4G Wimax LA and NYC: Clearwire Coverage Extending

By Peter Chubb - Oct 20, 2010

Sprint are doing all they can to offer greater 4G coverage for owners of the Samsung Epic and HTC EVO, so have announced that Clearwire will extend to New York (NYC), Los Angeles (LA) and San Francisco on November 1, December 1 and the end of December respectively.

We cannot understand why Clearwire and Sprint have made these areas wait so long, as this is where a host of wealthy people live and spend huge amounts of money on the latest tech. However, according to an article on Reuters, these areas are seen to be a tough market to break as they have high demand on carrier’s networks.

As more 4G devices come to the market Clearwire and Sprint will face the same issues that AT&T has suffered with its 3G coverage. However, with continued investment they hope to be able to offer a greater service in the hope of gaining an edge of their rivals.

Although Sprint is just the fourth largest carrier in the U.S, it is well ahead with 4G technology than the likes of AT&T. However, Verizon is pushing ahead with its program, with 38 cities being connected to their LTE service by the end of the year. Do you think that Sprint and Clearwire will be able to stay ahead of AT&T with 4G coverage?

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  • Ray

    Clearwire launch a campaign in NYC since the end of October. I have tried the 4G/3G hotspot device. I used the device along the east cost from NYC to North Carolina. Some areas were 4g as was not available, 3g kicked-in. The little hotspot allows for 5 devices to connect. I streams almost 7 hours of youtube. The baterry of the device last for about 4~5 hours depending on connected user and signal strength. I had my ipad and macbook connected at all times. The little hotspot get really hot if used for more than 2 hours. Do not leave it in close compartments. For earlier adopters Clearwire offered a $35 dollars cupon with two months for $35 dollars. Overall, this is a great technology and it is very fast when connected to the 4G network.

  • Pearl

    4G has been live in SF for a couple months now. Last week I locked onto a 4G signal in Oakland and SFO as well. While they are obviously still in the "peak & tweak" stage when it's on it's mind blowing fast! I opened Google Earth on my EVO at Moscone Center and when I zoomed in on my location, there was NO delay in focus. Why can't my home PC do that??!!