Windows Phone 7 Review – Flashes of Inspiration

By Peter Chubb - Oct 18, 2010

With 10 handsets announced last week that will run on the new Windows Phone 7, there is no denying commitment in this early stage from Microsoft and vendors Dell, HTC, Samsung and LG. A lot is riding on the success of this new mobile OS, and first impressions looks good.

Microsoft has now put Windows Mobile behind them, which is the best policy when you look back at how bad it all got. We all know that the hardware that will be available to Windows Phone 7 will be more than capable, so it is down to Microsoft to get the software just right.

Chris Hall from Pocket-lint has spent some time with three of the main handsets to offer up an early review, the devices are as follows: HTC HD7, LG Optimus and the Samsung Omnia 7. Hall had all three devices running a number of beta software applications; all had their small issues so allowed for a level playing field.

The new mobile OS certainly looks promising; with Chris saying that it has “some nice touches and flashes of inspiration.” He points out that it was nice to see a new interface come along and not look too busy – something that cannot be said for some of the others on the market. For a complete review of Windows Phone 7 visit Pocket-lint.

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  • Tom

    the UI looks great – can't wait to get hold of one of these.