Fallout New Vegas: Crashing and Freezing Xbox 360 and PS3 Consoles?

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2010

After receiving one or two dodgy reviews, the issues surrounding Fallout: New Vegas seem to be piling up, as the game has been suffering from frequent crashes and game freezes during play.

We’re getting reports that the freezing problems in Fallout: New Vegas are pretty severe and that in some cases, it is preventing gamers from working their way through the campaign.

Bethesda are known for the odd problems, i.e Oblivion, but we thought they would have made sure such problems didn’t arise with the release of New Vegas. As far as we know, the crashes are happening on both platforms of the game – with each crash requiring a hard reboot of the system, which is never good.

We haven’t heard anything from Bethesda on this, but I’m pretty sure we will if the ‘teething’ problems continue. For now, give us some feedback on this.

Is your game fine, or have you suffered from any severe crashes during play?

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  • BoycottThis ShittyGame

    It will never be fixed, just remember that when the new Fallout is released this year (2014). Don’t bother buying it until you see how bad it is.

  • caelem

    Still going on it is now 2014 hats off to bethesda

  • Soobe

    Well just bought the Fallout Las Vegas Ultimate from Steam, and it is now Oct, 2013, And the Game is the worst for money I have ever spent. The game is good, but every 5 minutes, it freezes, and or, CTD. This game is still not fixed. Has nothing to do with my Pc, My Pc is new and up to date, even with 8g memory. If I would have known about the terrible freezing issue with this game, I never would have bought it. Company’s should be sued for releasing a game like this. Totally, disappointed .

  • David

    I first got this game day 1 for 360 and it hard crashed all the time and the co owner of Obsidian ended up giving me a free PC copy which can only be played at low settings but even that stuttered. Years later I picked up a ultimate edition for PS3 and still it hard crashes at least once after a few hours and freezes quite a bit. Obsidian blamed the engine because it wasn’t theirs so I’ll give them one more chance when South Park TSOT comes out but if that has crashing and freezing issues I will never buy another game made by Obsidian.

  • POed gamer

    Game freezes more than my ice maker. POS, spend hours of my life playing a low tech low quality game that I paid full price for, could have spent the money on beer and had more fun!!!!!

  • Jagar Alagoria

    I think it might be because of the sheer volume of the content, but I’m not sure. Mine also has a nasty habit of freezing in the middle of an autosave, and because I move so fast through the game without saving for long periods of time (and yes I realize it’s my fault, but I can’t stand slow games) I lose a lot of progress, because the autosave is “corrupted” and cannot be loaded.

  • Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas both suffer from the same shortcomings. The longer you play it, the more it freezes. We live in the 21st century. A developer should be able to make an expansive RPG (especially one which runs on an older graphics engine) without it freezing and crashing every hour that you play it. I put over 100 hours into Fallout 3 and now I can hardly even play it anymore. It should be illegal to release a game that has this many bugs in it and expect us to pay full price for it. The games are great, but the glitches are unacceptable.

  • stuart

    is thier any way around the glitch whare when you go through a door the console freezes I’ve all ready had to make a new game becouse of this glitch and I’m not the only one so if any one knows how to get around this glitch it’d be appreciated

    • stuart doig

      Figured it out transfer save file to different memory unit, load old save on original memory unit then go into load and select device/storage, select memory unit with moved save and load the glitch should now be fixed

  • Jonathan

    I am unable to sell my gold bars from dead money. Every time I use the accept button for the exchange it instantly freezes the game. Please patch that so most of us can say the dead money expansion is worth the money and torture in the story. Seriously it had to have something good out of it. The setting was horrible and some of the challenges during the time spent in that hell hole was absolutely horrible.

  • Matt

    my fallout freezes about once every half hour. it got worse after i downloaded the last expantion pack. it worked fine with thrre expantion packs but the fourth made it start freezing alot. now i cant play any part of the game without it feezing constantly.

  • Danthman420

    i love Fallout New Vegas, and im just getting to where it is getting fun on the story mode and when i go to load it, it sais, this game relies on downloadable content that is no longer available. some objects may be no longer available. continue loadong. i click yes then it shows. the storage device you selected is no longer available. load cancled. thing is i have plenty of memory left on hardrive, i got a new x box 360 and it still does it. they really need to fix this because i want to go back to the quest which im defending the dam from the legion.

  • Soldierman876

    Ive beat the game 3 times each time was very painful cause in a day it crashed on average 12 times its upsetting me to the point were i wanna do new thing dlcs but why waste money n time when all it does is super lag n freeze n randomly reset my ps3 im to the point of breaking the game but its hard cause im a serious fallout fan n deff wanna see more games but they need to set it up in a patch to low gfx or do something so bethesda u gotta do something

  • Tom The Turnip

    I have fallout new vegas for the ps3 and I have to say it worked great until I got all the damn DLC! It freezes everytime I use the pip-boy or even load the game! Also it freezes when I open crates, walk into places, or even just puase the game!

    • Soldierman876

      Exit the game to the main menu go to game data delete ur fallout nee vegas data n the dlc data go into the game itll say v 1.07 update do it n it works perfect n u still have ur saved games do it around 4000mbs on ur fallout games (game data)

  • Camachofam427

    I was playing it on the ps3 and got tired of the freezing so I got it for the 360 and its even worse

  • Sar

    Mine has been freezing up within an hour of play every time since I got the DLC.

  • Jivonneyranne

    ahhhy stupid crashs i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • puff

    god dam sick of this freezing up for god sake fix the problam its 2012 and the dam game still has problams

    • Re5entedMeerkat

       im the same wih XBOX.

      I used to have an Arcade version and it froze there and corrupted my game save.  I changed to Xbox slim Black and deleted all saves and tried again…the game still freezes and i have to hard reset the xbox to do anything.

      the trouble is its almost everytime i go to pick up and item or sell items…ive even offloaded loads of my inventory just in case..but the game freezes..i have all the DLC and updates but i have to reboot frequently.

      The only thing i can do now is call the manufacturer

  • Cody

    well, I have put in over 190 hours. I havn’t even finished 2 of the expansions yet. I can even load the game now. It freezes from the start. I have invested over $80 into this game and I would just like to finish it. Explore everywhere, make every weapon, do everything. Now I can do nothing. So, This moring I was so pissed off!! So Enraged about the fact that I havn’t been able to load my game for a month now. I took the disc outside and used a SpringField XD 40 CALB. Hand Gun, and shredded my game to pieces. Even though I could not finish my game. I do feel a lot better now. So I suggest to any gun owners, that if you want an $80 dollar target then: FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is the best shoot target because it is good for nothing else. I’m still going to want my money back.

  • I just got the new edtion for New Vegas with all the DLC and it did an update.  It seems to freeze when ever I do a big sale with a merchant

  • Drwatkins

    Ok someone told me that you have to delete your fallout game data NOT your save game data it should be at the top of your game menu on your ps3. Then put in the game it should say some thing like down loading game data. After it downloads your trophies. If you dont trust me and you dont wont to delete your data because you think it will delete your save game data do it on mw3 or an easier game first. All it does is drop your bites to a very  small to none megabites or whatever there called im 12 not very interested in that. After you do that and your fallout new vegas menu is up go to load and your saved game data should be there. Ever sinse I did that my fallout 3 and new vegas stoped freezing. But once your bites get high again (6000). Do this all again. I know it works fallout 3 even with all the dlcs (mother ship zeta)(point lookout)(the pitt)(broken steel) I have no idea if this works for fallout new vegas dlc (old world blues)(lonesome road)(honest hearts)(dead money). Thats all you do i hope it works for ps3 owners. Sorry i dont know how to help xbox 360 players.

  • Falloutfan111

    i have been playing for just 1 hour and it freezed 5 times im was getting skyrim but now im not sure

  • Chedder Bob

    well its a pretty complicated solution but i didnt try it all the way but i got really close to Novac from the north, maybe thats a way around the glitch but fast raveling doesnt work at all