PS3 Netflix: User Reviews after No-Disc Update

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2010

We have some good news to report now, as PS3 owners will now be able to benefit from a Netflix ‘disc-free’ experience, the next time they boot up the service. The update is now rolling out to users in the US.

For those of you who are way ahead of us and are currently enjoying the new disc-free option, what are your thoughts on the service? Is everything working fine without a disc or have you noticed some problems?

As Engadget points out here, the discs that are now not-needed will continue to work, but only for another month before they are completely killed off.

PS3 users have had to wait a while to enjoy Netflix without a disc, so we’re sure theres a lot of satisfied consumers users out there, particularly those who opted for the PS3 as the primary entertainment source in the living room.

If you have already installed the disc-free update, let us know your initial thoughts on it.

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  • Ricardo

    Netflix works great on my ps3 , I have an htc evo 4g phone with has a wreless hotspot integrated so i dont need to have internet service at home to use my psy/netflix . so far so good.

  • Grimlock

    No issues whatsoever. Gripe to Netflix not Sony dweeb. 3.60 update and all's still good.

  • kenn3898

    Like most of you, when I am home looking to relax, I want to sit on my couch, controller in hand, and simply enjoy my favorite programs on my HDTV. What I dont want to be doing is fidgeting around with my computer, or be hunched over a small screen.

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    It explains in three simple steps how to lose the bill but keep your shows, TV, and HD

  • Marccelo

    I have updated to PS3 v3.56 and netflix didnt work anymore

    Trying to call Customer service, PHONE IS OCCUPIED ALL THE TIME !!!!

    This sucks!

  • Susan

    It's been 28 days and I continue getting error message "We're unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later." How much later do I have to wait???????? This really sucks!

  • Lienne

    I got the disc free netflix on my PS3 yesterday and now my PS3 won't work, when I try to turn it on the screen is black. I'm not the tech savvy type, but is this because of netflix or an unrelated coincidence? Either way, I'm heartbroken!

  • Lee

    they dont have any good movies at all. the ones they have are ones that I have never even heard of.

  • mike

    this product sucks –

  • jon

    I have lost all faith in Sony – never again will I buy anything sony related. this is such a piece of crap. then the reps try and tell you its your equipment. (router) bull shit. how about testing a fn product before you roll it out over priced and under tested.

  • guest

    Have yet to get a movie to play with the disc-less update. Going on two weeks with no netflix, unless you count the "unable to connect" error.
    They need to get a fix for this.
    I am the same as the others: playstation storee works, ps3 internet browser works, but netflix sucks.

  • ps3duuude3

    In my opinion, web browsing with the PS3 is lousy. It's it's own brand of browser, so no support for many things….many videos won't play, etc. My wife uses it some, but I don't have the patience for it. It was one reason we bought it since Sony tech support acted like it was great for this when I talked to them.

  • IsThisFixed?

    I was thinking about trading in my XBox slim for a PS3 slim so that I can browse the net directly on my TV, but I am a Net Flix user. Is this still a problem?

    I have 2 months to trade in my XBox (thanks to Sam's Club's refund policy) Should I wait it out? And is the added convenience of browsing the internet worth the risk of losing my Net Flix?

  • ps3dudeeeee

    Buggy!!! Shortly after the update, got message in Netflix that I must register to Sony Network. I'd already done it previously, so logged into Sony's website, and surprise, no device is registered ! I re-added it, and Netflix is fine, UNLESS my kids logon to PS3 under their account, then they get the same message, and then the Netflix screen freezes with the flashing progress bar. I have to force the ps3 off. If I login again with MY account, it works fine. What a piece of crap upgrade, they must not have tested this very well. Has no one else experienced this or just me?? It always worked fine with the disc!

  • Guy

    I have yet to see it work yet actualy… But I’m a new netflix user…

  • E!!

    Just looking on the IGN messageboard about this… cos my ps3 netflix has been "unable to connect" since about 5 hours ago as well… someone mentioned C.O.D.: Black Ops taking up all the freaking bandwidth. So yeah, it all makes sense now.

  • Adam

    I have been using the the software for the past 3 weeks and no problems, now tonight it says "Unable to connect to Netflix. Please try again later." I have been trying for a while now and still nothing. Adjusted the date and time like some people said, but still not working. Really frustrating. When i go to the Netflix site it says it is working properly and to contact PS3 support? WTF.

  • Bubba

    I just tried to load the new software and go discless. I got the "unable to connect to netflix" Because I have no patience with these kind of glitches I'm now going over to the netflix site and cancel my account. Later netflix. Try a little harder. Maybe you should have spent all those profits on better support. I can't even get them by phone.

  • Brandon M

    Ya, this is really pissing me off, I'm one of the lucky ones that has not had a single issue with the conversion. i got the notice a couple weeks ago about the discless upgrade, i installed it immediately, with no problems. I've watched netflix every night since (don't judge me LOL) Now, tonight, all of a sudden I get "We're unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later." then it says a "100" in the bottom right corner of the pop up. What really PISSES me off is that I'm not sure who to be pissed off at.

  • Jeff G

    I'm having the same problem.

    I saw elsewhere on the net that it might be a time setting, so I played with that. No dice.

    I redid my network connection set up. No luck.

    I use my Roku device upstairs all the time and it works perfectly. I'm using a wireless laptop in the same room as my PS3 and THAT works perfectly.

    Sorry, it's Netflix on the PS3, no matter what they may try to convince you otherwise. A tremendous disappointment.

  • zippyboo

    Same problem here. Quite frustrating. Getting the "We're unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later. (200,302,201,300,102). I'm considering canceling the subscription for a few months until they get the bugs worked out.

  • Adam

    This is quite crappy, was working perfectly fine before the diskless "upgrade". Now, i keep getting the "unable to connect to netflix 9 out of 10 times and once it starts to work, it works fine".

    Is there any way we can go back to using the disk?

  • Scott from MN

    I called Netflix last night and after 45 minutes on being on hold so they can talk to their PS3 specialist, they said it is my cable modem! I stated that I can stream online using my PC and they said it is not their problem. What the heck! They need to support their own product. I went through on the trouble shooting of resetting, testing the PS3, bypassing the router, and other factors and still no resolution. I even asked about ports to their streaming servers and they would not give it out! I belive that this is a PS3 issue with the App and the network settings assigned to it. Also, getting 18 Megs down and 900k up so we know the bandwidth is not an issue. Anyone who had the issue of retrieving and now resolved? Let us know so we can share it!

  • Maggie

    So far this update is really bad. Every 5 seconds the “retrieving” screen comes up and then it takes forever to reload. Often, it never even does reload and I have to turn off my system entirely. This is really glitchy!

  • Chris

    Keeps stopping and retrieving every 3 minutes. A piece of junk. It’s the PS3. It works on my iPhone and iMac, but not the PS3.

  • bdotson

    absolute garbage – watching LOST season 5 (as Netflix literally LOST the rest of LOST streaming!) and after three good experiences, it started "retrieving" and now won't even pull up the first frames! Netflix better watch out our Google or Apple is going to take over their biz yet!

  • Adam

    I have a European ps3, and now I can't play movies after the update.

  • j.b.

    it's trash…… just freezes…….haven't been able to watch a movie since they got rid of the disc!!!!!

  • Saf

    It won't play on my PS3 that I bought in Europe even though I am IN the US now. The disc played just fine but now it says it is region blocked… you don't switch to a new product overnight without proper phasing out (and testing!!!). Poor business practice.

  • Guest

    Netflix won't let go ! I have to shut down the PS3 to leave the Netflix software – there's no exit… ??

    • inky

      Push the PS button to get back to menu

  • amanda

    it worked for me once. after that, it hasnt been able to connect again. this sucks.

    • rainer

      i just started with the disk and i was told to download the app.
      so i updated my ps3 and then installed the app.
      seems to be a nice interface but it keeps stopping and sometimes the message comes up
      no connection. my connection is just fine 18/1.5 Mb.
      i dont know if the disk would have worked better.

      i guess i cancel netflix since it is not working


  • MiHere

    Im getting the cannot connect to playstation network, connection timed out error msg as well. I called playstation help line and was on the phone for 45 minutes. They made me go through the shut off your modem/router bs eventhough I told the agent that the internet connection was not the problem, as the internet browser came up just fine. The agent said it was my router and I would have to contact the manufacturer. I think its a playstation network problem and not netflix or internet connection as so many have had the same problem. I wish Sony would look into this. Also why must we sign into the playstation network anyway, it was not necessary with the disc. I am seriously bummed!!!!!!!!!

  • big ted

    I get unable to connect to netflix error each time. With the disc all was and is fine now won't work. They have 27 days when they discontinue the disc option and counting to fix it or I too will cancel my account and stick to piracy as an option.

  • Ron Rodgers

    It's garbage – working roughly 5% of the time…

  • bringbackthedisk

    I loved the streaming disk, and even with that we still opted for the 3 DVDs at a time package because our work is film related. We quickly installed the no-disk streaming to our PS3 and watched a few movies very successfully the first day. Super fast, super clear, and super convenient!

    Now, I'm trying to stream again and it tells me "We're unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again later." We expected there might be some glitches in the early phases of this new streaming option, so we kept our streaming disk. Unfortunately, and very frustratingly, the disk can no longer be used. So, now we can't stream anything…

    Until the system runs smoothly, they should allow both disk and no-disk streaming. Afterward, when all the kinks are ironed out, they can phase out the disks. Right now, I'm a paying customer with no access to the product.

    Very very disappointed.

  • Netflixkissmyaass

    Wtf!?! It used to work fine, now all it says Is that it cant connect!

    Im canceling my account and taking my business elsewhere. Fuuk u netflix!

    • Dr. Joshua

      You have some serious personal issues. Get help.

  • NetflixFan

    I am having the same connectivity issues today. I downloaded the non-disc application on 10/18 and it worked great for two days. As late as 10 PM Central Time last night I was using Netflix and today I have been getting the same '100' connection error. I've re-installed several times but suspect this is a bug in the deployment of the new application. I hope Netflix gets this worked out very soon!

  • netflixissue

    it worked for two days. today it says cannot connect.

  • Sad

    It sucks. Choppy playback. Netflix has no answers.

    Was this option researched with the PS3?

    I think people should be allowed to use the disk if they want to.

    That option was working fine for me.

  • mamaheket

    It doesn't work for me. I get an error message 100 saying it cannot connect and/or it times out. I tried to use the disc again and it just tells me to take it out and use the new non-disc Netflix. I have deleted and re-downloaded a couple times, cleared the BD cash, etc.

    I am not having problems using games or the internet.

    I am very disappointed… 😐

    • hangman

      It looks like netflix' website is down right now so no log ins.

  • Bob

    When using netflix the "user box" in the upper left corner keeps popping on and off telling me who is signing in and out. This is fine while gaming but, very annoying when watching a movie. How do you shut it off when using the netflix app?

  • shanna

    Netflix was doing fine on the ps3, now today I go to play Netflix and it starts to load a movie and then it stops

  • Jason

    I downloaded the netflix app, logged into PSN, but after I enter my Netflix email/password, I get a red exclamation mark followed by the following text: "Watching movies on this device is not supported."

    I have no idea what that is supposed to mean, or how to fix it.

  • Sachin

    I have my PS3 from Asia region as I bought it from there. I can play all the games as PS3 games are region free. I can't watch netflix blue-ray discs or DVDs unless those are region free. I can live with that. But, I was very disappointed when I got region code error for netflix app as well. 🙁

    Netflix app is a internet based streaming service. This app shouldn't be region coded based on console, but it should be based on the IP address! I am sure many people have PS3s from various regions and they are using it in USA.

    So no donut for me 🙁

    • Joel

      Do you know if there's a way around this? I also have an Asian region code and the dowloaded Netflix operating system will not work.

    • Matt Damon

      I have the same issue. F'ing stupid they don't do it based of IP addresses

  • Leon Copeland

    Sometimes I get a timeout when starting. If it starts, then everything works fine.

  • Kalen

    This new system sucks!! It is impossible for me to watch a movie or tv show with this new no-disc option because it takes so long to load. It will play for a second and then load for 10 minutes and then play for a second and then load for 10 minutes. It is awful, and the worst part is I can't even use the streaming disc anymore, they have phased it out already! What shit.

    • Syn

      Chances are it is your internet connection, everytime I use Netflix on my PS3 it never retrieves except for when I first begin the movie. Make sure you are on a secured network, and that there aren't that many people lagging your network.

  • Krystle Fresh

    i'm constantly watching the "retrieving" page more than i watch the actual video i'm trying to watch. it seems to retrieve every 4 seconds of play time. i do not like this update so far…

  • Srhamlin

    Mine hasn't worked yet, always says Unable to Connect, error 300, 201. I have deleted and redownloaded twice, simply does not work for me. Internet and games work fine, test speeds are 24down and 1up, there are no connection issues on my end, interface just doesn't work. Very disappointing so far

    • airnite

      yeah i have the same problem,ever sense the disc stoped working i got no netflix

    • Brandy marie

      Were you ever able to get it to work because we have the same problem

      • Andreas Matern

        I have the same problems as well, would love to hear if there's a solution

  • The important parts of this update for an early adopter who spent a LOT of cash on his home system are pretty staggering. Two big upgrades in this version that are NOT in the disc version: now runs at up to 1920×1080 instead of forcing lower resolution. Sound: Supports 5.1 surround sound when available (GIANT for anyone who watches netflix on a home theater system).

    An aside, I just hooked up my Verizon FiOS internet and I don't know if the non-disc version runs faster or the internet is just so much better than my old 'business class' connection, but the streams start faster, it loads wayyy faster than before and is generally more snappy in the interface. All in all, A++++++ job to Netflix! Big props, and now I get to complain that all the content isn't encoded to 5.1 surround sound yet. 😉 Keep the upgrades coming, Netflix!

  • mushi mush

    is this coming to Europe? i mean to the UK…

  • Ethan

    It is so nice not having to take out a game just to watch a movie. I was looking forward to it, but didn't realize how much more I would end up using Netflix throughout the day. The best part is the improved UI which allows you to search (will work with keyboard), rate movies, add movies to either your instant queue or your mail queue, browse suggested movies, and my new favorite… browse instant streaming options as though they were channels. Hopping from one stream to another is near instant. The menus are bright, clear, and easy to navigate. I've noticed a huge improvement in streaming quality compared to the junk discs too. 3rd Rock started to stream bad the first 3 seconds then straightened itself out. No other problems noticed. This is seriously the best Netflix experience out there, good enough that I'm thinking about canceling cable. I have better luck finding something to watch on my PS3 via Netflix at $15/month vs $60/month for the feces on cable.

  • Daniel

    I am having issues signing into PSN on my PS3. I put it my username/email and password, but the response I get is "You cannot sign in using another user's sign-in ID".

    But I can log in on my computer just fine. Am I missing something?

  • Randall Broyles

    I'm quite happy to finally have seamless access to my Netflix account, sans discs. It's nice to be able to watch thousands of titles without popping the disc in – I can leave a DVD or PS3 game disc in the slot instead of the Netflix disc.

    The selection of instant titles still needs some work, but the maneuverability of the UI is what I'd expect from Sony. Great job (finally), but don't stop there. Keep it rolling – tie in some apps like Facebook and Gmail – then I'll really be a fan!

  • sandeep

    Had some issues in bringing up the instant queue for the first two times. Started working normally after that. The interface is simple & awesome