Medal of Honor Problems: Connection Interrupted – Are You Affected?

On Saturday I bought myself Medal of Honor for the Xbox 360, so far I have racked up 3 hours of online play, however I am constantly getting an error message which reads “Disconnected – Connection interrupted – The EA servers are not currently available. Please try again later.”

I know that this is a pretty common fault and it has nothing to so with my internet connection (as prior to this I was playing Modern Warfare 2 on a nightly basis), therefore I thought I would get some feedback from our readers to see if they were experiencing the problem as frequently as me.

I would say I received the error message at least 1 in 5 games that I play, sometimes things go fine for an hour or so, or sometimes I go through 15 minute (roughly) spells where I just cannot get into a game.

I have embedded an image below showing the error, it really frustrates me as I want to love this game, but it is impossible when the servers are so unstable.

We have set up a simple poll below to get some feedback on the matter, therefore feel free to answer it and talk about the issue in the comments section below, please state what country/state you are in and if you have found a way around the problem.
[poll id=”260″]



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