Medal of Honor 2010: Definitive Weapons List

By Jamie Pert - Oct 18, 2010

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Medal of Honor 2010, whether it be playing as the taliban, bad reviews or its similar resemblance to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. All that aside, this one is for those of you who enjoy playing the game for what it is as we bring you a definitive weapons list for MoH.

From AK-47’s to a Laser Emitter. Medal of Honor 2010 has 51 weapons ranging from hand guns, assault rifles, machine guns, launchers, explosive devices and melee weapons.

The subtle, yet powerful when up close Tactical Knife is not a matter of choice, but sometimes the matter of life or death when it comes to multiplayer. But if that is not your thing, you can always go to the RPG-7, a Russian widely-produced shoulder launching, anti tank grenade weapon that will splatter your enemies from distance.

Whatever you choose, all 51 weapons have their strong points which also depend on positioning and the wherebouts of the enemy, also taking personal tactics and preferences in to consideration.

To check out the entire list, head on over to the Medal of Honor wikia where they have a detailed list of all 51 available weapons.

What is your favourite and why?

Source: Medal of Honor Wikia

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  • medal of honor is very good i think it’s better weapons in medal of honor new one! than black ops

  • mw2fananator

    i love mw2 because it is so good especialy the ak47 red dot its like uber pwnige especialy marathon light weight and commandow its perfect for Search And Destroy

  • Mw2 douchebag

    Aw yeah i think mw2 is beast ownage with the ump45 with silencer and the thermal sight innit. I think that nothink will pwn the epic fall camoflague blood.

  • Daniel

    MOH is going to be a good game but not as good as mw2 by looking at vids on the sniping is too powerfull and also im pissed of because the m4 has been changed from automatic to a burst fire gun. m4 carbine was dominant in cod4 and it was in mw2(m4a1) and it went great with the red dot sight :)…

  • nobodycares