Halo: Reach – Player Cap Raise and New Armor Options Coming Soon

By Jamie Pert - Oct 18, 2010

Bungie has recently revealed that they will be raising the Halo: Reach‘s player cap and adding new armor options to the game in the near future, however as you would expect they are only doing this if the players all chip in to complete a giant challenge beforehand.

Apparently Bungie want players to complete 117 million daily and weekly challenges first, they expect that this will occur sometime in November, but it all depends on how much you guys play Reach between now and then, Bungie also noted that boosted challenges would not be counted.

Bungie has given us no clue as to how close players are to reaching this huge achievement, however it is a very good way of increasing the appeal of the Noble Pack DLC before its November 30th release date.

If you really want an increased player cap and new armor we suggest you play as much Halo: Reach as you can over the next few weeks, its nice to have an excuse to play for a change!

Source: JoyStiq

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  • Brandon_137


  • CK UT

    lmao go look ay some of the black ops sponsorship they really tried and copy of halo and even said "just like in halo reach" lmao pathetic

  • the Tomska

    not me

  • bla bla bla

    Go Bungie who cares about Black Ops

  • Lefty5794

    early november? like 9th november? oh wait thats when black ops comes out. basically bungie is trying to keep players on reach not black ops. personally im going to buy black ops but still play reach and black ops.

  • marhorn

    Bungie show us soooo much love! This is what tops off the best gaming experience of all time!