Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Would Xbox 360 Release Hurt PS3 Users?

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2010

After the exclusivity saga involving Final Fantasy XIII, gamers shouldn’t be too suprised to hear fresh rumors that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be appearing on the Xbox 360, despite initial perception that it would be a PS3 exclusive.

Considering that Square-Enix made the bold step in bringing FFXIII to Microsoft’s console, would you be surprised to see them do it again with FFVXIII?

It seems like a lot of respect has gone out the window after what Square-Enix did to Final Fantasy XIII, from a PS3 owner’s perspective anyway, considering that all previous titles were on the PlayStation in the SquareSoft days.

If Square-Enix were to finally step up and announce Final Fantasy Versus for the Xbox 360, we don’t think there would be too much of a reaction after what happened with Final Fantasy XIII. Lead Designer Tetsuya Nomura has already said that the game would be developed specifically for the PS3, so there shouldn’t be any complaints of the game being ‘weakened’ in order to comply with the Xbox 360 hardware.

Square-Enix console exclusives used to mean a lot more special a few years ago, but not now since they have opened their arms to multiplatform. Because of this, you have to wonder if Square-Enix has lost a fair portion of their once-die hard fan base.

As a PS3 owner, would you be upset if the game came to Xbox 360, or have you stopped caring after FFXIII? – Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Who actually cares if a games goes Multiplatform it stops this stupid war of “the ps3 is better! no the 360 is better!” its better to go multiplatform it allows companies to earn more money allowing them to improve they hardware and software more often to make new and better games. plus it gives EVERY1 a chance to play it rather just select people who can only afford certain consoles or “dont like” certain consoles 

  • Square-Enix, you… lost your pride, not much else to say if that ever happen, BECAUSE, if that ever happened, it will mean they only see the money infront of them

  • DissidiaFantasy

    Oh please. Versus XIII going to 360 isn’t going to mean squat or harm anything, as long as the game comes out after & is not the lead platform. Over sensitive and over hyped Sony fanboys need to be quiet, sit back and take a chill pill.
    The Xbox360 is just as powerful, if not more so in designing enormous environments. All it requires is the disc space to load them…as proven in countless examples such as Lost Odyssey, or Star Ocean 4, whereas Star Ocean (one of the biggest RPGs to date) was three entire discs. They did not sacrafice any quality nor content in those releases. And especially not in the Microsoft property Lost Odyssey, which is really one of the best rpgs of this era. I’d love a sequel to that. But in any case, with the RIGHT tools & proper care there will not be a single thing cut from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. As well, as long as the lead platform never changes it will result in a very high quality 360 version which runs in 720p. All it takes to see that proof in action right now, is the game Dark Souls.
    Again, the only way S-E could botch the game is if they deliberately tried to undermine it by packing every disc full of FMVs. FMVs & uncompressed audio are what take up disc space, not gameplay. FFXIII-2 proves that, as its a far larger game than the “accident” of cut content in FF13. It will simply be four discs on 360, and only one on PS3 with a bonus disc. That satisfies everybody involved and to be honest FFXIII-2 was originally to be 4 discs & Star Ocean 4 was one of the biggest rpgs this generation. As well, it doesn’t affect enjoyment because a great game is still great when designed exclusively first.

  • why would a developer EVER want to keep his games from gamers of another console? in this day and age, nobody wants to own both a ps3 and xbox 360 just to own exclusive games that should’ve never been exclusive. not only do the systems cost a ton and dent pockets to even afford one, but imagine having to keep up with two. i say that it’s a win win situation for developers to go multi-platform. all it does does is give a chance for die-hard fans of another platform to enjoy the game as well as the casual gamer looking to try something new. i think that if someone with a ps3 were to genuinely be upset over sharing, then they’d be acting upon selfish reason and not the general well being of the company we all have come to know and love.

  • Waltergrossiii32

    I wish people would stop crying about it. The point is you get to play the damn game. For those that hasn’t notice, it’s not about the fans, it’s about the money. Make it for both and get your money Square-Enix. There’s more Xbox fans in the states. They would be foolish to past up on the money the would make by bring the game to the Xbox.

  • I wouldn’t mind if it’s also released on the 360 as long as it’s a really good game and it’s not chopped up. If that means it’s a 5 or 6 disk game on the 360 then hey by all means port it. It better have some really good graphics also and the story better not suck. I’m thinking it is gonna end up on both systems it doesn’t bother me but it better not be like 13. Also 13 sucked because square-enix made it suck.

  • sara yokai

    I have ps2 and ps1 and psp and also an Xbox360 and I refuse to buy a ps3. Better graphics,non chopped up gameplay…ok. But we all know that Square Enix is greedy. If they can make more money they will (aka exporting game for 360 as well).
    FFXIII wasn’t bad because it was exported,take your heads out of this fanboy exclusivity bubble and lets remember the real reason it wasn’t the greatest success from Enix. I personally wouldn’t give a damn if Halo went to ps3. Big deal … XIII was great and even though linearity sucked,graphics were amazing and story (even if slow) was entertaining. 
     Keep in mind that some fans chose to leave Sony and follow Microsoft and Square should aim to please everyone if they are to keep making money for their greedy little selves.

  • Inuyashapuppy

    i agree with the fact that if the game is ported to 360 all the exploration and extra towns and features would also be cut out because the 360 disc can not hold as much as a ps3 blu-ray disc but if they are going to release the damn game for 360 then add an extra damn disc to it do not be stingy SE i played XIII for ps3 and it was chopped up so bad because of the 360 port so like i said if you port FFVXIII then get another damn disc 360 to show all of the features of the game and not to let the initial release for ps3 be sacrificed because of it

  • A Freakin' Realist

    WHO THE HELL SAID THAT THERE WOULD BE ACTUAL TOWNS AND SUCH? I'm PRETTY SURE they planned this game to be what it is now. There were many complaints about XII, so they made XIII LIKE X–linear. FFX was also "go from point A to point B, sidequests and free roam not included until end game." Plus, 360 users needed 3 disks. A-herp derp.

  • Kostas

    I would definitely mind. The reason? first off, YES it does make a difference from PS3 to Xbox. Think about God Of War. Imagine how 45GB of a game, would fit into a Dual-layer DVD. It's impossible.So solution? Cut game, lower graphics etc.
    I believe he shoudn't even consider it. It's not about who has PS3 and who Xbox. I don't care about that. We're all people. My problem is, that if it is indeed ported to Xbox it will be downgraded. Either it will be smaller etc
    If you cannot understand what I'm saying, read this AGAIN: Think about 45 GBs of Data (god of war 3) ported to Xbox. It is impossible therefore they need to find solutions. That's why XIII sucked. Because it was ported.
    If they had 30 GB more freedom, they would create towns, free exploration etc.
    And no, I'm not being a hater I'm just stating the obvious

    • DissidiaFantasy

      Total IDIOCY.

      In the first place, God of War 3 is a Sony first party game. Full of FMV movies and uncompressed audio which is the only reason its 45 gigs!!

      In the second place, DARK SOULS is a better game than God of War 3. It is about 25 gigabytes TOTAL, perfect CGI movies rather than full FMVs, and only takes up space of TWO discs.

      That is TWO discs total, so whatever you keep claiming is a load of total bullshit. The Bluray discs are not being used for entire game worlds, because games would be mega sized if that was true. No, as Kojima admitted the Bluray disc size is perfect for Uncompressed audio and FMVs to fill each disc. I would much rather have enormous levels, than enormous movies, you are damn well correct.

      Bluray may be standard next gen but it needs to get away from offering more capacity for movies. Because so far that’s all it is offering. Dark Souls is over five times as huge as God of War and nearly as large as Skyrim, and because it is full of CGI rather than FMV/audio, it is only 2 discs in all.

      Versus since it’s a third party game could be done on one disc, if not 2 alltogether and still retain all the content.

  • hmmmm….

    people here are stupid fighting over a game, as long as the game makes money i dont think SE would care and if i would have a game company like SE i wouldnt care either cuz i knoe my games are among the best on the market so chill out people. Benjamins talks !

  • PS3 is dead!!

    you bunch of CHILDREN!!!! you are just upset that you are losing yet another reason why to hang on to the PS3!! they said they will still make the PS3 version as nomral. The games story, combat system …etc etc,,,,,,all that stuff will be the same. True gaming is about the game not about having soul rights which is the only thing the game and you will lose if its released on the xbox. dont be irrational about it!!

    before you start I own a ps3 and a xbox360, 3DS and a PC too. I find I play the xbox360 the most, as both shine in different areas(especially online service!!) but graphics difference really isnt enough of a gap to register a concern as both are exceptional.

    I dont really care if it is an exclusive PS3 game or not as i'll buy it and enjoy the game regardless, no doubt if it gets released on multi-platfroms i'll buy it on the xbox though to help support sales and to encourage further releases.

    PS3 lost sony's momentum, PS2 yes was king, but its not no more….. just let it go sony fanboys

  • Craig

    Ok, I grow up on Final Fantasy. I played from VII on up, and The older ones where the best for me. VII is worth over $100. I went to a used game store and found it for 50 dollars. Now why would a game that is only for one system be worth that much? Its because it didn't matter it was for one system. It was about the game. Final Fantasy has always been on playstation for me, an I'd like to see it stay on the playstation. Its not about what we want though, or what the company wants… its about what the game wants. This is probably weird to all of you but games have a soul. If we don't give them what they want instead of what we want they'll turn out poorly. Final Fantasy VII & VIII got what they wanted and turned out to be the best in the series (at lest thats what I think, and I know others do too. Why else would VII be worth that much).
    An how would XBox fans feel about Halo going to the Playstation? I don't think they'd be happy at all. Honestly everyone knew that Final Fantasy was for the playstaion before they bought a XBox 360. I knew that it was an thats why I bought a Playstation 3. Not because of the games that where out but because I knew the futrue Final Fantasy games would be on it. An please don't lie to me and say you didn't know that. So is it wrong for a company to put a game on one system; the very same thing they have been doing countless years? I don't think it is. Over the years SquareSoft turned into SquareEnix, but Final Fantasy stayed and so did the fact that it was for the playstation. So what is so wrong about it?
    An honestly you cant compare other games to Final Fantasy because it is unlike any other game. Yes there are many similarites, but they are not the same. Final Fantasy has triumphed over many many years and it should continue to do so. So stop fighting over it please. Your only hurting your self's by showing how immature you are.

  • viceroy

    Are you guys serious? If you want square enix to become once again a maker of quality games you should be happy to see any game go multi plat. More $ means better quality games and I don't know what games you've been playing buy squeenix needs to up the game soon or there will be no more ff. There games have been junk. I love ff and I want them to keep making games. It's no secret people weren't happy with ffxiii and if things don't change soon squeenix will lose all the die hard fans. Good luck squeenix I hope this game is the one we have been waiting for.

  • Katie

    I cannot understand what all this complaining is about concerning the release of the multiplatform. How is it fair that Xbox players have to miss out because apparently they're not worth Square's time? There was nothing wrong with the game quality or graphics of FFXIII–in fact, they were beautiful–and the whole idea of this massive crowd of butthurt fankids bawwing over the fact that they're not quite so special any more is pathetic. It should be about the game, not something as removed and trivial as the damn console. I see people everywhere complaining about Microsoft and how DREADFUL it is, though I bet plenty of them are sitting at home writing their comments on a Windows 7 or something of Microsoft's ilk. PS3 players are whining that they might have a delay in the release of the game–but how dare they complain about literally half of the fanbase as if they're inferior? Originally FF was a goddamn Nintendo product, so don't think you're somehow more worthy! I also notice people bemoaning the loss of towns, exploration, etc., but that was nothing to do with the split platform. FF is a linear game on the whole. Get over it.

    Now that Square released FFXIII on 360, if they don't release Versus in the same way, they may just lose the vast majority of both my respect and the respect of many other 360 players. Releasing one and not the other borders on teasing and is completely unfair. Period.

    • Craig

      Versus was announced as a playstation only game before anyone know anything about it. An as for them losing your respect over the fact that they might have a game only for playstation like they use to do is absurd. Your here saying that everyone should quit whining, but your basically doing the same thing. Your going to get mad and say you don't respect them any more for doing what they always done. An it doesn't matter that Final Fantasy was originally on the Natindo; its been on the Playstation longer. It progressed over the years to a system more adapt. Before to say that maybe the XBox 360 is more adapt; the Playstation 3 has better graphics. Blue-Ray discs (which makes it possible to put even more into the game i.e. content, data, programming, graphic programs, ect.). But thats not my point. I'm not trying to say which system is better. Because each system is suited for a certain group of people who like certain things in their games. Each system was made for people with a particular aspect in mind. So neither is better. They are just to different to say one is better. Its about the game its self. an if you really like Final Fantasy you'd be happy it was made period.

  • LulWhatz

    i think you fanboys all need to eat a dick… games are meant to be played regardless of the console

  • diego

    ouch. you think you should leave only for playstation 3?
    fuck – up. have to leave for the xbox 360 yes.
    xbox 360 and playstation 3 at the top!

  • Chris

    Whats the big deal about multiplaform anyway? Anyone ever play the first final fantasy? It was on nintendo then slowly work its way around, I bet no one thought of that before agreeing with this ridiculous article. And no, not all previous titles were on the PlayStation in the SquareSoft days.

  • MArk

    Why would anyone be upset? the game has been devloped as a ps3 , which probally means that the 360 port would come after, and even if it delay the game, who would it hurt? certainly not the gamers, uless you get upset that more players have access to the game and the FRANSCHISE is makeing MORE money as a bad thing. THIS IS ONLY BAD for sony since there are less exclusives,i guess, but its only good news for consumers and devlopers if the 360 port can happend.

  • Nero

    I honestly dont think it would be that much of a deal if FFV XIII were to be on xbox 360 as well. Its like call of duty black ops for ex, their other previous games were originally for 360, but they then later made them into multi platform console. I dont see any body raging on how they letted the call of duty series onto the ps3 consoles, So please stop your bitching.

  • anonymous

    it's just business..SE probably getting greedy of money. i just hope when it be release its going to be like 13 still crap of game.

  • kEOzZ

    the only reason why i think they should release it on the xbox is bcuz i dont want to buy a ps3 just 4 one game, altough its worth it but still, 250pounds and plus 40 for the game? Cmon please

  • anonymous

    i wouldn't mind a 360 release as long as they release the original ps3 version FIRST. PS3 owners have waited way too long for this.

  • Guest

    If FFVXIII went multiplat it wouldn't hurt, in all truth it would be good. it gives more people a chance to buy the game, which puts more money in Squares hand, which allows the company to continue to make bigger better games. anyone worried about the game going multiplat is simpley being selfish. It's a game, get over it. I would like to see the greatest game series ever made being played by everyone, no matter what system it is.

  • Annomous

    The problem is that FF versus 13 should be released out for 360 because it would hurt people who have bought FF 13 for the 360. It wouldn't be fair!!!

  • Beld

    The only problem is if the PS3 version is DELAYED because of the wait to port a game to 360. XIII released a year later than it could've because Microsoft's Square-Enix deal specified day and date release with the PS3 version everywhere except Japan. That's why, Paul, 360 games later going to PS3 are ok — and vice versa — because at least the users of the lead console don't have their game delayed while the game is ported to the other console.

    I never bought XIII, and never will, unless used, because of the delay of the PS3 release caused by the MS/S-E deal. I had no problem generally with the fact that it eventually would go to 360.

    And Paul — the 360 games that "eventually come out on PS3"? They were initially 360 exclusive in most cases *only because* MS paid for timed exclusivity.

    • Bob

      you're loss

  • Paul

    I am a HUGE Final Fantasy fan, and was so relieved that FFXIII came out on the 360 (since that's what I have) … so I'm hoping that FFvsXIII comes out on 360 too. I find it really amusing that PS3 owners are getting cranky that Final Fantasy games for the PS3 are coming out on the 360 – didn't hear any complaints from them when a number of 360 exclusives came out on the PS3.

  • Erik

    Like serious, it doesn't matter if they port it. Just don't take out the towns and the exploration and stuff , like in final fantasy 13.

  • killerXvaper

    it shouldn't hurt the game. it was a Nintendo product before it came to Sony. i honestly don't care if it goes to 360 or not because its not like its going to be exclusive to Microsoft.also I Have both systems.

  • Xaoza

    Final Fantasy XIII Was for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 but I can't see why this 1 would hurt gamers

  • willfullcookie

    I really don't care about the argument about which console is better, i have a 360 only because i know more people who have them, i would buy a PS3 because it is a equally great system but today games are $50 each compared to the old $20-$30 from the ps2 days, i don't care if they wait a year before they port it just as long as i don't have to spend $350 to get a ps3+one game.
    yes the ps3 is a great system i love Sony and the ps3 exclusive games (littlebigplanet, Dot hero, etc) are usually better than the 360 exclusive ones. but if the xbox hardware can handle the game, i see no reason not to port it.

  • Mon-eltehscallywag2

    I love to see FFV13 able to use SIXAXIS controller on XBOX…oops it doesn't have the function like ps3 controller..tsk tsk too bad. I really think that Tetsuya's staff are losing interest in finishing the game even him. why are they still hiring staff if they still have the develop team that worked in FF 13 xbox? hmm.. maybe they will be not responsible or humiliation to hem and realized how bad it goes in xbox they making again their same mistake if the game continue its course. SE has lost the touch in making games… its their funeral. RIP SE GO TO HELL!

  • Mon-eltehscallywag

    Really now? Porting is the reason why the quality is low? There are other exclusive games out there that have suffered worse. And besides, who's to say that the port will be released the same time as the game? Maybe they'll wait a year to finish it up, I can wait. I just hope they DO consider it. But the only real reason that ps3 owners are pissed off is because they spent so much on they're beloved consoles and yet more and more games that were exclusive to the ps series is now on the xbox. These people only care that they get to play while those on the other side can't. But honestly people, the xbox is simply more accessible than the ps3, atleast I know it is in my country. Porting this game to a wider audience isn't bad, granted they may take some sacrifices like longer releases, but that's not really a problem unless you're an impatient brat. There ARE fans of the FFseries on the other side of the fence too, stop being so selfish please. I'm all for porting games, it gives a wider pool of people to share interests with.

    • Anonymous

      Really now? But don't deny that FF13 xbox ver. is so inferior to the ps3 ver. Just looked at res of both games you can tell which is better. Quality is the key of success of the games. And nomura is the one who took this seriously but again their is his superiors that only want is profit only not the interest of their loyal fans. When Bleszinski said about the xbox ex. of GOW1 and later to PC some fans got upset why it was ported. Bleszinki realised it was the wrong move and later the following GOW 2 stayed exclusive maybe GOW 3. We are not being selfish but if you are really a fan should buy the console that game you want to play. THAT A TRUE FAN GAMER!

      • Mon-eltehscallywag

        Did you see anything in my post about complaining about the quality? I'm fine with having a version that's a little bit inferior than having to spend 400bucks just to play one game. Buying a console just to play a single game or two isn't being a 'true fan gamer', it's being either stupid or ridiculously rich. Of which I am neither. Honestly, I don't see why you people are so against it, you're not the one stuck with the crappy version. If the port lowered your version's quality then fine, but ever thought about suggesting to teh devs that instead of trying to develop on both consoles, they could try making the port later? Instead of qqing and whining that what was originally yours alone was suddenly sahred to others like big brats, you could've thought of a compromise for everyone. The only reason you guys are pissed seems to be because the other platforms are moving in on your turf, that your super expensive money burners aren't as clean or godly anymore or something. That's just being selfish man.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If TETSUYA NOMURA still loyal to the REAL FINAL FANTASY FANS he should not continue the game if it is be ported. I think that why the game is taking so long because WADA is interfering is his work and NOMURA is losing interest finishing the game. oh i forgot that squareenix is hiring someones to do the game for them even they have the STAFF can finish the game. This is the hint that most the LOYAL STAFF TO THE FANS will no longer take part to game because if it is ported and failed miserably liked FF 13 they will not be responsible for it.

    • DissidiaFantasy

      Are you even for real, bro!??!?

      The whole entire argument about disc space is pointless bullshit!

      There is only one reason any of the game content got cut out for FF13, that was because SE wanted to change the story and were insisting on packing it full of FMVs. FMVs and uncompressed audio are what fill up Bluray discs, this is a fact. If Bluray is standard next-gen all companies need to recognize this and start using Bluray to do more than audio FMV.

      Also, CGI cutscenes look just as good as FMV and to the naked eye you can’t tell the difference. This results in having a much larger, much more perfect playing game. FF13-2 compared to FF13 is a perfect example, as FF13-2 is a perfect 10/10 game in Famitsu. The original was a laughing 8/10 due to shortcuts they took.

      As long as no shortcuts are taken. Versus XIII will end up a perfect game on both platforms. Whatever you think of Nomura, the comments you made are just stupid. Yeah, Nomura owns an Xbox360. What you did not know that? The fact is, games nowadays need to have full attention to level design to make a superior product. Newsflash, he honestly couldn’t care less. All that matters to Nomura from a business perspective, is that the quality of the game he is designing does not at all degrade or be altered in any way. He wishes to have the most perfectly playable, highly sophisticated game possible since games are no different than art.

      Therefore, Nomura’s choice since the beginning has been to develop the game exclusively with Playstation 3 in mind. That is the only reason as game design comes first. If and when the product (after numerous retouches and perfections) meets his demands, the game will be released for Playstation 3. After of which, the localization team can carefully transfer the game to Xbox360 making sure the FMVs are CGI scenes, that it runs in 720p just fine, and release the game a few months later. That is the pathway to perfection. They will never allow the game to be delayed for release day and date, not for financial reasons but for artistic reasons. Again, Versus XIII will be as big as Dark Souls. You can never take shortcuts with this.

  • Blahblahblah

    As a xbox 360 owner, IT BETTER COME OUT ON 360!!! Dont be selfish yall PS3 owners. Let us 360 people play the game too. Just cuz i have a 360, doesnt mean im not a loyal Final Fantasy fan. I've played almost all the previous games.

    • Anonymous

      If it is ported in 360 do you want it like the FF 13 xbox version which is a huge failure. Looked at the difference of the quality base to the PS3 version (if you even know the technical side). Even the sales it didn't go much as the PS3 ver. and all the reviews has been written how bad it goes in xbox ver. Well if it is goes to be ported this will be the worst game that TETSUYA NOMURA has done and it will BURNED IT IN HIS BAD NAME AS PUPPET TO THE WADA REGIME.

    • Anonymous

      If it is ported in 360 do you want it like the FF 13 xbox version which is a huge failure. Looked at the difference of the quality base to the PS3 version (if you even know the technical side). Even the sales it didn't go much as the PS3 ver. and all the reviews has been written how bad it goes in xbox ver. Well if it is goes to be ported this will be the worst game that TETSUYA NOMURA has done and it will BURNED IT IN HIS BAD NAME AS PUPPET TO THE WADA REGIME.

    • sasukesanemo

      I have a PS3 and a 360,and I think that it should stay as a Playstation exclusive.The game would have to be downgraded so it would work on the 360.SE knows Sony has the tech to make the game sucsesful.They probably learned their lesson with XIII.

  • Anonymous

    i think mr. nomura will just finish the game specifically to PS 3 after that he is no longer cared if it is ported even in WII he did his job but his bosses will have the authority to port it. All he can say is "It's not my idea i already did my job". Now squareenix only thinks money not the interest of fans. If they do that they will lose their integrity in the upcoming games. squareenix is tarnishing the great name of FINAL FANTASY that SAKAGUCHI created.

  • Anonymous

    i think mr. nomura will just finish the game specifically to PS 3 after that he is no longer cared if it is ported even in WII he did his job but his bosses will have the authority to port it. All he can say is "It's not my idea i already did my job". Now squareenix only thinks money not the interest of fans. If they do that they will lose their integrity in the upcoming games. squareenix is tarnishing the great name of FINAL FANTASY that SAKAGUCHI created.


  • Anonymous

    @Jakey Bee

    "namely because of what FFXVIII did to it's PS3 version"
    Skipped 5 titles there eh buddy?

    Anyway, the absence of towns on XIII was confirmed right from the get go. So the 360 verion had absoutley no effect on the end result there.

    "And that's just what happened. The game got kill'ded"
    Wait, what are you? 9 years old?

    • Any Number

      In the earlier versions, when the game was still PS3 exclusive, there were multiple videos, showing Snow running through multiple towns.

  • Jakey Bee

    I would be devastated if it came out for the 360, namely because of what FFXVIII did to it's PS3 version–massacred it. They had to cut out content and redesign the game because they couldn't fit all the content onto the 360 disc. Previous to this, they had many open zones, towns–and the cause of delay was getting rid of those so the game became more linear and accessible for the 360. And that's just what happened. The game got kill'ded,

  • Tsukune

    It would be upsetting. Not because of the fact that its on another system, but because it would most likely make the PS3 version worse…or at least delay it.

  • Jared

    Its not a matter of hurting the PS3..its a matter of hurting Square..and not from a Financial Standpoint..but an integrity/quality standpoint.

  • JonahFalcon

    As a PS3 owner I wouldn't be suprised to see it go Multiplat as well. Square-Enix are money-whores second only to Activision. Of course it will hurt PS3 owners, as it will delay the game even further with an overall delay similar to the ridiculous GT5 delay(s). The question is, after FFXIII and now FFXIV, will anyone outside of Japan even care? I won't…

  • ThronLessRose

    What happened to running around discovering potions in sime chest behind a tree
    or finding some secret boss that gave you some ultimate weapon if you could beat it,but
    most of all…what happend to the awe touching storylines that moved every lot of us
    soft or hardened man young or old ….. where are the days going ?

  • c(^_^)Q

    Well if you read all the news about FF13 and watched E3 live in 2008 and SE's damage control afterward and didn't read EuroGamers misinformation about the whole mess, then YES. It is clearly obvious that SE was trying to cater more for the XBox fans even though the game was intended for PS fans.

    And thats the only thing i HATE about what SE did to FF13. PS3 users were treated like secondary to the XBox fans. If you want evidence, how come FF13 International is only on XBox 360. How come SE only releases late ports to the PS3? How come their first game on the PS3 was only last year with Star Ocean 4?

    It was the distancing from the fanbase that hurt the fanbase. And that's what I feel. There is no need to hide behind FF13 as an excuse. I just personally believe that this company's heads lost their game making spirits for dough.

  • guest

    "… considering that all previous titles were on the PlayStation in the SquareSoft days."

    ^That's a load of bullshit. I played my Final Fantasy games on my MSX2, NES, and SNES.

    • indyano

      I don't think he's wrong, he didn't say " ONLY on the PlayStation…."

  • Mornelithe

    It hurts the game, both on the 360 and the PS3. Multiplat Devs this gen historically have no interest in the same kind of optimization that is seen with first party titles, so the answer is, both sides would be affected adversely. On the one side you have the prospect of much bigger games without paying extra fees to the hardware manufacturer due to disc size restrictions (MS charges more per disc a game is launched on), on the other the 360's hardware isn't fully utilized because the devs work incessantly on making each version the same.

    If it goes multiplatform, I doubt I'll buy it. No reason to, really. There are just too many great games made by 1st party devs coming out to bother with crappy multiplat jobs.