Back To The Mac Event: Release or Unveiling?

With just over 2 hours to go until the Back to the Mac event, Steve Jobs will be waiting behind the scenes in his jeans and black sweater while going over his notes. He knows what he will be saying and so do a few others from Apple, but all we can do is speculate.

We have certainly made a few speculations ourselves, and we even think that we have spec details for the new 11.6-iinch MacBook Air. So by now you would have read some of the products that Steve could talk about during his keynote, we just wonder if it will just be an unveiling or a release?

The easy way to find out is by visiting the Apple Store, I have done so a few times today, and I can tell you that the store is still up. However, we would not expect the store to go down until just before, during or after the Back to the Mac event.

For those who believe that Steve will announce details on the Verizon iPhone or even the white version, then forget it. I am sorry to ruin your hopes of an announcement, but today is all about the Mac.

What do you think Steve will unveil during his keynote?



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