BlackBerry Storm 3: Verizon Release Date Update – It’s Real

By Alan Ng - Oct 20, 2010

We haven’t really had any conclusive evidence that the rumored BlackBerry Storm 3 handset is real, until now that is. A recent inventory screenshot has just confirmed that the handset is genuine and will be coming to Verizon Wireless soon.

As reported from BGR, the handset has just appeared in a Cellbrite inventory listing. If you didn’t know, this is the internal system which Verizon employees use to transfer information amongst each other. Cellbrite was also the tool which unveiled the mystery surrounding the Droid Incredible all those months ago.

As for the new screenshot though, you can clearly see that BlackBerry Storm 3 is listed underneath the 1st and 2nd generation Storm handsets, and a release is now likely to follow before the end of the year.

Will the form factor be the same as the previous Storms, or will RIM decide to give the Storm 3 a facelift? It would be awesome if it came with their new BlackBerry Tablet OS – that would really get me interested.

Let us know your thoughts on this. How many of you are holding on for a Storm 3 announcement?

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  • Mami56

    I love my Storm 2 and just pre-ordered the new Play Book…I want the Stprm 3 yesterday. I DON'T like Droid at all!

  • paul

    Anyone whose interested in getting the storm 3 on Verizon should email verizon customer support.

  • Jesse d

    I have storm 1 and will get which ever comes out first, iphone 5 or storm 3. Tired of waiting, left sprint for having to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i really hope this comes out by next month…cuz if it does i'm def getting it, but if not, iphone here i come…i like my storm 9530 most of the time, but it's two years old now so i want something new

  • victor daniels

    just hope this storm 3 one can have the iphone's instant facebook messaging feature and the other instant messaging feature as well or else it still will suck to me…hoping for the best

  • Phanteraz

    Everybody cries about storm 1, those people lack the patience to understand it. If storm3 is still a touch screen, & outperforms iphone 4, show me where to sign!

  • Lorin

    Everybody cries about storm 1, I love mine. And if 3 is a touch & outperforms iphone4 , show me where to sign.

  • Melissa

    I hope that the Blackberry storm3 is simular to the Blackberry Torch…if not i'm switch'n carries…
    It's seem to be an awesome phone…check it out

  • r6streetrider

    I'm very happy with my current Storm 2. I love the surepress and suretype features. It has just enough media capabilities for my needs. I own a business, so email and calendar features need to be good. And I happy to say, it shines in these areas.

  • nattyranks

    i have the storm 1 and i'd love to know!!!!!! hurry up already RIM

  • Eduardo

    I am very anxious about the Storm3. I've had the Storm2 for one year and I love it. I'm up for an upgrade and whereas I could betray RIM and go to a Droid or I could betray Verizon altogether and go for the Torch, I am waiting and waiting to hear anything concrete about the Storm3. With the Droid I don't get Global Services through Verizon, and the Torch is AT&T, which is a no-no. So, does anybody know WHEN the Storm 3 will be FINALLY released???

  • junno

    I got faith in RIM & I still have storm one its not the best but I still love it. To me storm 1 was like a prototype touch screen for RIM & with the smart phone industry heating up I’m expecting storm 3 to be the best when it drops, it should be the best crack berry phone to drop. Us loyal customers just gotta keep the faith that it has all the perks we need mainly that new OS for the tablet with all the other specs. PLEASE RIM don’t fail your loyal customers otherwise i’ll be forced to be unfaithful & cheat with some other company!!!

  • Mary

    Yeah. I need this to be really quick because my Storm 1 just bricked on me….

  • Storm3 Fan

    Can't wait for the Storm 3! If it's going to be released this year, it will definitely have OS6. There is no way the QNX platform is 100% baked yet – otherwise they would have released the Playbook by now…

  • Steve

    I sold my Storm for almost what I paid for the Storm 2, so I forgave them. I love my Storm 2 and would really like to see what they do with 3.

  • cincy

    I deal with hundreds of emails per day and my old 8330 seemed outdated and clunky. i swithced to the droid x and it was terrible. didn't push my emails in a timely manner and sometimese it didn't push them at all and I would have to open my mailbox to see if any came in. it was a disaster and i went back to my bberry. bberry is the email king, bar none. i just wish their device choices with verizon were better. the reality is the droid phones are slick, option rich, and the swype technology was fantastic. RIM needs to adopt some of these features

    • T.wade

      i feel you on that…i had the Bberry Tour for Verizon and i left VZW to go to sprint and got the Evo. neatless to say i was disappointed at Sprint service and went back to my tour on VZW. I am sooo hoping they come out with the Storm 3 ( with sure press). I would be the first one to get it.

  • Charles

    I hope RIM has seen the tides changing when it comes to smart phones. The most successful ones have focussed on making their product more of a must-need, media center versus a business tool like the smart phones of old. This paradigm change has made the smart phone a tool for the masses and not just a tool for the executive types, which has broadened the market tremendously. Larger screens, higher resolution, better cameras, faster processors…. With the Droid X out, RIM had better step up their game on this next model or they'll lose more market share than they already have.

  • Marion

    I would love to see a very new and very improved Storm 3 particularly if it has "tablet" capabilitites. I am suffering with the original Storm (a truely horrible device) for the time being anxiously awaiting a new device.

  • faye

    I'll be the happiest person on earth if that happens. Amidst the rumors that it was canned, I still didn't lose hope and didn't get an alternative phone. I stil have the 9530 and waiting for 3

  • hot_rod

    I have forgiven RIM for the anguish of owning the original storm…. The storm 2 has much improvement. If storm 3 is anything like the amazing torch, then i am a happy camper! keeping the faith!!

  • Avonlea

    I don't think people are ready to forgive RIM for the original Storm unless the OS on this one is amazing… and I'm so friggin' excited I really hope it is amazing!

    It's got sure press right? It's allllll about the sure press.