Fallout: New Vegas – Shortage of Reviews Put You Off?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 19, 2010

As you are aware there is a lot of hype surrounding Fallout: New Vegas, this is mainly because it is the successor to Fallout 3, which was 2008’s game of the year, many hope New Vegas will be better than its successor, however there are currently no reputable reviews available.

The game launches on October 19th in North America and so far we have found one website where someone shares his thoughts after getting 12 hours of hands-on time with the game, check out our previous article for full details.

We was just wondering how you felt about the evident lack of reputable reviews so close to the game’s release, personally I rarely buy a game without checking IGN, metacritic or GameStop etc so we would love to hear your opinions on this matter.

Obviously you would expect Obsidian Entertainment to create a great successor to Fallout 3, however it would be nice to see some reviews before the release date just to make sure you are not wasting your money.

Will you buy Fallout: New Vegas before reading a reputable review?

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  • Consol

    I'll get it first day, but the developer hasn't proven itself reliable at making games which are complete and not buggy. Alpha Protocol and Knights of the Old republic 2 come to mine.

    • Kevin

      You need to do a tiny bit of research as to why both of those games are the way they are. In both cases Obsidian was forced to launch a product that was not ready thanks to a greedy producer. KOTOR 2 is particularly the way it is because of that. It was on the road to being a better game then the first KOTOR.

  • destructoad

    It’s called a review embargo, you morons. Just kidding about the morons part, but seriously what is with all the whinging about now reviews before the release date? Get used to it because you are probably going to see more and more games using them, and with pirating and everything else some selfish, self obsessed gamers do, and the mad rush for “teh trafficz” (see Attack of the Fanboy and it’s non-review review) you really should not be surprised. If reviews are that important to you and you don’t buy games unless you read them first, then guess what? You lose playing it on release day – get over it you whiny little babies.

  • Troy

    I saw one reviewer say that he wasn't allowed to post anything until the day the game was released.

  • Derek

    "We was just wondering", yeah I don't listen to people that can't even speak proper English. Keep your day job 50 cent.

  • Gina

    Normally for a sequel of a game/series I love as much as Fall Out I wouldn't, but I had so many performance issues with Fall Out 3 there's no way I can drop 60 bucks on New Vegas without reading about it's performance and if there are any frame rate issues. I really don't trust companies that put embargo's on reviews, it would seem like if the product is good enough there's no reason they wouldn't want reviews coming out before the game is available.


    I think the reason we have seen so few "early" reviews is in the words of one legit reviewer "I have been playing for 15 hours and done two quests, i haven't even scratched the surface". If this game is even as big as Fallout 3 you could easily spend 24-48 hours doing a "proper" play through. Assuming these people play for 10 hours a day, that is a BARE MINIMUM of 3-5 days of CONSTANT play in order to do a "good" review. You could I imagine "burn" through the game in 8-12 hours but your not really getting a view of the "whole" game. How many days/weeks in advance do places like IGN GET the game? 1 week? 2 week? 3 weeks? Also important to note, many "tweets" and the like from legit reviewers are calling this game "larger" than Fallout 3, meaning the times I have listed above could be even longer. So just trust in Bethesda, if you "liked" FO3, get NV. If you did not like FO3 then wait a day or three for the formal review.

    • Gina

      There's been so few reviews because Obsidian/Bethesda, one of them idk, put an embargo on reviews.

  • Tac

    What Kellen is truth, they usually won't release reviews if a game is bad or it could be a technical mess.

  • Kellen

    its bad so they have a hold on it till we all go out and buy it.

    • Emmett94

      I don't think thats whats going on.

    • bob

      you're a dipshit.

  • 'Ty' IS my name

    While I usually demand reviews in advance, some title are exceptions. Halo, Bioshock, Splinter Cell and Fall Out have already won my heart. It is frustrating that no reviews exist tho, its unexceptionable these days as Jamie is right

  • Suspicious Gamer

    Jamie, this is a good post. I have a gut feeling that this is going to be a bad game.
    Know your developer history: the team behind New Vegas developed Alpha Protocol, which wasn't well received.
    My suspicions are also heightened by the fact that there just isn't much that is known about this new game. Also, take note that if the publisher was confident that its product is good, then it would not be necessary for it to employ such Draconian measures as a "review embargo".
    How can we trust the gaming media if their silence is… underscored.

    • Dan The Gamer

      The term "Draconian" is starting to get overused and applied way to often. Lets trying using our words and not just one term, heard about 2 years ago when applied to the "Draconian" DRM applied to Spore. That is all.

    • fallout

      you realize this is the follow up to the 08 goty? and the same team that made this made es4 oblivion? another game of the year? they havent advertised much bc they dont need to. they know their game is good and fans will buy it. theyre not annoying like call of duty and show a commercial every 5 secs til your sick of the game.

      • Mr. Just a guy

        It isn’t the same team the team that made oblivion and fallout 3 is run by Todd Howard and is currently working on an unannounced game. While the team who worked on new Vegas made alpha protocol and kotor 2 both received with reviews .

    • Kevin

      Apparently someone has never played KOTOR 2. Which happens to be a great game (minus the part where LucasArts screwed up.. but that's obviously not Obsidians fault).

  • Nicolas

    Its not ******** out yet. Why do you expect to find a ******** review?

    • Jamie Pert

      developers send games out to review sites so that they can write reviews before the release date!

      • jc3

        i think industry is changing practice tho, profit to be made in inefficient markets

  • clerkslife

    I'm very frustrated with the lack of review materials available. I am a long time fan of the series (1997) and also the owner of both a PS3 and 360. I attempted to find information of the differences between the two, but turned up nothing, not even a credible hands on review. I will still purchase it at midnight this evening, as I am a considerable fan to the series. But I may wait to open it until after reviews get out.

    • Joe

      The game runs exactly the same as Fallout 3 does on each platform. Expect the same bugs and graphical differences because It is running on exactly the same engine. There is no improvements to graphics. The PC version will look the best followed by 360 followed by PS3. The version with most bugs will be PS3 followed by 360, then PC. You should get it on 360 if your playing it on a console.

      • Bk

        Stupid fanboy. There’s no evidence that suggests that PS3 has the worst graphics and bugs. Your comment is plain irrelevant and you’re just basing it off your empty head. Go play with your shitbox and I hope you get plagued with the red ring.

        • Kevin

          actually he obviously was telling you that the PC version is superior. Which is true and generally is true most of the time.

        • Pambo

          And there is evidence – in the reviews of the game. Whose the stupid fanboy?

  • Steve

    A comma is not the same thing as a period.

    • scott

      cool comment, real relevant. return to you're solitude cause you're the only one who cares about grammar. why call someone out on a grammatical mistake .. ever?

      • kevin

        Seriously, it's your not you're. Maybe people call you out on it because your errors are just so awful. I mean at this point in your life you really do need to know that you're is a contraction for YOU ARE. It's just so disappointing to see people be that uneducated. Why make such a horrible error… ever?

        • Just dont care

          it's just kind of being doushy….ut oh, is doushy even a word?

  • Drumman

    I would w/o a doubt and i am about to go buy it =P i know its gonna be good and i have like all the info on it that was released though anyway. I also pre ordered collectors strategy guide, cant wait!