Call of Duty Black Ops: Minimum PC Specs – Too High for You?

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2010

We have important news for those of you planning to pick up the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops, as a full list of the minimum system requirements has been revealed, ensuring that PC gamers have a full heads-up before they commit to a purchase.

As reported from Eurogamer, the list has been provided by reputable online retailer Direct2Drive, which means that the specs are technically still to be officially confirmed by Treyarch.

If you read the list, you’ll see that you’ll need at least a Intel Core2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 in order to run the game, which may prove to be too high for the average PC user.

Other key requirements include a HDD space of 12GB and at least a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT or ATI Radeon X1950Pro video card or better. The directx requirement is set as version 9, not 10 – so that is one thing you’ll be glad about. What are your thoughts on the specs though – can your system run it?

We’re guessing that the specs won’t be a problem for the hardcore gamer, but if you think you’ll struggle to compete with the minimum specs, perhaps a console version will probably be the better option for you.

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  • Emre-milan

    Can i run it?
    Windows 7Intel Core i3 2 cores
    4 Gb ram

    • Emre-milan

      Can i run it?
      Windows 7Intel Core i3 2 cores
      4 Gb ram
      DirectX11Nvidia GT 425M Cuda 1GB

  • window 7
    intel 2 core duo e6600
    intel gma x4500 graphics 
    1024mb ddr

  • houssem

    can someone tel me if my intel pentiumD 3.0GHz can run call of duty black ops

  • Jp-Metal!

    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    Motherboard: 945GCT-M (1xPCEx16, 1xPCEx1, 2xPCI)
    2gb RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 9500gt

    Will it run?

  • Min

    Hi can i run this game too?

    My computer specs are as follows:

    – Intel core 2 duo E440 @2000mhz
    – 2GB RAM
    – Nvidia GeForce GT 430 @ 1.5GB texture memory

  • houssem

    ATI RADEONHD Graphics (Shared) 4300/4500 1GB
    win XP
    3GB DE RAM


    Can i play black ops with this:

    Intel core 2 duo 2.3 ghz
    Gigabyte Geforce 8600

  • jeesus

    can i run black ops with my amiga 1200?

  • filipzivkovic

    can i run this game at this configuracion????
    amd atlhlon x2 215
    procesor 2.71 Ghz 2gb ram
    1GB graphics cars ????
    answer me plsss!! 😀

    • Jamie

      I'd guess it would play, but perhaps minimum settings :S

  • Kavin

    hi guys will i be able torun black ops good?

    processor: intel i7 quad core

    graphics card: nvidia geforce 310M

    4 gb. ram

    640 gb. hard drive

    • Jamie

      Should be fine, but the graphics card may not be able to cope too well with the higher settings and resolutions

  • Carl

    does cod black ops work in this system
    2GB RAM
    9500GT 512MB display card
    320GB hard disk
    intel Pentium D 3.2Ghz
    does it work

  • Carl

    does cod black ops work in this system
    2GB RAM
    9500GT Nvidia
    inter Pentium D 3.2Ghz
    320GB HDD

  • Mark

    My Specs are: Motherboard – ASUS P5G41T-M-LX G41 / Video Card Inno3D GTX580 ddr5 / Intel Core2 QUAD Q8400 2.66 / PQI Elixir 4GB per Slot x2 (8GB in total) / SAMSUNG 24X SH-B123L Blue Ray Combo Drive / HDD 2 Terabyte SEAGATE Free Agent 3.5 / WINDOWS 7 PRO OEM …
    Im sure it'll work..

  • Behzad

    I m running black ops at my pentium 4.. Lolx.. With 3.4 ghz ht procesr. 1 gm ram and 8400 gs graphic card.. Its bit slow but still i can play it and now i am about to end.. It needs only 8gb hard disk..

  • Nic

    i have a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz, 4 GB ram, Windows 7 64-bit, Nvidia GeForce 9800m GTS 1gb video card. will i be able to run and play CoD:BO on it?

  • Maddman310

    Please help!!! Will the Black Ops Game work on My 17" Mac Book Pro while in Bootcamp on the XP Pro operating system with these Specifications?
    Intel(R)Core(TM)Duo CPU
    T7800 @ 2.60GHZ.2
    2.59GHz, 2.98 GB of RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
    Please tell me if it will work?

  • fujitsu

    # Intel® Core™ i5-460M Processor (2.53GHz, 3MB L3 cache, 1066MHz FSB) up to 2.8 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology
    # ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 550v with 1GB dedicated graphics memory
    # 4 GB DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM memory (2 GB + 2 GB)
    can i play blackops or one of the most requirement of other games as well?
    thanks 🙂

  • alan

    Can a 2G RAm with GeForce Go 7700 support this game?

  • JDW

    Just to let you guys know that my PC runs COD Black Ops fine, even though it is far bellow the minimum specs. It only lags at the intense fights and crashed once, but I think Microsoft updates was behind the crash. Here is my the specs of my PC that can run COD Black Ops –

    CPU- AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000

    GPU- ATI Radeon X1650 512MB

    RAM- 2GB

    OS- Windows 7

    It works well on automatic settings (minimum I guess) only lags at a few parts of the game, but works well though 95% of it. I hope this helps you guys with lower spec comps like me =0)

  • dan

    Hi. I just got a dell inspiron 23 all in one

    I5 450m



    1gig ati radeon 5750 hd

    My gf just got me the game don’t wantto open if it won’t work

    Thanks dan

  • Sunil kakade

    I HAV A AMD Phenom 9650 PROCESSOR 4 GB OF RAM,ATI 4350 GRAPHIC CARD AN A 500GB SATA HARDRIVE ..will dat be able to run dis game?? please let me know

    • lewis

      should do but your graphics card might struggle so i would recommend playing at a low resolution and low settings to ensure a smooth gaming experience.


    Can i run this smooth and max settings ?
    intel pentium D 3.00GHz
    ram 3GB
    graphique GE FORCE 7300 512MB

    • lewis

      no chance in hell i think you'll be lucky to play on minimum settings

  • john


  • jon doe

    Everyone dont be cheap and buy a real lap or desktop to play the latest games 😛

  • HenrytheMan

    Hello All,

    I have an Acer 5920G with the following specs:

    Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 2.1Ghz

    3GB DDR2 Ram

    512MB nVidia Geforce 8600M GT (mobile version DDR2, NOT DDR3!!)

    I have been able to run crysis on all low settings at 1024 X 768 at 24 fps and i found it acceptable. I am not a frequent gamer as i have been borrowing games from friends to play. (Last game i actually owned was Universe at War) I generally play at low settings anyway, i really don’t care too much about quality.

    My question is, will black ops run smoothly (as in 25 fps) with everything on low and probably 1024 X 768? I’m not ready to buy a new laptop just yet.

    Thank you in advance!


  • Matt

    AMD Phenom X4 @ 3.2Ghz ( Aftermarket Cooler )
    8GB DDR3 ( 1600Mh )
    EVGA GTX460 1GB
    700 GB HDD
    22" Widescreen LG
    Win 7 64bit.

    Can i run this smooth and max settings ?

  • Fiona

    I am looking at buying a laptop for my son who currently plays black ops on my laptop. The one I am looking at has these specs…
    AMD V140 2.3ghz CPU
    2 GB RAM
    320 GB HDD
    Win 7 Home Premium
    ATI 4250 HD Graphics (Shared)

    Any ideas as to whether it will play or can be played in a lower res etc?

    • kug

      Sorry, nope.

  • Consoles are garbage

    My system meets all of the requirements for Black Ops except for the processor. Will a duo 2.13 ghz processor do the job? Really want to know, other than that I have a 9800 GTX+ and 3 gb of ram

  • Consoles are garbage

    My system meets all of the requirements for Black Ops except for the processor. Will a duo 2.13 ghz processor do the job? Really want to know, other than that I have a
    9800 gtx+
    3 GB of ram

    Thanks in advance.

    • Raz

      Yes, with those specs you will be able to run the game fine.
      Only need a pc/laptop with 2 processors 2ghz+, 2-3gb ram and a 256-512mb gfx card.
      It just depends on what resolution you want to play the game.

  • brandon

    I HAV A DUAL CORE PROCESSOR 2GB OF RAM,ATI 5830 GRAPHIC CARD AN A 500GB SATA HARDRIVE ..will dat be able to run dis game?? please let me know

  • Can You Run It?

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  • Can You Run It?

    For those who are wanting to know if your Desktop/Laptop can handle the minimum specs of a game try this website: It will install a browser plugin and read your PC specs to compare to the game of your choice that you have selected in the drop down menu (or you can manually type in the game name). Hope it helps

  • Rob griffiths

    my pc has AMD athlon (64)x2 dual core processor 3800+ will it run?

  • Gamedude

    I am able to play mw2, and im wondering if i can play black ops on minimun. i have an Acer aspire 5920g.

    it has:
    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz
    4,00 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600m GS 256MB

    • Edje

      I have the same notebook. Does your notebook run the game? Or still no answer?

  • Even

    My Black Ops does not run.
    Is my pc to small?
    Dell Inspiron 1720

    Speed 2194 mhz
    2 logical processors
    2 physical processors

    Windows vista 32 bit
    Directx driver: nvd3dum.dll
    Directz driver versjon.

    DirectX Card: NBvidia GeForce 8600M GT

    Primary Bus: PCI Express 16x
    Primary VRAM: 256

    RAM: 3581 Mb

  • Gamer


  • KYZR2

    Does anyone know how the ATI Radeon X1900 XT compares in bench mark ratings to other cards?

  • Hullonotna

    I have a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 2.20GHz. The rest of my specs can handle the game but I am worried that because I have only 2.20 GHz I might not be able to run the game. Do I have any chance to run this game at any settings ? Please help.

  • super we

    can my pc run Black Ops GeForce GTX 460 OC 1024MB GDDR5 Phenom X4

    • justin wu

      well yea! u can on max setting with your native resolution.

  • Troy

    can you check my computer specs and see if i can play the game? Also, what settings could i push it to?

    Intel(R)Core(TM)2 CPU @2.13GHZ.

    nvidia GeForce 8600GTS 256MB GDDR3

    2GB of RAM

    1680*1050 screen resolution

  • Troy

    Can I run Black Ops with this computer? If I can, what settings would I be able to play on?

    nvidia 8600GTS 256MB
    2GB Ram DDR2
    1680×1050 resolution

    • justin wu

      yea but u need to put no specal effect but only high texture by the way what resolution are u going to put on?

  • Ray

    and this configuration ?

    ASUS K50IE-SX170V
    Intel C2D T6500 2.1GHz DC, 2 + 1GB DDR3, 320 (5400), DVDRW, 15.6" 1366×768 l NVidia G310M 512MB


  • Chris

    can a Dell 15.6" Notebook with 6GB RAM, 640GB HD, Core i5-460M with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 550v

    • Raz

      Yes, you should be able to play this game without any problems.

      I'm running it smoothly on my Dell Studio 15 – 15.6" with 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD and 512mb ATI gfx card.

  • Deryck

    Laptop: Gateway NV5909H
    Processor: Intel Core i3 330M 2.13 GHZ
    GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 1GB
    RAM: 4 GB
    HDD: 640 GB
    Display: 15.6 inch, 16:9, 1366×768 max resolution

    Can I run this game?

    • None of ur business


    • Raz

      No one ever replies with enough detail.
      You can run this game with those specs. 1GB gfx card is high, 4gb ram is more than enough to play this game as minimum is 1.5, and for the resolution you would be able to play it fine with 1024×768, might lag a bit with 1366×768 but give it a go. Also a good idea would be to update ATI mobility drivers to the latest.

  • callum

    I have a Mediion Akoya, not the best computer ever but it still is ok. It can run COD 4 pretty well on the highest settings but im not sure if i can play Black Ops. These are my tech specs: Processor: Intel Core i3 330M
    Graphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Graphics Will this be good enough or will a better card be needed????????????
    Display: 15.6 inch, 16:9, 1366×768 pixels, glossy: yes

    If someone could reply asap that would be good 🙂

    • acridindirty

      The intel graphics media accelerator is ok but you really need a dedicated graphics card to run the game well like an ATI or Nvidia graphics card. It might work on low settings tho so worth giving it a go.

    • justin wu

      well u can but on a low to normal settings, by the way how did u get cod 4 running on max setting?

  • Mitch

    Can someone tell me if I can run black ops?
    I can play MW2 fine and the highest setting's and I can play World at war on the highest settings.

    My labtop is a XPS M1530 The processor is a Intel Core 2 Dou CPU, T9300 2.50 GHz, 4 GB of ram, My graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT.

    Will I be able to run call of duty black ops?

    Thanks for your time hope quick responce. 🙂

    • r3duxzanarkand

      yes, i have the same laptop. and you can play on 1440×900 with max settings, VSync OFF, but, the game lag sometimes, if you play 800×600, the game moves great

    • D-Struct

      Try it with 'can you run it' —> Give this in in google, find cod bo and run it. The program will tell you if you can run it

    • raja

      better to saleo ff your laptop if you want to play latest games….lolll

  • Khaled

    I have a Nvidea 8500GT, and they say that the min is 8600GT, does this mean it wouldnt work or that it will have a hard time ? as if i have to lower resolution and so ?

    • D-Struct

      Try the program 'can you run it', find cod bo and it will tell you if you can run the game on your pc

  • Jeroen

    Can someone tell me if my HP laptop's nvidea GeForce 9200M GS can pull this off?

    • Stephen

      It can pull it off for sure but one thing i could forsee is when there are alot of graphics to load you may have a short term FPS drop but u should be good to go

  • warbewarsl

    i think its just right the good thing about owning a pc is that you can thrash the granny off those shitty consoles with the 512 graphics cards. Why make a PC game if its not going to be better than the console version.

    • wan

      1 word.Business.

  • im not a hardcore gamer but im pretty sure my stock samsung laptop can handle that game. its running with an i5 processor and has a nividia geoforce graphics card. it has more HDD space then you could dream of…… LESS THAN 3 WEEKS TO GO!!