Apple Store Down: iPad 2, White / Verizon iPhone or New MacBook Air

By Jamie Pert - Oct 20, 2010

If you head over to and check out their store you will see that it is currently down with a sign saying “we’ll be back soon”, which usually means that they are in the process of adding new products to their list of offerings.

Apple love keeping their launched secretive, however over the last few days we have seen a lot of information regarding a new Apple MacBook Air, we have already seen a photo which is rumored to be this device along with a spec listing and rumored battery life, therefore we pretty much guarantee that a MacBook Air refresh will show up soon, but what else could they add?

The only three devices that come to mind are the Apple iPad 2, white iPhone 4 and the Verizon iPhone, yesterday Steve Jobs had a lot to say about Android and the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab form-factor, therefore he could have been criticizing this platform and tablet to prepare the market for a new Apple iPad, especially as the Galaxy Tab hits Verizon on November 11th.

When Apple revealed the iPhone 4 in June they assured us that the white model would become available pretty soon, however there has been a long list of delays, perhaps Apple will launch the white iPhone 4 today.

We could not write a whole Apple hardware speculation article without mentioning the Verizon iPhone 4, to be honest I very much doubt that a Verizon iPhone will be revealed today, however I am sure it would be popular news if they did.

What do you expect to see when the Apple store re-opens?

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  • I think that the iPad's days might be numbered. The MacBook Air is a touchscreen and a swivel hinge away from making it obsolete.
    Here is an article that describes how the MacBook Air will Replace the iPad by the next generation of the device.

  • J T

    Realy??? You Didn't hear about the 'Back to Mac' event… How did an apple fanboy like you not here about this??? My company is a microsoft partner, & I knew about it!!!

  • Anyone who seriously thought the Verizon iPhone (which is still a rumor) or the White iPhone 4 would be mentioned today is an idiot as are all the wannabe news websites hinting that it would be mentioned today. ____"Back to the Mac" has always been about Macs you effing ingrates.

  • iknoweverything

    everyone knew it was the macbook air except the author, well informed? I doubt it! For a reason the conference held was called back to the mac, you don't need to be an engineer to guess what was coming. Just for the future and to avoid such stupid articles. White iPhone is coming on december around christmas, Ipad 2 which I seriously doubt is going to hold that name is coming on the Q1 2010 and the verizon iPhone should be coming in the next couple of months.

    • iknowmorethanyou

      Q1 of 2010 huh? Good call….I'll hold my breath. (lots of sarcasm) Before you flame, make sure you got your own "facts" right.

      • iknownothing

        Ha ha, love it!

  • Leila

    i want them to release the new ipad!!

  • sonali


    • izzy

      no news about the white Iphone I'm afraid 🙁