COD Black Ops Zombies: First Gameplay Video and Details

By Alan Ng - Oct 19, 2010

This is what all Call of Duty Zombie fans have been waiting for, as the first video has been leaked, showing a lengthy portion of gameplay from one of the new levels for the Zombie mode within Black Ops.

Unlike other zombie videos looming around on the internet at the moment, this one appears to be the real deal and the same video has already been taken down from YouTube by Activision. Luckily, the guys over at CVG has uploaded it onto their website and the low-quality video is there for all to see.

The video shows off gameplay from one of the levels, rumored to be called ‘Kino Der Toten’. It is hard to make out the exact features within this new map, due to the poor quality, but it looks like all four players from World at War are back, and the same style of gameplay will be intact too.

There are also Dogs after round 5 or 6, while you can also see a new shotgun and other guns being used in the video as well. Power-ups are back, and it looks like they are exactly the same from World at War too – insta kill, double points, max ammo and so on.

It is a shame we didn’t get to see any of the ‘newer’ features within Zombie mode on Black Ops, but we’re hoping the official trailer by Treyarch will put our minds to rest, as judging by the video it looks and feels a lot like the same experience from World at War.

Check out the video over at CVG here. Let us know your thoughts on it afterwards. Do you like the look of this new map or not?

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    Guns, all with ammo problems
    No wundewaffe
    All W@W guns are gone except ray gun and MP40
    You can crawl when downed
    In single player quick revive does not require power, costs 500 points, and gives you C-3000 akimbos if you have no pistol, costs the same in multi-player, dissapears after three uses in single player
    New songs-"115 Elena Siegman + Kevin Sherwood" "Wont back down Enimem"
    New bonus pick-ups Fire sale (Reduces price of guns, box spawns in every possible spawn, and box only costs 10 points) Death Machine (Equivalent of mobile Sentry Gun)
    Map 1 PaP needs only 1 teleporter to be linked but must be re-linked after each teleport with longer cooldown time Map 2 Must turn on power and pull switches to DEFCON 5 for 115 Clearence and is located near juggernog
    Zombie monkeys that go with regular zombies but not dogs, they crawl on the ceiling and release gas that explodes to stun/hurt you/blurrs vision all at once
    Let me know if I missed something

  • bob

    how wants to hir my nazi zombe muma me a song nazi zombe im a nazi zombe nazi im a nazi zombe im a nazi nazi zombie////////repeat over and over

  • spike

    that is cool



  • @#256453

    hope there is new zombies

  • black ops TODAY!!

    wow alot of you really an not spell, I MEAN REALLY! its not that hard to spell weapons.

    • Well you cant spell "can" so I wouldnt be talking if I was you… uf curs i cud jus tawk liek dis, buh den urs cants red it

  • ii 9 Nov Black Ops x

    wow i love this game ill play it for ever

  • dont4getmyname

    i do like the fact that they will have some waw wepons on here and dont get me wrong, i love the mp40 and i still uses it to this day in waw, but i want to see some new weapons that ive not seen in CoD.

  • zacgammer

    Does anyone have a link 2 this vid?

  • cheyenne

    then why would activision be banning it? if you payed close attention you would see the mp40 is polished up and treyarch DID say that old cod waw weapons were going into the new zombies. also the screen is different as on the bottom right the d pad is showing. its not fake. even though the video is shot on a crappy camera its easy to tell its real. and the way the reloads are cannot be changed in a custom map so its real

  • :D

    This vedio when first released was 20 minutes long. Now only a 1 minute long version can be seen (on YouTube).

    • Mandingo

      if you google G6NOVA theres footage on the new zombie maps which will take place underground like area 51… you can tell its gameplay footage because you see the quick revive machine on one of the screens and a gun off the wall… the guy in the video connected his pc to the tv and made it look like he was playing on his xbox… its a customized level. mp40? in black ops? why would u wanna kill zombies with old guns when u can use modern guns.. theres alot of hints in this video that shows this is fake.

  • This is real I saw the vid. Look at the achevements list and it says dead ops is what it’s called. The man playing uses black ops and waw wepons. Activistion keeps banning this vid. You can see the 4 (richtofen nkoeli dempsey takeo) in the video. Also one of th achievements says escape the past so I think what he did at the start of vid is Tim travel.

  • joe

    i know no one said anything about cinema of the dead but i thought i would mention that before someone does like other sites

  • joe

    it is called kino der toten meaning theater of the dead NOT cinema of the dead

    • bass

      what's the difference between a theater and a cinema?

      • tyler

        i dont think there is one but theater sounds alot better in the title then cinema

        • lou

          i'm not to sure but isnt theater a place where live shows are performed such as mamma mia(just an example) and the cinema is a place where you go to see films such as SAW or Jackass

    • Ben

      Are you serious? A kino is a cinema, a theatre is a theater

  • Piemaster1337

    :/ i went to the link but didn't see it, then went to a link at and didn't see it, meh, guess i'll wait to get home to see it.
    can't wait to play zomomomombies 😀

  • rory

    i saw it last night it looks deadly im glad they havent changed it that much 🙂