Samsung Omnia 7: WP7 Device Gets HD Voice in UK

By Jamie Pert - Oct 18, 2010

One of the smartphones which was introduced to the world at the official Windows Phone 7 launch event was the Samsung Omnia 7, this device is coming to the UK carrier Orange and will be HD Voice enabled.

Orange launched their HD voice service at the beginning of September, if you check out our previous article and watch the embedded video you will see just how much of an improvement HD Voice is when compared to standard voice.

At the moment there are only half a dozen or so devices available from Orange which are HD Voice compliant, however it is thought pretty much all high-end smartphones will support this in the future in the future, I’m sure that Microsoft will be happy to hear that their Windows Phone 7 devices offers this functionality.

Do you care about HD Voice?

Source: SlashGear

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