Wow Patch 4.0.1: Hallow’s End 2010; Headless Horseman Crashes Game

By Jamie Pert - Oct 18, 2010

Probably one of the most popular in-game holidays, Hallow’s End has now come to Azeroth, promising plenty of tricks, treats, bobbing apples, tooth-picks, face-masks and enough candy to make you sick. But one thing they didn’t announce was that the Headless Horseman was going to crash your game, causing more issues, problems and bugs.

As our readers may know, we have had a lot of feedback in the last week or so referring to the Wow 4.0.1 patch and the problems that it has caused them. And although the Headless Horseman (a random boss you can compete once a day for random goodies and ilevel 200 epics), is a fairly simple fight, he seems harder than ever with his new ability — he crashes your World of Warcraft game.

This is a nuisance. Especially as it happens when you move your mouse over the pumpkin to summon this boss in the Scarlet Monastery. It’s even more of a nuisance because it is usually the tank that summons him, therefore leaving 4 of you (3 dps and a healer) to deal with the boss until the tank returns.

All that aside, I’m sure that Blizzard will fix this soon along with the rest of the bugs that plague the 4.0.1 patch. But for those of you new to the Hallow’s End holiday, and want to complete that illusive “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” meta-achievement that still includes the promise of a 310% flying mount, then check out this guide provided by Wowhead.

Just a side note, Blizzard have also released the official cinematic to Cataclysm. To check out the breathtaking cinematic, click here.

Is the headless horseman causing you problems?

Source: WoW Insider

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  • raul

    i have the same issue but with the dungeon finder, i just cant do randoms anymore without the game crashes, any way to fix that problem, or i must wait blizzard do something.

  • Ellianshia


    Sometimes it does not crash. For instance, I can do it on my druid without any issues. I get on my DK… and it all goes downhill. Tried everything, disabling tooltips, addons and deleting cache… it didn't work. 5 seconds in headless horseman encounter, WoW crashes.

  • Steilefisk

    I deleted the "cache folder" and now it works..

  • Ewig

    Assuming the remaining group downs him, you should still get your loot bag even if you crash.
    Check your in-game mail, check your LFD window to make sure you no longer have the pumpkin reward showing – if no to both, open a ticket.
    Also, you can make the macro to disable tooltips, or download one of the addons that have recently popped up to do the same thing automatically (on, etc..)

  • bosshawg

    thanks argus

  • snowphyre

    delete wtf folder and it will work

  • Espertoman

    Yep, crashing my computer too, i need to CTRL + ALT + DEL

  • Nivaii

    Yep tried twice now to do the headless horseman, still cant do it!!!

  • dusktide

    as of last night the violet proto drake grants 310 flying for those that have 280 once again

  • Rob

    The Violet Proto Drake is no longer 310%; in fact all of the mounts that would originally fly at 310% now fly at 280% unless:
    A) You had the 310% mount before 4.0 (you will be granted 310% training automatically and for free) or
    B) You buy the 310% speed from the flying trainer

    • Amanda

      The Violet Proto Drake will still be 310%. There was a blue post about … because of the work it took to get it.

  • Philthewarrior

    I had great success by downloading an up to date graphics card driver. Try this.

  • Argus

    1. Make a macro to turn off tooltips.

    /script GameTooltip.Temphide = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end; GameTooltip:SetScript(“OnShow”, GameTooltip.Temphide);

    Run it. The cog icon no longer appears, so no more crashes in the instance.

    2. Do the instance.

    3. Make a macro to turn tooltips back on.

    /script GameTooltip:SetScript(“OnShow”, GameTooltip.Show);

    Run it.

  • Arkantior

    Yep every fuckin' time…
    I don't even activate it. Tried looking away. BUT NO. crash. THEN I CAN'T GET BACK WITHOUT HS.

  • penates

    lame bugs, they better extend the holiday because of this.

  • Michelle

    Crashed 6 times in a row — ran away the 7th time, avoided the pumpkin and then didn't have any issues.

  • zippiesinfo

    yip, crashed the first time I did the boss, and I have a new computer!

  • Damascus


  • Archangel

    Hehehe, it should be called the Wow 4.0.1 trash patch. Why? You know…LoL.

  • noone

    didnt crash my game

    • frank

      its crash with me 2….

    • Andy

      WTF its downloading this new patch and its just stopped dead, with no problems detected it wont let me do anything… wow pissin me off!!!