iPhone 5 Jailbreak: Geohot has New iOS Exploit Ready

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2010

We have some exciting news for the iPhone community now, as it has been reported that infamous iPhone hacker Geohot has a new exploit ready and waiting for future iOS devices from Apple.

According to this report from RedmondPie, Geohot has a new bootrom exploit which he is saving for future devices such as the iPhone 5 or upcoming CDMA iPhone.

It is now thought that this is the main reason why Geohot made use of a userland exploit from iPhone Dev-Team member Comex for his recent Limera1n jailbreak which was untethered. By implementing Comex’s exploit, it means that he could then save his new tool for future devices – so basically it’s a win win situation for everyone.

Whether or not Geohot was right to release Limera1n when he did is another matter, but theres no doubt that the guy is dedicated in bringing what the community wants.

We wonder what Apple are thinking of this, knowing that they are due to release their CDMA iPhone and iPhone 5 device after that. Give us your reaction to the news.

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  • rlamba

    We need unlock now, please! Who cares about future devices. They are all cheap plastic bits inside.

  • rlamba

    Need of the present is to have an unlock for ios 4.1 with bb 5.14.02. Who gives monkeys about future apple devices. They suck with cheap plasic fiddly components.