegas. wtf?

  • PlasmaBomb

    I'm getting random hard crashes on the PS3 on version 1.02

  • anonymooose

    Why test it when you've got a load of people out there who will not only test your game for you, but they'll also pay for that privilege!

    Wonder if that's how the test team sold their testing strategy to management?

  • guy

    xbox get dead money first because where premium online players, we pay for our services and get rewarded for it, things that are FREE are normally worse, for example psn. i have both so this is and unbiased opinion.

  • americanjoe

    ive done everything you can ive called sony and done the dance through the system settings deleted game data and re loaded the 1.02 version stll freezes i want a refund this is soooooo weak. DEC 26, 2010

  • RedChief19

    Ever since this Update just as the new DLC was released, I have seen freezes when I walk more then 50 ft in one direction or try to enter V.A.T.S. sure I can play the game walking 49ft, saving and never using V.A.T.S., which would be rather annoying, but wtf why does an "UPDATE" freeze the game and make it to where I can not play, I even bought the DLC and it's still screwing up I did not spend 20 bucks for no reason they need to fix this crap or I will sue…ok not really but yeah wtf?!

  • davidred5

    My Game Crashes all the time even since i performed and update I bought the game new stick it in my PS3 downloaded the new version and I cant play the game for more than a few mins without it crashing I am not having any problems with any other games I will be asking for a refund unless it is fixed ASAP

  • bennyoblivion

    Nope I can't restrain myself any longer, I have to say what I imagine by now hundreds of thousands of gamers are thinking., This is absolutely, intellect insultingly ,F#%KING RIDICULOUS. I cannot believe this crash pile was released. All I simply try is activating the Caravan card game, and bang, hard freeze. It doesn't even matter where I try it, I've switched characters and locations, same result, and listen, I own Fallout 3, not even the GOTY edition, and played through from start to finish and never crashed once, so one can tell me I have no right to bitch because I knew this series was prone to this kind of B.S.. Fallout 3 is WHY I bought New Vegas in the first place. If it was as bug infested as this pricey joke, I'd have never bought New Vegas in the first place. New Vegas isn't even a new game in its own right, it's simply continued content from the engine that created the former Fallout 3, which makes this all that much more shocking that Bethesda released this as is….

  • peter

    where parts of the map and mission left out before the patch because there are things that i feel are missing from the game?

  • elboobio

    I have had the game since release date, first week of having it no problems. The further I got into the game I started to notice a lot of bugs, not minor ones either, I couldn't finish a lot of primary quests, I managed to scrape along with constant restarts and saves and putting up with the fact that a lot of the charecters in the game are now just frozen in time unable to interact and during one of the final quests the battle of hoover dam, carnage ensues with charecters who are allies attacking me, NPC's disappearing and to top it all off towards the end of the quest CRASH! I have put up with a lot for this game because it would be a truely amazing game. Fallout 3, only a few minor bugs and very rarely crashed. New Vegas is unplayable, Someone needs boot up their ass for letting this be released. You wouldn't buy anything if it's primary purpose was unusable, so why would they allow us to buy a video game that is unplayable. Someone needs to be moderating this as I don't want to spend my hard earned cash on more games that p!ss me off to the extent where I want to throw my console out of the window.

  • Mutter5

    i have it on ps3 and mine only freezes when i try and enter the strip. Otherwise great game but for me no strip, no vegas

  • Colin

    I’m so gutted! Played for hours and hours, finished one character, started another and got all the way to Primm and now every time I use my pip-boy or load it freezes and I have to reboot my 360. Any help?

  • Guest

    this is why I download games from the net test them and if I like them I buy them I will not be buying this game after this.

  • jae

    totally feel the same way. i waited two years for this game to come out and now i've worked myself into corners because I can't enter certain rooms or entire areas (the strip, for example). it seems like the longer i play it, trying to get around the obvious faults, the more glitches i find and the more boxed in i am. i mean, i've been doing ncr shit because it didn't involve as many rooms and that finally glitched out on me this morning.
    and if it were just stalling, maybe i'd be less offended, but i literally walk into rooms and see that they are unfinished, with big red exclamation marks and missing floors. how did this make it past testing? and why should all of us, the people who loved the game enough to get it right away, be the testers of a clearly inferior product?

  • Dom

    I'm SO SO SO MAD!!!! Even after the latest update I've just downloaded (PS3), the game is still freezing, jumping, slowing down all the time…. WTF are these idiots doing…. I really enjoyed fallout 3 and less problems with a game that is over 2 years older than new vegas. Thinking about it, I had less problems with Oblivion. They need to be issuing us with some form of money back or compensation, over £40 for this crap…. Are we mad?… Bethseda and obsidian are laughing at us, but not for much longer if this continues, the damage is being done!

  • David

    well shit i cant even load my games every autosave is gone and the ones that 1 presave are constantly freezing not even loading the page nwo im on the hoover dam with 10 quests and i cant even move on very dispointed with the service so far.

  • Deuce_da_Deuce

    Agreed anonymous. I'm still Super salty! :-<. i've been waiting for this game since i beat the last fallout. and like other people said; they had to have know about these freeze ups and crashes. Thumbs Down Bethesda. THUMBS DOWN!!!!

  • Doozey45

    "What are your thoughts on this? Are you pleased that an update is on the way, or are you still not happy with game after release?"

    am i pleased? kind of a stupid question. And yes im still NOT happy with the game. A friend of mine experienced this problem before me. His game would not load it said DLC was no longer available.. He froze at level 26 right in the middle of Brother hood of steel missions.. i didn't think anything of it until it happened to me at the exact same part of the game!!! i was a level 26 with 35 hours played! it froze right at the brother hood of steel part. Your excuse is "Fallout is too big for our testers to simply get every bug" well maybe you should fuckin start there. I dont even have the ambition to play the fuckin game anymore. 35 hours down the drain. That should be your main priority. And if you cant fix that i would seriously consider not making any games anymore cause if people feel the same way as me… you wont be selling anymore copies.

  • frustrated gamer

    Bethesda is garbage, absolute garbage. Fallout new vegas is by far the buggiest and most annoying game of all time. You can't even complete one third of the game before it crashes and your screwed permanently. what a joke, a terrible one at that. when the F is the patch ready for 360 and PS3 users because this is unacceptable. Bethesda should do a total recall on their garbage product, and every single person should get there money back, not friggin store credit. — So bravo bethesda, way to cut corners and release and terribly inferior game. This business practice of selling products that don't work should be illegal or at least considered immoral. this mega-blunder will definately prevent consumers from buying any bethesda products in the future.

  • Lushion

    I love the fallout series, but this is pathetic. This seems to be becoming a trend with all game developers. It is a bold violation of consumer rights, but no one of authority cares because its just a "video game". I have every achievement for fallout 3, and was hoping to do the same with new vegas. But as stated by everyone else I can't even finish the game because of crashes. Everyone needs to make an example of Bethesda and Obsidian. Return the game and never purchase anything they make again. It will be a message the other companies out there get loud and clear as they watch Bethesda go out of buisness. This has become way to common a problem. (xbox 360)

  • SSS-Spencer

    what should i do to download the patches help please or have they even came out yet…

  • SSS-Spencer

    is there a way to download it manually? because it not asking to download any patches….

  • The Piper

    OK, I'm sorry, but anybody that tries to tell me to "save more often" to avoid any problems obviously has standards that are way too low. I counted down the days to get the game, as I loved the majority of the other installments of the series. But to get a product like this, after Fallout 3 did so well? So sad. And no, Fallout Freak, I don't know how to program a game this immersive. So what? I'm a jail guard. If an inmate were to get out because I slacked off doing my job and something awful happened, I wouldn't be able to say "Well, I'll bet all you people complaining don't even know how to perform an armbar takedown". Nobody cares. I'm paid to do a job and I'm damn well expected to do it proficiently. So please, don't tell me to save more often and "get over" crashes, because it's hard to make a game. They had a huge team all working 24/7 for almost a year. And they're probably gonna make a nice buck on it. So, frankly, I don't care if it's hard to do. That's what I'm paying for.

  • MCAT


  • U2Batch


  • aibonitobv


  • lopemon

    Oh my…, that doesn’t look good Bethesda. After the first patch the game just became unplayable (PS3): Freezes when entering VATS. Constantly restarting the console shouldn’t belong to one of the quests of that game. Fallout 3 had sort of similar bugs for me but seeing New Vegas suffering from the same issues 2 years later is just so disapointing. Last Vegas

  • smelly socks

    i do not know but i think the same as you.



  • Sam

    Yee! I'll be done with the game by the time I get a freaking patch! It's the crashing I'm worrying about, just restart the game and here we go. It's the freaking bugs, slowdowns, game play issues. Sometimes my companion gets, somehow, lost and dies, or disappears and stops following me out of nowhere. Then, I have to go all the way back and try to find where he got stuck. Other times, when you fight, I couldn't bring up the V.A.T.S or would get it working delayed, other times it's the menu that just doesn't want to come up or lags so much I can't do anything. The game also kinda lags every 2 mins when you're walking across the wastelands. There is so much lags it gets unplayable. I had to uninstall and reinstall it (ps3 version) in order to get rid of some bugs. Now it works okay, still have lots of slowdowns. I tried fallout 3, no bug whatsoever, ran smoothly and the graphics are pretty much better. Waiting several weeks for a patch is an insult to gamers.

  • Fisk

    Update for PS3 in US is finally out, FYI

  • pissed off bloke

    so well over 30 hours into the game which could have been good apart from all 16 saves have this dlc error what a load of bollox. Nearly tempted to drive up to glasgow and stick the disc up their ass in person. Is the so called patch gonna mean i can play on? Or will i need to start again? Cos i feckin wont be! And dont ya think the patch in a few weeks thing is a total joke. Why not put out a game that works out of the box?

  • Juiceman2G

    Has anybody noticed a popup icon after you save your game, and then try to load it up again saying, this save requires downloadable content which is no longer available, would you like to continue this loading data, and when you hit yes, it prompts you that you cannot continue due to no storage device being available. has anyone recieved this save error on x360 if so let me know because its slowing my progress on completing the campaign/ thanks………

  • Fallout Freak

    All the people who keep complaining about the crashes and glitches being the programmers fault… I havent heard the first thing about the people game design companies pay to find these glitches (for those of you who dont know they are called testers for a reason) and if these people dont report the glitches how do the programmers know to fix it. and some of the glitches happen if you do stuff in a certain order or if you decide to kill somebody to soon. I have been playing since release and yes me and my girl have both had problems with our game but like SOL said if you save often you wouldnt have to worry so much about it. oh and to all you people bitching at the programmers I would like to see you program a game this emmersive, you couldnt even make a character in MAYA (probably dont even know what it is in fact) let alone programm the game afterwords…..

    • Mart

      Don't be such a douché – programmers are paid well for their time and all games go through a testing phase…well, not all games apparently. My missus and I are playing this at the moment and right now it's unplayable for her as she goes into the Strip and the game freezes. The product is FAULTY. Bethesda/Obsidan – can you please tell me where I can send this game back to you and wait until you actually release something which has been tested. For me and others, the jitters started about 2 hours in – if you're trying to tell me that these glitches weren't known I will call you liars. I've never known a console game to be as buggy and right now, arguing the case with the game store to demand a refund as it fails under the Consumer Rights Act (not fit for purpose).
      I suggest others do the same until they release a working version. Patches are not acceptable as not everyone has an Internet connection.

  • scott

    every time i go from 1 area to the other e.g freeside to the strip north it freazes

  • Tyler Woida

    I must say that I really do enjoy the new Fallout experience as much as the next guy, but these freezes and glitches that I'm running into are making it more a hassle than an enjoyment. I got the collector's edition and I really do enjoy the next layout, but I want the update patch to be available so we can get this silliness behind us and enjoy New Vegas how it was meant to be played. 😀 TTYL, Tyler Woida

  • joel

    i left all my weapons inside the lucky 38 casino and everytime i go in to get my guns i try to leave when leave it freezes. it also freezes in the strip alot. i got 10 freezes in 20 min

  • Bethany

    I was very excited about this game–pre-ordered it and everything. I would have definitely been bummed out if they pushed back the date, but I would eventually get the game when it would finally be released. With that said, Bethesda really shouldn't have rush-released the game. The bugs and glitches are so infuriating that the game is simply not enjoyable for some players. A good number of people have already returned the game whereas most of the affected are keeping theirs and waiting for the patch to fix things up.

    I've personally experienced a pretty bad game breaking glitch–and it really sucks to have played so many hours on a game to have the save file get corrupted. Who knows if the patch will allow users to continue their Fallout New Vegas journey or if they'll need to start over. With that said, no…I am not happy that a patch is set to come out in a few WEEKS. I want one now and I want to know what it's going to fix. I'm already upset they had a patch go live for 360 yesterday so that it fixes the frame rate issue and also the infinite caps glitch. I'd much rather be playing my game.

    • Alex

      Having the same problem and couldn't agree more. Spent almost 70 dollars on a game I can't play. I'm personally going to return it. I'd wait the "few weeks", but I'm not sure what the return policy is at best busy. Bethesda should be utterly embarrassed. Placating me by saying your going to fix something you shouldn't have sold to me broken is an insult. I really liked the Fallout series, but this is the last time I buy a Bethesda product.

  • Donvesta3

    I cannot get into the pip boy without it freezing up my 360. Sooooooooo goddamn frustrated.

  • frostedbutts

    So I clocked in a bunch of hours, level 12 in freeside. I have 3 seperate saves that all give me the “downloadable content not avail load anyway?” And when I hit yes I freeze up at the loading screen. I’m able to start a new game but fuck that shit, whats the solution for me? Wait two more weeks? Shit COD will be out by then I should just return this

  • Jmonster

    I agree with SOL. Ive had no problems except it freezing once. Fallout 3 had the same problems on 360, but at least the patches fixed that. Just save often and on different saves. Its not that big of a deal, after all its just a game. Also, if you're using a 360, clear your caches. it helps!

  • that guy

    hey mine did not freeze until the update this sucks every damn time i go inti VATS it freezes

    • TL Vegas

      Xbox auto installed the Fallout update this morning and now I'm unable to play for more than 2 minutes before my 360 bombs *In Nipton*.. Not a single problem before the update now I can't play the game.. THE PATCH IS GARBAGE. I'm in the process of removing the patch now.

  • zeppelin76

    sol and dvs ur bunch of idiots. There are more handicaping problems than the occasional crash or freeze. mine freezes whenever i press the right bumper to enter the vats. So how am i supposed to "suck it up and keep playing" ?

    • Jmonster


  • jackoneill

    ok first of all SOL its pretty bloody hard to keep saving when ur whole effin computer crashes and i know its not my computer cause every other game on my comp works fine ,and secondly ive put more than 40+ in fo3 for the 360 and ive barely had probs the thing is that there using the same engine from fo3 and should of had a lot of the probs fixed ,im not trying to cry about it but when i buy a game for 50 to 70$ i at least want it to be some what playable thats all ,and for Bethesda to say that the next update is in 2 weeks very unexceptionable

  • Dochooton

    I agree. Sounds Machiavellian to me: Who cares if consumers have to shell out 60 bucks for a subpar game. Halo Reach has no bugs, because they subjected it to rigorous testing BEFORE they released it. I refuse to spend money on this until the bugs are fixed.

    Who's responsible for Quality Control at Bethesda?

  • Desiree

    I have had nothing but issues after getting about 4 hours into the game…it constantly crashes and the glitches are horrendous.
    For example, at one point I was hitting the RT button to shoot and nothing was happening…I was getting my ass kicked because I was not able to shoot everything, once my partner killed them my character started shooting…but without me hitting the button, and then she would NOT STOP…UGH
    Why weren't these fixed before they released it. As a HUGE fallout fan I'm super dissapointed my experience is being hindered by these inexcusable glitches.

  • Chalupa Del Diablo

    I've had two hard resets so far, about 20 hours in. One was actually in the first house I walked into which wasn't a great first impression. Since then everything has been running smoothly. The freezing hasn't been a big deal, what annoys me is I have one broken quest because I happened to talk to a character out of order and now the quest won't continue. This is annoying and I hope it gets fix soon but I do give them credit for everything else in the game which has been great so far. There are so many variable possibilities of quests and factions that some issues were inevitable but I hope they get fixed soon. I haven't played this addicting a game in a while and hardcore mode is awesome its a crime it wasn't in Fallout 3 which was a cake walk by comparison.

  • dvsdjrs

    I agree with SOL… I bought the game release date, I have put some heavy hours (due to addicting gameplay) and I too just make some serious saves… YES it can be a little hastle, but at least your not losing the work you put in… YES the hard restart sucks, but xbox and ps3 are NOT super computers… They are only 2GB Ram machines….
    I have 1 solution for companion freezes when enter/exit buildings…. Dont just rush into the building or out… wait a few seconds and then enter/exit the door…. DO NOT BUTTON MASH, YOU WILL FREEZE MORE OFTEN….

    • guest

      obviously not all systems are crashing as often as others, i have just reset 3 times in 15 minutes— if thats not a good reason to flip out concerning a new game then i dont know what is.

  • SOL

    What a bunch of baby's, could you guys cry some more?

    Please learn to read before hand, it's Bethseda fault no Obvilion, the one made it, Betheseda sued them to get the game out quicker and basically rush it……it's obvious none of you played Fallout 3 because it was way buggier and no one made this big of a fuzz..next, I have logged more than 40+ hours on 360 and have only had to "hard reset" it twice, wow, the far cryies from people not being able to play it, suck it up, save often and just restart you console when it crashes, whopty do.

    • Thor

      well SOL, its actually not just crashes thats the problem, in my (and a few other people) game, we cannot progress after killing certain charcters and cant use scopes because a computer screen comes up. Though im sure such a "smart" guy like yourself could find a way to rewrite the programming or somthing, but for the rest of us whom cant stand bugs that cripple gameplay, we will cry as loud as we want until they release a patch

    • daveyblur

      to be fair SOL, we pay good hard cash for these games and for our consoles, all these pauses and hard resets arent healthy for your xbox or ps3, and i dont see why we should have to put up with it.

      I had fallout 3 worked fine, then traded it in. a year later i decided o get the goty edition, and the amount of freezes, glitches i had was unbeleaveable, radscorpions falling from the sky, uncompleteable quests due to crashes even some of the map i could see the mapping lines they used to designe the game.

      All this from a company we fund by buying the games, but in my view a game that should never be released in this condition, if it needed to be patched put the game back 2 weeks and have the patch ready on release day, infact i always said its too quick for a full sequal to fallout 3 and should have come out next year, all polished and working,

      So if u wanna suck it up and reset your console all the time feel free, but your just being a bethesda/obsidian beta tester who has to pay for the joys of constant annoyance,

      And im pretty sure u must have some issues yourself with it, otherwise you wouldnt have been reading this blog :p

    • The Internet

      *Luxe Casino Spoiler*

      Sir, please be familiar with the problems before you bash other people. I was doing exactly as you said, saving often and just hard resetting when necessary. It was bothersome but it was something that could be played through so I didn't really worry about it. Now, though, I'm in New Vegas and running through some of the quests there. The problem is that when I get to the point of discussing the missing man with Mortimer, as is required to continue the quest, the game was immediately dumping with a "disc is unreadable" error. It didn't matter which course of dialog I chose, as soon as I attempted to exit dialog it would dump every single time. I decided to go through the old "dump you cache and everything's peachy!" fix and you know what happened? Now if I attempt to enter dialog with Mortimer it immediately crashes. It's frustrating because before this started everything was working perfectly fine, I just happened to have killed the Chef and when the Head Waiter came in he was aggressive, which turned all of the people in the Casino into aggressors. I didn't want to go this route so I decided to revert back to an earlier save (see: save often rule that you state so proudly) and now I can't go forward with the quest in any way, shape, or form.

      Before anything is said the disc is in perfect condition. It was taken out of the case and put in my Xbox 360, where it has not moved from with exception of cleaning it one single time. The Xbox itself is roughly 2 months old and has zero issues playing any other games, which includes Fallout 3 with 4 expansions installed.

      Just because you personally aren't experiencing any issues doesn't mean that they don't exist. By following your logic ghonnaherpasyphilaids doesn't exist because you personally don't suffer from it/them.

      I'm not particularly upset with Bethesda as it really doesn't matter how much you QA a game there will be issues that slip by. Is this a little excessive? Yeah, but it doesn't change the fact that a game of this magnitude (see: huge coding) makes it borderline impossible to release it without any issues, especially if you add in the fact that it had to be released before the franchise itself fell into oblivion (zing!).



    • Mydas

      how in the fuck am i supposed to get over the game freezing when when I play to dominate, not just play. playing games is for pussies! I cant do certain missions without it freezing. wtf?

  • clubseal22

    I think we can fault them for a "quick" response, as these same problems appeared in a game they released two years. How about we don't fault them for a quick apology.

  • jackoneill

    i got it for pc and this is a joke it crashes almost everytime i go and get those plants for that broad ,this is such a fuking tease ,im very disappointed in Bethesda they had lots of time to fix this ,its really annoying to pay money on a game that barely works ,i love fallout series and nothing against it ,but bethesda EPIC FAIL take the time and get ur beta tester to stop puting there thumbs up there ass and fix it before the release geez

  • Guy

    It wouldn't kill them to spend a little capital on QA. It would make them money in the long run with a reputation for releasing polished product.

  • Fallout Boy

    im running the pc version and im very lucky not to have experienced any crashes as of yet (fingers crossed) but i have noticed huge frame rate drops around NPC's and i have had a few other minor bugs, for example there was an enemy NPC who was meant to be attacking me, but instead was just stood there motionless, and when i was trying to attack him, it was like he wasn't there, bullets would just go right through him.. even when using the v.a.t.s system (which still let me target the enemy in question) i also found another enemy half stuck into the floor, totally unable to move!

  • Meh

    ……And another thing. All those gaming websites and magazines that were reviewing the game. They clearly couldn't have played it to review it properly or else they would have reported the problems ages ago!

  • Meh

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bethesda are taking us for a ride. I have over 30 PS3 games on my shelf. The only ones that have trouble running on my console are Fallout 3 and Oblivion, both Bethesda games. I won't know if Fallout: New Vegas will work until the GOTY Edition is released. Even then I'll wait to buy it second-hand because I don't want to give such a shoddy excuse for a software company any of my money. Two words for you Bethesda – BETA TESTING!!!

  • connor

    PC has no problem xbox360 and ps3 dont have as good as graphix as i do PC THE BEST

    • Eli

      PC is for gamers without the ball to accept real challenge. By the way its graphiCs, theres no "X" douche.

  • Marcus Antonious

    Ive played it for about 12 hours now, no probs until the last coupla hours – now it seems to crash every time I move to a new area, or listen to the radio, or put the ambient music on. Generally I've found with earlierBethesda titles that cracked+hacked, illegally downloaded versions run flawlessly, while the standard Bethesda version catches up in 6 months or so. If a cracker can fix up these games within 24 hours of release, so that they run flawlessly, wtf is Bethesda DOING??

    Anyway.. might look for a cracked version now.

  • ace

    This is a joke for months now. All everyone has been saying about new vegas is "please just fix the bugs we dont want another buggy fallout" and what happens they do a microsoft and release an old engine "updated" *cough* without fixing the original friggin flaws. i love fallout 3 i got it on ps3 AND PC both crash constantly (PS3 only since i downloaded the DLC) it was a joke they didnt patch it then!!! now its outright ridiculas they havent fixed it in the new one. patch coming soon…haha yeah for the simple bugs like errors on downloads but the big universal annoys hell outta everyone bug thats been in this games engine since it was first programmed nope bet they leave that bug right were it is cause they obviously have no idea how to fix or they would have by now right?

    admit it betheda you made a game engine you dont know how to fix so rather than start a fresh you just left it and orayed some miricle would fix the engine!

    well guess what the programming fairy hasnt fixed it for you so its still crashing you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joey

    I am so glad someone else is having these problems, I was going to buy a new system just so I can play it. But fallout 3 was glitchy too, froze every now and again. Characters bending and shrinking. I just think they should deliver a game with no problems they had plenty of time to get it right the first time. Why they released an unfinished game both times ??? Fallout is a great game over all but they really should take it a little more serious on behalf of there customers and deliver a finished product.

  • Bryan

    My game only froze once all night last night but now it won't let me into the strip at all. It would earlier today with no problems but now when I try to enter the strip it brings up the loading screen, followed by an all-black screen and doesn't do anything. I hope this magic patch will fix everything wrong with the game, including this because I don't feel like spending another 12+ hours of hardcore mode to get where I am at now. it's ridiculous.

    • Thor

      Was it after you killed that mckafferty(I think thats how its spelled guy? thats what happened it me after I killed him out in front of gammorah

    • Eli

      I've got the exact same bug happening to me. Not only does it freeze on the black screen after the load but it corrupts my auto save.

    • Jenna

      Same thing has happened to me after kill mcafferty. Level 22 and i cant do anymore of the main story. I loved fallout3 and for all its freezing faults i'd have that over the problems with new vegas any day. I feel very much let down 🙁

    • Keith Hall

      Yeah, I got 50 hours in the stupid game and I cant get into the strip to do anything. I am very dissapointed. And I have to wait "a few weeks" to see if this patch fixes it? Thats bullshit!!!!

  • Zapp Brannigan

    Wow, some people have been having worse luck than I have I take it. I have only crashed two times since I have had it, but the crashes are troublesome none the less.

    • HabaNero3

      replying to Zapp Brannigan, I saw you comment and thought, hmm reply, my game is currently unplayable for 360, as so far i have had non stop crashes and bugs, and i felt that i could put up with that for now. however when i got to the


      strip, i told my two companions boone and rex to wait for me at the lucky 38, for a mission i wanted to do on my own, however, when I tried to re-enter the strip the 4th or 5th time in the entire game so far, it freezes instantly every single time, with my autosave corrupted, so i cannnot complete the current main missions in the game, as I am required to enter the strip.


      I have 2 choices, going back to playing BC2 online, or wondering around the wastes without any companions like old school. :/ I hope the patch fixes this, or my obsessive 36hours 17 minutes playing last week will have been wasted. And I REALLY like my fallout. This would be upsetting

    • Lushion

      You haven't gone far enough in the game then. The crashes really start to get bad midway through and continue for the rest of the game if you can get that far. (xbox 360)

  • AJC

    In a few weeks? I have this for PC and it's not even playable.


    When I get to the point to fight the gang harassing the small town of Goodsprings, the framerate take a dump from 60 down into the single digits. My PC ran Fallout 3 on Ultra settings with smooth frame rates, even Crysis for that matter, but the framerates are just choppy around NPCs. I don't want to imagine what the town of Freeside will be like let alone the Strip itself.

    I very much hope they release a patch sooner than a few weeks, or else, in my opinion, they should have released it later. I would have rather waited for it to release, than have it on my computer and waiting for a patch.

    • oswald

      thanks for the spoiler alert. no really though, i was about to read it and then went wow and averted my eyes. appreciated

  • KURT


    • Meh

      The Caps Lock key is just to the left of the 'A' on the keyboard Kurt.

    • rofl cakes

      caps lock

    • godsent67

      I have played for over 15 hours with no freezes, just bugs. And the frame rate issue of course. I have had the entire screen change colors. Go from bright colors to a tan like lens over everything. Cant mode my weathered 10mm. Arm glitches while holding weapon. Somtimes my hands wont hold anything. Crazy. I have both PS3 and 360. I have always really liked the box, since the first one. I like a few of the playstation exclusives (resistance, uncharted), but i love my box. That being said, i have never had any problems with either one of my box’s…

      • godsent67

        BTW.. I can’t put new vegas down. I love Fallout 3. As far as depth to the story and added gameplay (cooking, weapon mods, multiple places to call home) it is unbelievable. Looks like they are finally getting some things worked out. Started to put a little of the Elder Scrolls in with Fallout. We can do nothing but expect bugs and patches, however I do think they should have been a little more prepared than the HORRIBLE frame rate issue uppon release.

    • Kyle

      it will happen eventually >.<

  • mike

    they're really being retarded. it wasnt like it was hard to crash the game. play it for more than 10 minutes at a time and bam, crash.

  • EvilHellz

    its still a great game. im keeping it

  • Rob

    They should of had a day one patch because they new these problems were present upon release. To be honest I won't return it, all I want to do is play it but I'm finding that difficult when it freezes every hour or so.

  • jonny

    wil this be the case on the 22/10/10 release?

  • ShadowEXP

    Will people change there review scores because people moaned about bugs.

  • Joshua Savage

    exactly, new game like this should have been tested before close to let out, i guess the first buyers are the bug testers

  • Ninjaheman

    Although I'm obviously grateful for a patch fix, they are obligated to fix it I would think. Having said that, it is disappointing that they didn't have this issue fixed before release.

    • DantePheonix

      RIght on they really should have fixed this beforehand

    • Rich

      just shows how UNPROFESSIONAL they are. i paid 60 for the game and 10 for the addon (i think). they OWE me a fix and quicker than they are putting the patches out. even with the oct one or whatever, my game frickin crashes on black.

      once again, i wish these guys would get their asses kicked for this crap. they deserve it.

  • clark3783

    The New Vegas DLC will come to PS3 just like Fallout 3. Why? Well, for one, lots of ticked off gamers. And two: because it would mean more money for them. It seems like they release on 360 first as sort of a beta test. See what's wrong with it, then polish it up for PS3. The creator of PS3 said that the hardware is such that it makes it harder for developers to program games for it. So crappy games can't be slapped on a disc and sold. Its worked so far: littlebigplanet, killzone 2, god of war 3, killzone 3, resistance 1,2,3, littlebigplanet 2, infamous, infamous 2, MAG. All exclusive. What 360 exclusives are there . . . . halo, gears, fable . .. . . . . .. .

    • Sean

      Oh please, give us a break with that PS3 crap … I have a 360 and PS3 and there is virutally no difference aside from the exclusives. And by the way, lots of exclusives for the 360 and I might say better ones than the clones for the PS3 you listed.

      • Randall

        Where? I have both and all my 360 seems to do is gather dust.

        I can't see any exclusive worth bothering with on 360 until Gears 3 which is more than a year away, and in the same time frame there's around a dozen PS3 exclusives I'll be buying, and that's not even including the updated version of the 360's single best game, Mass Effect 2.

        So much for 360 being better for games anymore. Still, at least there's Kinect, eh? 😀

        • Hulo

          Someone needs beaten with there PS3 so they can see the light.

          If you honestly believe Mass Effect 2 will be any different than a crappy port, well then enjoy…

          Exculsives for PS3? I have both, and what exclusives are there, hmmm…Killzone 3 and GT5? Hmm, well now….where's Mass Effect 1 for PS3, cha cha. Oh and lets not forget GT5 is delayed again now, and many other games are to, let's jailbreak the PS3 even more and keep delaying games, the never ending cycle for PS3, they will never release there game if it keeps getting Jailbroken 😛

          Just learn to get over your PS3 fanboy attitudes and belive both systems are great….the day of exclusives are over, er, well maybe after Metal Gear comes to 360 only, score…

        • clark3783

          PS3 dominates. Add me on the PSN. ID is same as here. ——– Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog said that they would be incapable of even making Uncharted 2 and inFamous 2 if they had to go multiplatform. Plain and simple. PS3 has way more expansive games. And if you bring up the point that 360 has more consoles sold than PS3, keep in mind . . .. it came out a year before PS3. They knew PS3's release date, then they took some things out of the 360 and replaced parts with cheaper parts and released 1 year early. Results? 54.2% failure rate. ONE YEAR earlier and they only have about 5-7 million more consoles sold. One more thing: Microsoft has been known to buy their own products to up sales numbers.

        • Alpha_Wolfgang

          my 360 crapped out on me. i dont care about the ridiculous exclusives and the fanboy war going on, but all i do know is that i spent $400 and all i got was 2 years of retarded kids screaming over a headset and 2 red rings of death…. fun. i should have spent that money on a computer instead. computers trump systems in many ways, i just wish someone would make a quality system with high customization options. a console pc…. hmmm…

    • jb0440

      Randall, ever hear of halo? lol

    • Jack

      Not even close. Content isn't released first on the 360 as a beta test to improve the PS3 version, but rather because Microsoft pays for content to be released on the 360 ahead of the PS3 as an incentive for people to buy the 360 version, as was the case with the GTA IV DLC and the Fallout 3 DLC, and now the Fallout New Vegas DLC. I'm not flaming or taking the side of either of the two consoles, just setting the facts straight.

    • Who?


    • AllOut209

      Everyone has their own opinions and such… no one is right!

    • Jacobi

      ps3 fanboy alert, i dont get you people, does it make you feel warm inside trying to tell everyone your console is better, stop being a moaner just because the 360 gets dlc before ps3, this isnt even about dlc why are you even talking about it. TIP – dont put that in the back of your ps3 yo could get stuck.

    • thisguy

      Sony shill!!!!